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Canoe Canada Outfitters
Get away to the most preserved, pristine wilderness in North America Quetico Park in Ontario with Canoe Canada Outfitters. Quetico is the Canadian side of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. It covers 4,800 square kilometers of untouched wilderness.


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Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Moose, White-tailed Deer, Ducks


Other Information
Dates Open : May through October

Lake or Area Name : Quetico Park, Atikokan, Ontario

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Quetico is the Canadian side of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. It covers 4,800 square kilometers of untouched wilderness in Northern Ontario's Pre-cambrian shield rock forest. No hunting, roads, or development of any kind are allowed and firearms are prohibited. Even motorized boats are banned from the park, so you can travel by canoe through a truly remote wilderness at Canoe Canada Outfitters.

Quetico Park covers 4,800 square kilometers of untouched wilderness in Northern Ontario's Pre-Cambrian shield rock forest. The primitive area of drinking water lakes, sand beaches and towering pine forests has no peer on the North American continent for the adventurer seeking solitude, superb sport fishing, and the opportunity to study rare wildlife in its native habitat. While natives of the Lac La Croix Indian band are allowed restricted motor use on some perimeter lakes, visitors to Quetico Park may not use outboard motors and remote interior areas must be explored by canoe. No hunting, roads, or development of any kind are allowed and firearms are prohibited.

From Canoe Canada Outfitters strategic location on the northern rim of Quetico Park, we access five different departure points by truck and two by float plane. This allows us the flexibility of planning a route tailored to match your interest and abilities.

On the softer side of remote wilderness travel, Canoe Canada Outfitters has chosen several beautiful lakes in the White Otter Wilderness to build cabins. Accessible only by float equipped aircraft, these locations give privacy, comfort, great fishing, and excellent opportunities for wildlife photography.

Walleye - Walleye fishing begins the third Saturday of May each year, and remains open during the summer and fall season. You may keep and have in your possession 4 fish: (only 2 on a conservation licence) of which only one fish may be longer than 46 cm. or 18 inches. After the season opens for walleye fishing in May and early June, small walleye can be caught in rivers, rapids and at creek openings. Prime time begins in mid June and continues through July into mid August. In the summer, walleyes may move from weed beds to rocky points and reefs and islands, but remember to always FISH THE WINDY SIDE ! The larger lakes tend to hold their walleye fishing best during the hot days of mid summer and fish may go 25 or 30 feet deep. Mid August through September walleye fishing is slower but remains good along deep weedbeds, main lake reefs, and in fastwater. Remember that at this time of year, they may only feed once every couple of days.

Northern Pike - Northern Pike fishing is open all season long. You may keep and have in your possession 4 pike (only 2 on a conservation licence) of which none can be between 70 cm and 90 cm (none between 28 - 36 inches). You may have one fish longer than 90 cm or 36 inches, and the others must be shorter than 28 inches. Pike fishing is very slow in the spring, because the big fish are post spawn. By mid June, the huge northerns are active again, and will be feeding in the shallow shoreline bays. The month of July is the best time for big pike when the weed beds are fully developed, and the water has warmed. Use topwater plugs and skirted spinner baits but expect to catch big northern Pike accidently while jigging walleye or casting for smallmouth. August and September pike fishing is good, but you have to fish harder and longer for them. They don't feed all of the time, but the clear water is an advantage during the late summer and early fall time.

Smallmouth Bass - Smallmouth Bass fishing is open all season long. But, during spawing season until June 30, you may possess only 2 bass under 35 cm or 14 inches (just one fish under 35 cm or 14 inches on a conservation licence). After June 30, the limit is 4 bass of any size (just 2 bass of anysize on a conservation licence). This is the 'royal family' of Quetico sportfishing and the 'king' starts things off with a bang in the canoe country! During sunny days in May, big bass are pre-spawn and very protective of the spawing areas. Anglers must exercise restraint when catching big bass during this time. USE LURES WITH SINGLE BARBLESS HOOKS to allow a quick release of fish without landing them. In mid June to July and through mid August, Smallmouth Bass fishing is terrific. As the summer progresses, big fish move to deeper and deeper water, but continue to hit topwater surface and spinner baits. Full moon and new moon cycles do seem to make a difference with July/August smallmouth bass fishing. In September, you won't get any bass on topwater or surface lures, but the biggest fish of the year are caught now in 30 feet of water on deep running crankbaits and jigs.

