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Manitoba Fishing Lodges & Resorts listed with Remote Outposts and Fly-in Fishing. Manitoba Fishing Lodges are famous for Northern Pike and Walleye fishing. Manitoba also has hunting lodges and outfitters.

Please use this page and general search for your Manitoba fishing adventure. There are over 700 fishing lodges listed with on our service.

North Star Resort on Knee Lake - A 51 inch northern pike and a 31 inch walleye! Those are just two of the trophy-sized lunkers taken at Knee Lake lately. Located just a 90-minute flight north of Winnipeg, North Star Resort on Knee Lake is one of Canada's newest and finest world-class fly-in fishing resorts.

Budd's Gunisao Lake Lodge - To find trophy walleye in Canada look at the Manitoba Master Angler list will convince you of that. Year after year, Gunisao kicks out more 28-inch and larger walleyes than any other lake in the province. In addition to the world-class walleye fishing, don't be surprised if you tie into many lunker northern pike as well. Lodge Located: Gunisao Lake, Manitoba

Plummers Lodges

Featured Lodges

Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge - Located near the inlet to the Gammon River in the Atikaki Wilderness Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada, world class trophy fishing is a cast away. Located: Aikens Lake, Manitoba

Healey's Gods Lake Narrows Lodge - Gods Lake (Outpost Red Cross Lake), Manitoba

Trail End Camp - Winnipeg River System, Manitoba

Laurie River Lodge - Laurie River System, Lynn Lake, Manitoba

Manitoba Fishing Camps

Kississing Lake Lodge - Kississing Lake offers trophy Northern Pike, Walleye, and Lake Trout fishing anywhere in the world complemented by five star accommodations. Lodge Located: Kississing Lake, Manitoba

Pine Island Lodge - The Winnipeg is a steady producer of trophy fish. Walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass receive the most attention. Lodge Located: Winnipeg River System, Crowduck Lake, Manitoba

Rupertsland Guiding & Outfitting - Location: William Lake, Katimik Lake, Manitoba

Otter Creek Outfitters - Interlake Area of Manitoba

Poplar Bay Park Tourist Camp - Lac du Bonnet, Bird River, Manitoba

Pioneer Wilderness Adventures - Manitoba, NW Ontario

Big Grass Outfitters - Central Manitoba

Elk Island Lodge - Gods Lake, Manitoba

Wolverine Lodge - Vandekerckhove Lake, Lynn Lake, Manitoba

Ganglers Lodge's - North Seal River, Manitoba

Lakeside Outfitters - Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba

Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge - Aikens Lake, Manitoba

Fast Air Executive Aviation - Winnipeg International Airport, Manitoba

Silver Goose Lodge - York Factory, Manitoba

Pine Point Lodge - Athapapuskow Lake, Manitoba

Birdtail Waterfowl - Mississippi Flyway, Central Flyway, Manitoba

Riverside Lodge - Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba

Caribou Lodge & Outfitters - Cranberry Portage, Manitoba

Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts - Bolton Lake, Manitoba

Sclater River Outfitters - Duck Mountain Area, Manitoba

Goldsand Lake Lodge - Goldsand Lake, Manitoba

Medicine Creek Adventures - Red River, Manitoba

Manitoba Fishing Outposts

KC's Outfitting - Sandilands Provincial Park, Manitoba

Big Sand Lake Lodge & Outposts - Big Sand Lake, Manitoba

Athapap Lodge Wilderness Resort - North West Region, Manitoba

Birch Point Outfitters - Whitemouth Lake, Sandilands, Manitoba

T.Hayes Canadian Guiding Service - Throughout Northern Manitoba

Bennett Lake Lodge & Outcamps Ltd. - Bennett Lake, Three Lakes, Head Waters Lake, Manitoba

Sasaginnigak Lodge & Outcamps - Sasaginnigak lake, Manitoba

Northern Spirit Lodge - Cranberry Portage, Manitoba

Dunlop's Fly-in Lodge & Outpost - Little Churchill River, Lake Waskaiowaka, Manitoba

Norse Lodge & Remote Outpost Camps - Moar Lake, Beren's River System, Manitoba

God's River Lodge - God's Lake, Manitoba

Munroe Lake Lodge - Munroe Lake, Manitoba

Absolutely Canadian Outfitters - Oak Hammock Marsh, Manitoba

Bloodvein River Outfitters - Lac Du Bonnet Area, Manitoba

Eagle Nest Lodge - Upper Winnipeg River, Manitoba

Mountain Oak Outfitters - Riding Mountain Region, Manitoba

Oak Hammock Outfitters - Manitoba

Wekusko Falls Lodge - Tramping lake, Manitoba

Tee Pee Outfitters (1986) Inc - Numakoos and Joe T Lake, Leaf Rapids, Manitoba

Viking Lodge & Marine - Grass River Provincial Park, Manitoba


Manitoba Fishing Lodges

Gods Lake Lodge - God's Lake, Manitoba

Three Lakes Camp - Jan Lake, Saskatchewan

Burntwood Lake Lodge - Burntwood Lake, Manitoba

Dogskin Lake Lodge & Outposts - Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park, Manitoba

Carpenter's Clearwater Lodge - Clearwater Lake, Northern Manitoba

Nopiming Lodge - Bird Lake, Manitoba

Edmund Lake Lodge Ltd. - Edmund Lake, Manitoba

ACE Wilderness Guiding Services - Edmund Lake, Manitoba

Crooked Creek Lodge - Lake Manitoba, Delta Marsh

Elbow Lake Lodge - Elbow Lake, Manitoba

North Haven Resort on Utik Lake - North Haven Resort is a brand new facility on a remote island on the outskirts of Utik Lake in Manitoba, Canada. With a unique fly-in location, guests are immediately awe-struck by the surrounding natural environment and the architecture of the Resort.


Manitoba Fishing Trips

Darrell's Outfitting - Manitoba

Bakers Narrows Lodge - Lake Athapapuskow, Flin Flon, Manitoba

Silsby Lake Lodge - Silsby Lake, Manitoba

Silence of the North - Mirond Lake, Saskatchewan

Brown Bay Camp Ltd. - Dinorwic Lake, Ontario

Windsock Lodge - Long Lake, Bissett, Manitoba

Blind Creek Outfitters - Interlake, Fisher Branch, Manitoba

Mystery Country Lodge & Remote Outposts - Bear Head Lake, Teal Lake, Dafoe Lake, Thompson, Manitoba

Hastings Bros. Outfitters - Bissett, Manitoba

Grey Owl Outfitters - Lynn Lake Area, Manitoba

Nueltin Fly-In Lodges Ltd. - Nueltin Lake, Kasmere Lake, Shannon Lake, Manitoba

Webbers Lodges - Dymond Lake, North Knife Lake, Manitoba

Cat Eye Outfitter - Red River, Winnipeg River, Manitoba


Featured Lodges
Fishing Lodges

Lac Seul, Ontario

Perch Fishing Lodges




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