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Edmund Lake Lodge Ltd.
Edmund Lake Lodge is a Trophy pike lake. Always been a catch & release lake so there are tons of big ones to catch. Full service fly-in camp. Pro guides. Check us out!


Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Trophy Northern Pike, Whitefish, Perch

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Dates Open : May through September

Lake or Area Name : Edmund Lake, Manitoba

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Welcome to Edmund Lake Lodge and TrophyPike.com. We had a great 2002 season! And many guests have booked their trips for next year already. The fishing continued to be fabulous all season long and over 170 Trophy Northern Pike were recorded by lodge guests. More than 200 were recorded at the outpost camp! And the Walleye fishing was just as terrific as ever; many guests come to Edmund Lake Lodge just for the consistently productive walleye fishing. On our website you will view photos of some excellent fish, see the location of Edmund Lake Lodge in Manitoba's secluded wilderness, find the rates for your visit to Edmund Lake Lodge and view testimonials from other fishermen. We're certain you will experience a northern pike and walleye fishing opportunity that you will never forget.

Situated on a protected point near the southeast portion of Edmund Lake, the camp has five guest cabins. Each well constructed cabin has indoor bathroom facilities including hot showers for freshening up after a day on the water. The cabins sleep from four to eight people. The main lodge has a dining room with a great view of the lake. The dining area serves as a gathering place for leisurely conversation at mealtime and for the festive card games and story telling that etch their own memories of your time at Edmund Lake Lodge.

Throughout the north country the fabulous meals prepared at the lodge are as much a trademark as the trophy Northern pike fishing! Prepared by expert and experienced staff, you won't believe the quality and care that goes into serving you meals you wouldn't expect in such a remote locale. Special dietary needs by our guests can be accommodated with prior notification. The newly expanded and remodeled main lodge is equipped with a radio and satellite phone in case any of our guests must maintain contact with home or office or in case emergency communication is necessary. However, our guests seldom venture near the phones...your old world will seem far away once you step from the plane onto the dock and your new world at Edmund Lake! The cozy lodge is a relaxing area for reading, card playing and conversations with other fishermen. And you just might be able to see that NBA championship basketball game on the camp TV.

Lets face it the thought of trophy pike fishing is why you are visiting this site. We'll show you photos that represent the great fishing you'll experience on your trip to the camp. You will see what draws fishermen and women from all over North America to Edmund Lake Lodge. Many fishermen will put up with uncomfortable surroundings, poorly maintained cabins, small boats and skimpy one-slice sandwiches if the fishing is good enough. Edmund Lake could be that kind of place, could be fully booked on the fishing alone; it's that good!!

Wendy and Vance take pride in the quality of the things they can control. Nature put the Northern pike and Walleye in the lake. Wendy and Vance take great care of the rest! Enjoy your view of the photos on this page and also look over the information that will give you a good sense of what a great experience it is to spend time on this lake. Because there are so many photos, the page may take a few seconds to download. fill the time with thoughts of 48 inch Northern Pike and 60 Walleyes before noon. Edmund Lake Lodge can make it happen for you!

Many fishermen come for the Northern Pike fishing and end up having the best Walleye Pike fishing they've ever experienced. With Edmund Lake's uncountable rock bars, sandy points, deep holes and river currents, the Walleye fishing is fast becoming a major factor in attracting fishermen to Edmund Lake Lodge. So when your wrist gets sore from haulin' in those Trophy Northern Pike, settle back with your ultralight tackle for some fast action on the walleye.

From youngsters on their first trip to veteran Canadian anglers, there is an interesting mix of people that spend time at Edmund Lake Lodge. They come for the rare opportunity to test their skills against some of the largest Northern Pike in North America. In the early spring the big fish can be found in the ends of shallow bays, sometimes in water no more than 18 inches deep. It can be a challenge to search an entire bay thinking there are no fish only to see numbers of big Northerns right up against the shallow shoreline of a back bay. Shiny spoons such as Doctors, Red Eye Wobblers, 5 of Diamonds, and for the fly fisherman any streamer fly with a bit of flash on it will entice a strike. Polaroid sunglasses are nearly a requirement to increase your ability to see these shallow water, early spring Northerns.

As the water begins to warm in late June the big Northerns begin to move out of the shallow bays and seek water in the 8 to 12 foot range. They are still in the bays but just not so visible as when cruising the shallow ends of bays. Remember that if you wish to use plugs you must modify them by removing the treble hooks and replacing them with single, barbless hooks. Multiple hooks can be attached to a plug as long as each is a single, barbless hook. Seldom has a fisherman noticed any decrease in getting a fish to the boat while using single, barbless hooks as compared to the standard rigging. Casting spoons and large jigs will also find the fish and trolling is a favorite among many fishermen at this time of late Spring and early Summer.

Constantly adding variety to the day's fishing are the many 3 to 5 pound Walleyes that hit any lure you might use for the Northerns. These Walleyes are noted for their dark, black and gold color and are very tasty fare at the day's shore lunch. You will find the Walleyes to be unusually plentiful and are great fun on light tackle.

As the summer heat warms the water, most Northern Pike fishermen hit the weed beds in search of the big ones. Casting top water plugs such as Jackpots, Big Jitterbugs or Zara Spooks over weed tops always creates a commotion. Buzz baits and spinner baits are preferred lures as well for those secretive Pike that lurk in the darkened cover of the weeds. Some fishermen use SLUGGOs. In search of that Trophy Pike many anglers can be found trolling the deep edges of dropoffs and weedy points. Using big diving plugs like Bagleys, Depth Raiders, and others commonly used for Musky fishing, this method is a real producer and a great way to take in the scenic beauty of Edmund Lakes' islands, coves, rocky reefs and bays. Suit yourself...all these methods pay off and because there are so many fish to be caught, Edmund Lake is a great place to try new and different methods. Every Northern Pike you see in the images on this site were returned to the water...they are still there and growing! Because of the Camp's philosophy of careful catch and release (some fishermen's dedication to reviving tired fish are almost legendary at Edmund Lake Lodge) these fish live on to reproduce Trophy strains and on occasion to pose for a picture with some visiting fisherman. Every boat has a cradle to aid in releasing fish while they are still in the water. A few moments out of the water for a photo does no harm and the barbless hooks make even the deeply hooked fish much more likely to be released unharmed. If you have dreamed of boating a Trophy Pike over twenty pounds, or of sitting in your boat in one spot and releasing thirty Walleyes in one morning... Edmund Lake Lodge can make those dreams come true! Treat yourself to the best pike fishing in North America at Edmund Lake Lodge!

Visit: Edmund Lake, Manitoba

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