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Brian & Rick Eyolfson

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Box 333
Riverton ,  MB
R0C 2R0
Phone :  (204) 378-5244
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Box 333
Riverton  , MB
R0C 2R0
Phone :  (204) 378-5244
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Toll Free :  866-378-5244

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Bennett Lake Lodge & Outcamps Ltd.
Rick and Brian have operated Bennett Lake since 1999 and prior to that it was not fished for about 9 years. We are a family run operation so we take care to ensure your satisfied with your fishing or hunting experience. We have started an Air Service and we will be flying our own guests out this year. A high percentage of our customers are return.


Fly-in, Remote Outposts, generator, ice machine, gas for boats, small store

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Lake Trout

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Moose


Other Information
Dates Open : May through October

Lake or Area Name : Bennett Lake, Three Lakes, Head Waters Lake, Manitoba

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Last years fishing was excellent with catch and release of and average of 140 walleye per day and an all time high of 240 walleye caught by one boat. For an outcamp we are very comfortable with a camp manager onsite to help out and full running water. We maintain shore lunch sites with propane cookers and picnic tables.

We have what is called a mini lodge operation which is a step up from the regular outcamps, give us a try and I know you'll be satisfied with your fly-in trip. We have excellent walleye fishing where you'll catch high numbers of walleye 18" to 24" up to as large as 29". Caribou and moose are commonly seen and we also offer a guide service if booked in advance.

Summer Phone: Mobil operator JP8 2948 Cobham Tower

Bennett Lake, located 220 air miles north of Winnipeg, in the heart of the Canadian Shield, just up river from the famous trophy lake "Gunisao." This eight mile long body of water has numerous islands, bays, reefs, under water structure and rocky shoreline that provides excellent habitat for Northern Pike and Walleye which are our main sporting fish in our lake. Whitefish, goldeye and perch are also commonly caught. Fish until your tired of catching them! This clear northern lake water provides for the best action in fishing.

Moose, Caribou, Black Bear,, Timber Wolf, Bald Eagles, Ducks, Loons and Geese provide a wide variety of wildlife to view during your stay at Bennett Lake. The untouched beauty of this rustic landscape provides indescribable views of land hardly touched by man. If you could enjoy just one of our spectacular sunsets or watch the Northern Lights from the deck of the cabin you will have experienced a view few are lucky enough to witness. Definitely bring your camera. No roads any where near here! Fly in by float plane and experience fishing at it's best. The experience of flying in on the Otter or Beaver float plane will give you breath taking views and lots of photo opportunities.

Our camp is located on a scenic island with seldom found sand beach and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The quiet of the evenings, the call of the loon or the crackle of the camp fire are some of the sounds that you will experience and hear in a different way when at Bennett Lake.


Fishing in Bennett Lake is second to none for Walleye and Northern Pike and it's easy to understand why when you realize that Bennett Lake had not been fished between 1986 and 1998. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that in that time some fish have gown considerable. The lake itself is very healthy with lots of smaller bait fish and perch to help sustain a large quantity of sport fish.

Our fishing policy at Bennett Lake is that we support the "Catch & Release" program especially when it come to the larger fish. These lakes are reproduced by the larger spawning fish and DNR states that the large fish spawn produces large fish, smaller fish spawn produces smaller fish. Therefore the theory is to keep a high population of trophy fish in order to sustain a good population of trophy fish. Our possession limits for walleye are 4 walleye with none over 20", possession limit for Northern Pike are 4 with none over 30". Your are certainly welcome to take home your limit. Another feature of the catch and release policy is you can have a replica fish mounted for almost the same price as a real mount. All you need to do is measure the length and girth of the fish, take a picture and a taxidermist will make the replica. With the monetary exchange rate it is also beneficial to get your fish mounted in Canada. We can recommend a taxidermist when you are at Bennett Lake.

