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Walleye fishing lodges and remote outposts are listed. Walleye fishing is very popular at lodges and resorts in Canada. Trophy walleye fishing can be found at many fishing hot spots listed here.

Please use the following for searching your walleye fishing lodge, resort or outpost. There are over 400 walleye fishing lodges listed with us.

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Budd's Gunisao Lake Lodge - Is one of the best walleye fishing lodges in North America. More trophy walleye are caught at this fishing lodge than any other lodge in Manitoba. Location: Gunisao Lake, Manitoba

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Along with perch, walleye are the other species from the family Percidae of major economic value in Canada. This species is named after its uniquely large, cloudy eyes. The eyes of this species are extremely light-sensitive, and although walleye tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions, they do best in large, shallow, turbid lakes. Walleye avoid the light, and in lakes that are clear, walleye inhabit deeper waters and feed at sunrise, sunset and during the night. A closely related species of fish called the blue walleye formerly inhabited Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. This species was heavily overfished to the point of extinction.

The Walleye, the highly esteemed member of the perch family, gets its name from the large eye with its light-reflecting retina which gives the fish its walleyed appearance. This fish is probably the most economically valuable species in Canada's inland waters. It is a major commercial and sport fish in Ontario and the Prairie Provinces, and a major sport fish in Quebec. An angler survey in Ontario showed that the walleye was the game species most often fished and was the second in abundance in anglers' catches.

Hungry walleye dispersing from spawning areas seldom refuse a jig, especially when tipped with a minnow or a worm. Vertical jig or cast to rocky shorelines, shoals, and weedlines. In stained lakes, chartreuse, lime green, yellow, pink, and white are effective jig colours. When adding bait, use a stinger hook to catch walleye that strike short.

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