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Gimli ,  MB
R0C 1B0
Phone :  (888) 246-9749
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Gimli  , MB
R0C 1B0
Phone :  (888) 246-9749
Fax :  (204) 642-9981

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Mystery Country Lodge & Remote Outposts Inc.
Our company has been in business for three years and has seen a steady increase in trips being booked. Our current return bookings are running at 100 %


Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Whitefish

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Wolf, Moose, Ducks, Geese


Other Information
Dates Open : May through October

Lake or Area Name : Bear Head Lake, Teal Lake, Dafoe Lake, Thompson, Manitoba

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Mystery Country Lodge & Remote Outposts brings up many different images, it is only limited to the individual who is conjuring up the image in his or her own mind. To the same, Mystery Country may involve the eagles soaring high overhead or the howling of wolves in a distance beneath the playful dance of the northern lights. Yet to others it may be the mystery of the boreal forest that is all around them and what roams within. And for some it may be the mystery of what lurks in the pristine lakes such as the monster pike that grows to a ripe old age because they have no predators other than yourself and select others who fish these waters.

There is always a certain mystique present when you are out in the wilderness surrounded by nothing but water, forest and the starlit sky overhead. When you are sharing your soul with nature it is ok to allow your imagination to roam, to think of times long ago when native people roamed these forests and fished these lakes. Its is almost as if time has stood still here at Mystery Country Lodge & Outposts. The forests and lakes are just as they were hundreds of years ago.

When you walk in the forest of Mystery Country Lodge & Remote Outposts your feet sink into the soft moss and you find yourself wondering if any other person has ever walked in your footsteps as yours break ground. As you stand at the waters edge you close your eyes just long enough to envision the native people fishing in the rapids, trapping and spearing fish. Maybe keep a sharp eye for the uncovering of artifacts.

To others it is sitting in the boat fishing and listening to the music of the loons as they fish on the lake next to you. Or maybe it is trolling into an inlet to see a moose standing in the water or a wolf running along the bank. And yet to others the mystique of Mystery Country Remote Outposts comes as a shore lunch of fresh walleye and fried potatoes while sitting on a rock with your friends, together sharing the wilderness experience. Maybe an evening card game in the camp under the gas lights of the cabin with a cold drink and stories of the days adventures.

The mystique of a wilderness adventure in Mystery Country is limited by only ones imagination. So allow your imagination to run free while you are here and enjoy nature as you have never enjoyed it before. Reveal the MYSTERY!

Mystery Country Lodge & Remote Outposts outcamps were built in 1988. Bear Head Lake offers a rustic log cabin look while Teal Lake has a wood frame construction. Dafoe Lake has a new framed construction, built in 1995. All are equipped with a propane fridge, stove and lights. All of our outposts are built on scenic island and peninsulas offering access to lake and scenery at all times. Dafoe Lake Cabin, Bear Head Cabin, Teal Lake Cabin and Goose Hunting Lake are offered by Mystery Country Lodge & Outposts.

Our fly-in outposts, along with our five boat caches, are located 30-60 air miles from Thompson, Manitoba. Bear Head Lake, Teal Lake, Dafoe Lake and Goose Hunting Lake are all navigable in bad weather. Therefore, there is never a bad weather day. All camps are exclusive. Located in the Canadian Shield, the scenery and wildlife is abundant. Your camera is a must!

Mystery Country Lodge & Remote Outposts is the place to go for giant northern pike. Just ask any of the six Bettendorf fishermen who all recently caught pike at least 41 inches long. Randy Scott, Paul Castro, Rich McMurry, Ron Schorg, Terry Paustian and TJ Paustian fished this summer in Dafoe Lake near Thompson, Manitoba, Canada, which is about a 22 hour drive from Bettendorf. It’s a 1,300 mile treck the group has made together for the past five years. They take turns driving, riding shot gun and sleeping in a rented 15 passenger van that has the rear seat removed for all their gear.

From Thompson the group then flies to a scenic island on Dafoe Lake, where it has a modern cabin for a week with an aluminum boat and unlimited gasoline. They bring their own tackle and start fishing for those trophy walleye and northern pike. They must release any walleye 22 inches or longer and any pike over 30 inches. They may bring home four walleyes and four northerns each. Paul says the group eats a lot of fish during the week.

All the fish are measured for length rather than weight because it is considered less stressful on big fish. A fish cradle, like a small stretcher is used to lift the fish out of the water. All the hooks must be barbless, or have the barbs flattened so the fish are not injured when the hooks are removed.

Most of the time they use only one treble hook on the end of a lure, or a 5-0 single hook. The most popular lure is the Lucky Strike Halfway #3 spoon. It is red and silver with ripples in the spoon.

"No matter what the weather there is always somewhere on the lake where you can fish safely," Castro said. "Every trip has been just great." All six caught northern pike at least 41 inches long. So each was dubbed a Master Angler of Manitoba. A 41 inch northern will weigh about 18 pounds. Randy named his 42 inch pike "Godzilla" as he jumped around in the middle of the boat trying to land the fish. Rich was so excited about catching his first 41 inch pike that everyone thought he had won the lottery.

Some of the pike still had the tails of recently caught fish sticking out of their mouths as they were brought into the boat! Sometimes when a smaller walleye or pike was caught, a much larger pike would grab the hooked fish and race to the bottom with it. Then the unlucky fisherman would bring in what was left of the fish - or no fish at all.

They fished in shallow rocky parts, weedy marshes and feeder creeks. The deepest water they found was 30 feet.

They also got more from the trip than good fishing. "We have seen moose, black bear, mink, martin, beaver, eagles and osprey many times," Castro said. "The scenery and the wildlife make for great picture taking, along with the fantastic fishing."

Visit: Bear Head Lake, Teal Lake, Dafoe Lake, Thompson, Manitoba

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