At the Lodge we will have a small camp store that will supply you with fishing licenses, frozen minnows, night crawlers, some basic tackle, canned beverages and some basic necessities. We also will have a couple of new electronic fish locators to rent for $10/day if you wish to use them. Our lake has lots of reefs and other under water structure that a fish finder will help you identify where the fish are. Also the camp manager will be on hand to give you tips on where the fish have been biting, what tackle to try and what baits are working.

When we personally fish the lake thru the summer, many times just a yellow jig with a twinyellow tail caught just as many as a jig with bait or power baits. Our guests have commented many times on how aggressive the walleye are in Bennett Lake. The Northern's will bite on just about anything and we caught them easily along weed patches near shallow bays. They also like to hang around a shallow shelf that drops off to deeper water. As an add on feature we also have guides available if you require for $100 US/ day. Prior to your arrival at Bennett Lake, arrangements should be made if this service is required.


Our hunting program consists of Spring Bear Hunts, Fall Bear Hunts and Fall Moose Hunts. Fall moose hunts are for resident hunters only. Manitoba residents can buy these tags readily. An added feature to these hunts is you can combine a fishing trip with the hunt trips. Remember that Bennett Lake has never been sport hunted prior to 2000 trophy moose and bear are there for your finding. All of our hunts the last three years have been 100% success rates for both bear and moose. Many color phase bears are seen regularly. We still have black bear tags available for spring 2003 hunts.

Our moose hunts are based on a minimum of two hunters, each group of two will have a licensed guide to help ensure your success. The guide will be an experience moose hunter, and will have the skills to call in a moose bull in the rut. Both Brian and Rick are certified guides and have had the opportunity to hunt these brutes for the last twenty years with 100% success rates in shooting a bull in the last eight years. Needless to say, both are able to coax and tease most bulls into a shooting position.

If hunting in Bennett Lake you will enjoy our camp facilities, but if at our Three Lakes Outcamp a more rustic cabin is available. The cabin is 16 x 24 one room style, c/w bunks, propane stove, gas bar-b-que, all cooking utensils. Aluminum boats and motors are at each lake and a canoe also available if requested. Most hunting is from the canoe or from the water and the idea is to call the bull out to the shore line for a clear shot. Stalking a bull is not easily performed in this habitat of swamp, rock and bush which makes it unrealistic. Your success rides in the ability of the guide being able to call well and anticipate how the bull will approach you while calling.

For our resident moose hunts, bring your hunting gear, sleeping bag and food. Guides are available at an additional cost. You will be on your own with a camp check by float plane at mid hunt. Our largest moose shot to date was 63" and the next closest was 58", very impressive animals.

If you want an adrenaline rush you have to go Moose Hunting. Experience having a 1400 lb. Brute less than 50 yards away, barking grunting his challenge and moaning so loud you'd swear he was right beside you. They are usually very vocal when challenged. Thrashing their horns against the trees and brush sounds like a bull dozer coming at you. We have shot them as close as 35 feet, too close for comfort and not recommended. Most shots are 100 to 200 yd.

A one week fly in trip will be custom priced to accommodate each party size needs. We have a Cessna 185, Beaver and Otter to accommodate groups from 2 to 6. The package would include your flights from Pine Dock Float Plane Base, camp facilities, boat, canoe, camp equipment. You bring your hunting gear, sleeping bag, and food.

Visit: Bennett Lake, Three Lakes, Head Waters Lake, Manitoba

Bennett Lake Lodge, Fishing Lodge, head waters lake, Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Fly-in, Bennett Lake, Three Lakes, Manitoba, Lake Gunisao , Bennett Lake, Three Lakes, Head Waters Lake, Manitoba , Fly-in, Remote Outposts, generator, ice machine, gas for boats, small store and Black Bear, Moose , Fly-in, Remote Outposts, generator, ice machine, gas for boats, small store , A high percentage of customers at Bennett Lake Hunting Lodge are return. Prior to 1999 Bennett Lake was not hunted for about 9 years. Bennett Lake Hunting Lodge is a family run operation to ensure your satisfied with your hunting experience.



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