Lake Trout - Lake Trout fishing season is open until September 30 each year. You may keep and have in your possession 2 trout of anysize (just one trout on a conservation licence). During the month of September, you may only possess one trout longer than 22 inches. This is the most ignored species of fish in the Quetico, and my favorite. Few anglers try for them, and this means the population of huge trout in the Quetico is unmatched anywhere. Come in May as soon as the ice leaves, and you will catch Lake Trout from 3 to 30 pounds all over the place on light tackle with spoons and spinners. Pan fry them or bake them in tin foil. By mid June, the trout follow cold water to the deep, and you have use different techniques to get them. Trolling deep running crankbaits behind heavy trolling sinkers works, but I prefer vertical jigging. By Mid July, the Lake Trout are in 90 feet of water, and when you catch one on a jig that far under your canoe, it is something you will remember ! In September, the lake trout gather adjacent to spawing reefs, and you can begin catching them on shallow running spoons and crankbaits again.

QUETICO enjoys an international reputation as a canoeing wilderness without equal. While multiple use recreational areas like Alqonquin and the BWCA are easier to reach from large urban centers, Quetico's wilderness classification, it's isolation and limited travel permits help to protect and preserve this wild landscape. Enjoy the freedom of exploring 4800 square kilometres of 'drinking water pure lakes' in the Arctic Watershed."

Canoe Canada Outfitters Fly-In access lodge is located 45 miles north of our base in Atikokan Ontario, Canada. The crystal clear water of Sanford Lake holds excellent Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass fishing. Sanford Lake also produced Ontario's largest Inland Lake Trout caught in 1993 and 1994.

Many of Quetico's drinking water lakes are fished only a few times a year. Since all travel is by canoe, fishermen practice catch and release fishing, only keeping what they need to eat. Even trophies are usually released, since it would be impractical to carry them out! Even remote fly in lakes are not as good for fishing as the waters of Quetico, since Quetico supports most of the major freshwater game fish: smallmouth bass, lake trout, walleye, northern pike, and even sturgeon.

Canoe Canada Outfitters route planners are experienced fishermen who know every lake in the park! While live bait fish are prohibited in Quetico Park, nightcrawlers and leeches are allowed. Most of our guests use artificial lures. The fishing is good enough, no live bait is really necessary. We have a complete selection in our tackle store. We strongly recommend the use of barbless hooks. We also have License Information available.

Canoe Canada Outfitters fly you by floatplane from our base in Atikokan to a remote lake with no road access or cabins on it. Enjoy 5 or 6 days camping, canoeing, fishing and relaxing in the scenic solitude of the White Otter Wilderness. Abundant wildlife makes this an excellent trip for bird watching and outdoor photography.

Complete Ultra Lite Outfitting is included, just as in our Quetico Canoe Canada Outfitters Trips; all food, camping equipment, canoes, topographic maps/routing, round trip floatplane flights. We supply everything you need, but these are not established permanent camps. We fly all your outfitting in with you, and fly it out when we pick you up at the end of your trip. You only need to supply personal clothing and fishing tackle.

World Class Sport fishing for Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Walleye and huge Northern Pike. Hundreds of remote wilderness lakes mean no fishing pressure in "Quetico Park". Artificial lures are all you'll need, so bring flyrod or spinning outfit and we'll be happy to show you what to use, and where to go. Barbless hooks are recommended, and we have a complete tackle shop at our base.

In the Big Fish category (according to guest reports), we had some lunkers taken again. Northern Pike - 23 ½ lbs. (taken on Bow Lake); Walleye - 10 ¼ lbs. (taken at Dimple Lake); Lake Trout from Gamble Lake - 16 lb.; Smallmouth Bass at Sawbill Bay - 5 ¾ lb. Of course, these trophies are still in the lakes waiting for someone to try again next year. Our catch and consume policy has been very successful over the years. We applaud our guests for their commitment to conservation. It was a pleasure working with all of you.

Visit: Quetico Park, Atikokan, Ontario

Canoe Canada Outfitters, Walleye, Quetico Park, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Guides, Canoe Canada, Ontario , Quetico Park, Atikokan, Ontario , Drive-in, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides, Other and Black Bear, Moose, White-tailed Deer, Ducks , Drive-in, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides, Other , Canoe Canada Outfitters holds excellent black bear, moose and deer hunting. Located on the Canadian side of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area or Quetico Park.



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