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Considered by many to be the sportiest freshwater fish. Small mouth are known for their fighting stamina and astounding leaping ability. Like largemouth, they will take almost any kind of lure or bait, but they generally prefer smaller sizes. Favorites include jigs, crankbaits, spinners, streamer flies, shiner minnow, crayfish, hellgrammites, leeches, and nightcrawlers. Smallmouth like clean, clear water. They are found in all types of natural and manmade lakes, but are most common in mesotrophic lakes and mid-depth reservoirs. Smallmouth also thrive in river and streams with moderate current. Seldom are they found in small ponds, lakes shallower than 25 feet, or any water that is continuously murky or polluted. They do not compete well with other predatory fish.

Smallmouth bass look very similar to largemouth bass and spotted bass. The distinguishing characteristic is the mouth. When closed, the mouth does not extend beyond the rear border of the eye. Color varies from yellow-green to olive-green with a bronze reflection. The sides are faintly barred.

Smallmouth bass are native to Ohio and are found in every county of the state. This species thrives in streams with gravel or rock bottoms with a visible current. Smallmouth also do well in the reef areas and rocky shorelines of Lake Erie, especially in the islands area near Sandusky Bay.

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