Big Sand Lake Lodge & Outposts

Rick Bohna

Main Address :
Box 155 Station L 991 St.James Street
Winnipeg ,  MB
R3H 0C0
Phone :  (204) 774-6666
Fax :  (204) 774-5500

Summer Address :
Box 155 Station L 991 St.James Street
Winnipeg  , MB
R3H 0C0
Phone :  (204) 774-6666
Fax :  (204) 774-5500

Toll Free :  800-348-5824

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Big Sand Lake Lodge & Outposts
At Big Sand Lake Lodge experience the excitement of trophy fishing, the serenity of the northern wilderness, the comfort of a world class, 5 star lodge all in one location. American plan, fully guided on Big Sand Lake. Our full-service outcamps, on surrounding lakes, offer the services of a cook and group guide, allowing you to maximize your fishing time.


Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling

Hunting Available:
Moose, Black Bear, Wolf


Other Information
Dates Open : June through September

Lake or Area Name : Big Sand Lake, Manitoba

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Remotely situated within the subarctic wilderness of Canada, Big Sand Lake Fishing Lodge & Outposts is located 525 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. There is no road access to Big Sand Lake so the only way to get here is to fly. The Lake is 70 miles long and comprises over 60,000 acres of pristine northern waters, containing the most sought after trophy fish in North America.

As others are drawn in imagination and body towards coral reefs and rain forests this unchanged frontier attracts the free spirit in all of us. Travelling north to the permafrost and tundra, the caribou and the wolves, you'll discover that the sun shines brightest from here. This unique subarctic landscape is beautiful with lots of interesting things to see and do.

For example ATV trip's along the top of the esker that border the lake shore is an option for our guests. While walking along the trails near the lodge you can find fresh tracks from moose, bear and wolves. Throughout your trip you can encounter numerous species of birds including Bald Eagles, Canada Geese, Surf Scoters, White? Winged Scoters, Mergansers, Eider Ducks, Scaups, Mallards, Green?Winged Teal, Bufflehead, American Widgeon, Common and Arctic Terns, Bonaparte Gulls, Kildeer, Spotted Sandpiper, Common Loons, Ravens and the ever present Herring Gulls, the largest of the Gull family.

Big Sand Lake Lodge & Outposts gets its name from the immense amounts of sand deposits left behind in this region during the Wisconsin Glacial Period which dates back 20,000 years ago. Eskers are long, narrow, winding ridges of stratified sand and gravel. Eskers can be many miles long and resemble abandoned railway embankments which can range in length from 100 feet to 100 miles and more! These veritable mountains of sand can be quite large, achieving heights of 40 to 550 feet. This natural phenomena has occurred throughout the world where large scale glacial activity has occurred. Places such as Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland and the area of Big Sand Lake bear physical witness to this impressive geological evolution. Guests can hike across the esker trails located just off the airstrip, discovering a unique Flora and Fauna ecosystem such as Arctic Cotton, Labrador Tea, Micro philia phila, Lichens and Caribou Moss.

Every year our guests commonly catch and release 20-30 lb plus Northern Pike, 50 lb plus Lake Trout, 3-4 lb average Walleye's and Trophy sized Arctic Grayling. This lake offers fishing diversity at it's best and it's waters are exclusive to Big Sand guests only. Big Sand Lake Lodge & Outposts is the only lodge located on the lake, there are no communities and no cabins making this a truly remote and very private World Class Fishing Lodge.

Big Sand Lake Fishing Lodge & Outposts has taken the traditional Outpost and raised it to a new level. Giving you the best fishing opportunity that Canada has to offer. Choose between Chipewyan Lake, Jordan Lake, LeClair Lake and Wolf Lake. Included in our Outpost packages: All taxes, round trip air from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Big Sand's private airstrip, float plane trip to and from Outpost, all meals, all bedding, boat, motor, gas and each camp is staffed with a manager and cook. Outposts are set up to accommodate groups of 2 - 10 anglers. Packages in length of 4, 7 or 8 days.


Big Sand Lake Hunting Lodge & Outposts Moose Hunt which took place from September 15 -29, 2001 saw 13 hunters harvest large, mature bulls. For the first Big Sand utilized 3 of it's 4 Outpost Camps on Jordan, Wolf and LeClair lakes. With the inclusion of these camps Big Sand now holds the largest Moose hunting territory that is exclusive to any one operator in all of Canada and the results are apparent. Renowned by anglers World Wide as a fishing "Hot Spot" Big Sand is relatively unknown in the hunting world.

"We like to keep it that way." says General Manager, Rick Bohna. "There is no other Moose hunting camp out there right now that has had not only the success rate but more importantly the quality of animals and sheer numbers as we have had over the past two years." Bohna goes on to say that, "Utilizing our remote outcamps and servicing them with our Norseman has opened the doors to more hunters, expanded our exclusive territory and has earned us the reputation as thee place to go for a World Class Hunt.

When asked if there is concern about depleting the healthy gene pool of trophy bulls, Rick is quick to respond, "That's a concern you have to address and we have by spreading out our hunters, taking them into areas that have never been hunted before. Rather than take 5 bulls from 1 area, we've taken 5 bulls from 5 different areas. Our situation is unique as we spread our hunters between Big Sand Lake and our outpost lakes and by doing this we ensure a healthy balance and in nature balance is everything."

The hunting experience with offers hunters the two most sought after moments in time. The first being the actual hunt, the stalking, the tracking and the calling. Nothing fuels the adrenaline like a 1700lb bull ploughing through the bush towards you until that moment you both meet. Secondly it's the land, the topography and the rugged landscape of the Canadian Subarctic that sets a scene and infuses a memory on one's soul like none other. A place you didn't know still existed and that your next step is truly a first step taken by any man before.

Visit: Big Sand Lake, Manitoba

Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Fly-in, Big Sand Lake, Manitoba, Trophy Northern, Big Sand Lake Lodge, Fishing Lodge , Big Sand Lake, Manitoba , Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides and Moose, Black Bear, Wolf , Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides , Big Sand Lake Hunting Lodge & Outposts Moose Hunt takes place in September. Big Sand is located in Northern Manitoba. Hunting also for black bear and wolf. Moose hunting lodge in Canada.



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