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Fax :  (204) 475-1811

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Munroe Lake Lodge
Munroe Lake Lodge produced Manitoba's top Northern Pike in 2006 and the top Grayling in 2005. We are family-operated with a capacity of 12 guests.


Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Whitefish

Hunting Available:
Caribou, Wolf, Moose, Ptarmigan


Other Information
Dates Open : June to September

Lake or Area Name : Munroe Lake, Manitoba

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Munroe Lake is located 650 miles north of Winnipeg, MB, at the southern fringe of Canada's tundra / barrens. More than 16 miles in length and up to 4 miles wide, Munroe Lake offers exceptional opportunities for fishing, hunting, hiking, wildlife observation and photography. Trophy northern pike, lake trout and Arctic grayling abound in Munroe Lake and adjacent streams. Munroe Lake offers many inflowing creeks, shallow back bays, sandy beaches, esker points and many sheltered areas to fish or enjoy shore lunch. The lake is studded with islands, shoals, points and back bays. The key features of Munroe Lake (at least as far as anglers are concerned) are the numerous, mid-lake "cabbage" weedbeds which attract trophy pike.

The northern section of the lake, sometimes referred to as Martin Moore Lake, is separated from the main lake by two narrows and provides excellent fishing as well. Nearby, for the adventuresome anglers, are Haraczay, Brownstone and Greening Lakes - accessible via portage or trail - all with exceptional fishing, yet have been seldom fished in the past.

Without a doubt, Munroe Lake offers some of Canada's best trophy pike fishing - not just early in the season, but all summer long. Big northerns qualifying as Manitoba Master Angler fish (i.e. 41" + longer) abound, and fish in the 50-inch range are not unusual. Stout tackle is highly recommended. Additionally, there are countless other big gators - pike between 36 - 40" - in the swim, as well as innumerable lesser pike offering constant action and the basic ingredient for a delicious, guide-prepared shore lunch.

In August 2000, two Angling Adventures staffers reported catching 200+ northerns over 14 lb. (36 - 41"), 700+ pike over the course of 5 days, and systematically wearing out tackle - line, leaders, spoons.

Although Munroe Lake pike can and are caught almost everywhere around the lake - shallow, deep, off points, in back bays, in the river / creek mouths - the very best summer trophy pike action consistently comes from the many "cabbage" weedbeds scattered throughout the lake. One small weedbed, located just a minute from the lodge, produced more than 60 pike in 1 hour for a group of 7 anglers. Another extensive mid-lake weedbed produced more than 100 trophy pike for the same group over the course of a week's stay. While almost everything (including door hinges and a plastic super-hero action figure !) caught pike, casting spoons (Eppinger Dardevles, Len Thompsons), heavy-duty musky spinnerbaits, and large in-line spinners & bucktails (Mepps Aglia Long # 5, Musky Killers) produced the biggest fish.

Early in the season, just after ice out, big northerns gather in bunches in the many small, shallow back bays scattered around the lake, and it is not unusual for one small bay to hold 10 to 20 very aggressive trophy pike. Buzzbaits, jerkbaits (Slug-Go) and spinnerbaits are hard to beat under these conditions, and a good spot will produced fish every day.


We hunt the Central Barren Ground Caribou in migration. Our camp is located in an area where hundreds often thousands of caribou pass on their way to their winter feeding grounds in the south. Manitoba opened caribou hunting to non-residents in 1995 and the results are truly a world class hunt. The province licenses only 500 hunters a year, resident and non-resident. The Qamanirjuaq herd now numbers 500,000 animals. They spend their summers in the barren grounds of Nunavut, calving at Qamanirjuaq Lake, then migrating down late every summer, spending their winter in Manitoba's Northern Forests.

There are many animals in the Boone & Crocket category as well as Pope & Young taken each year. Expect average scores of around 330. In recent years, many of Manitoba's top Barren Ground Caribou were taken at our camp.

This is an excellent opportunity for a trophy animal. Our camp is located 5 miles east of Baralzon Ecological Reserve which allows no hunting and just south of the 60th parallel. This is an excellent area for bow hunters with small stands of spruce and dwarf birch for cover. We hunt for caribou mainly by boat, foot or "blinds" on their migration trails.

While hunting can be done in as little as a mile from camp you should expect to do a fair amount of walking. There are boats and motors available for those who want to cover more area with a bit less walking. Just a few yards from the camp, the avid Sportsman can indulge in some excellent fishing for Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling. Six trophy Lake Trout, in Manitoba a trophy is larger than 35 inches, were caught, and released within 5 minutes from camp.

The terrain of the region features a mix of rolling tundra, sand eskers, small stands of spruce and Arctic willow, offering excellent cover. Both rifle and bow hunts are available.

Hunters stay at Munroe Lake Lodge and enjoy all the benefits of the camp, including the opportunity to do some fishing (northern pike, lake trout, grayling) as time and weather allow.

Although not a particularly deep lake, Munroe Lake has a very healthy population of lake trout and produces the occasional giant trout as well. In both the upper / Martin Moore Lake section and the lower / main lake, there are deep basins approaching 100 feet in depth. Largely unfished, much remains to be discovered about the best locations, tactics and baits. Early season trout fishing is both consistent and easy with trout using shallow water areas, stream / river mouth areas and current flows. The many esker points, gravel bars and dropoffs adjacent to sand bars always hold trout at this time. As the season progresses, trout will relocate to deeper, main-lake basins and around the mid-lake islands.

Because most of the lake is relatively shallow, there is no stratification / thermocline. Trolling large, wobbling spoons (Williams Wabler, Len Thompson Five o' Diamonds, Eppinger Dardevle, Lucky Strike Red Eye) is a good way to locate fish. A weighted, 3-way swivel rig or flatline are proven approaches for taking Munroe Lake trout, but once fish are located, casting tactics (spoons, spinners, crankbaits, tube jigs) and / or vertical jigging can also produce good catches.

A few of the in & outflowing streams at Munroe Lake offer unique and exciting angling opportunities for Arctic grayling - the sailfish of the north. For its size (typically 10 to 20"), the Arctic grayling rivals the smallmouth bass with its jarring strikes, spectacular aerial somersaults, short powerful runs, and a decided stubborness about being netted. Because of their fragile nature and limited river habitat, this is a catch & release fishery.

The stream / outflow from Haraczay Lake at the north end of Munroe Lake offers some grayling fishing, but the outflowing river at the lake's extreme south end is absolutely the best stretch of grayling water at Munroe Lake. Arctic grayling are also available at nearby Brownstone Lake.

In the stream, grayling greedily take dry and wet flies, flashy # 1 or 2 in-line spinners (Mepps), and any type of small (1/16 to 1/8 oz.) dressed jig - 1 tubes, twisters, grubs. Fishing from shore is possible, but wading mid-stream to better reach the prime riffles, runs and pools will produce more and bigger fish. The footing is treacherous, so a pair of boot waders or athletic shoes is recommended.

For the most aggressive fish, cast a bait into the fastest flows and work it downstream. Along current breaklines and in eddies, cast the bait cross-stream, slightly ahead of the target area, and retrieve it steadily as it moves downstream and across the flow (quartering).

Arctic grayling are very fragile fish and easily injured by treble hooks, rough handling, time out of water. For sure hookups and easy live releases, small, single, barbless hooks are recommended. Catch & release only - no fish for shore lunch.

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