Viking Island Lodge & Outpost Cabins

Enid Carlson, Hugh and Craig Carlson

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Box 320
Red Lake ,  ON
P0V 2M0
Phone :  (807) 727-2262
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Box 320
Red Lake  , ON
P0V 2M0
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Viking Island Lodge & Outpost Cabins
Family business built and owned by Carlson's since 1948. 12 fly-in outpost cabins, 30 to 100 miles from Red Lake, Ontario. Small fly-in American Plan fishing lodge. 85% return guests


Full Service, Fly-in

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike

Hunting Available:


Other Information
Dates Open : May - October

Lake or Area Name : Douglas Lake and Red Lake Area, Ontario

Casual, friendly, 3 homecooked meals per day. Run your own boat, no guides, many different lakes. Overnight cabin.

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Crossland Lake: Located forty-four miles northeast of Red Lake, this outpost is actually comprised of two lakes, Crossland and Guernsey which are joined by a narrow channel. An additional lake is accessible by portage and all contain walleye and northern. Isolated from other water systems in the area, this group of lakes remains remote. The frame cabin has two bedrooms and a kitchen and can accommodate 6 comfortably.

Domain Lake: Thirty-six miles west of Red Lake and nestled within the wilderness park, Domain is off by itself. This lake is about eight miles long with a large island in the center which creates numerous bays and excellent fish habitat. This lake is teeming with walleye and northern. Lake trout are found in two basins of the lake. The traditionally built log cabin is roomy and comfortably sleeps 8. It is situated on a small island midway down the lake. You can see the lake from the front and back of the cabin. Here the squirrels eat out of your hand and tall jackpine provide a stately backdrop. - Relax and live a week away from it all!

Night Hawk Lake: A recent addition to our group, Night Hawk Lake is the perfect location for smaller groups. It is situated in a remote area 35 air miles northeast of Red Lake. This lake has 5 sections with a slight current in between each section. Un-fished for years, the water has plenty of walleye and northern. In order to ensure continued great fishing, special regulations apply to this lake.

Optic Lake: Located 35 miles west of Red Lake, downstream from Telescope, Optic Lake is also in Woodland Caribou Park, and shares the same clear water. As the name suggests, the lake is shaped like a pair of glasses with two large water-filled lenses. Across the portage is Glen Lake, a long narrow body of water with more shoreline than you will have time to explore. Glen has boats and motors for you to use. Both lakes have walleye, northern and lake trout. The cabin is on a beautiful rocky point with a waterfall on one side and a beach on the other. It is the only cabin on the lake and sleeps 6 comfortably. -The best fishing is off the dock.

Telescope Lake: Thirty miles west of Red Lake, Telescope is situated among a unique group of clear cold lakes at the top of a watershed. It is within Woodland Caribou Wilderness Park, but you can fish here with none of the restrictions normally associated with a wilderness park, only the advantage of a truly remote protected wilderness. The four bedroom cabin sleeps 8 comfortably. It is the only one on the lake and is located halfway down the lake on a point. Plan to include portage trips to two additional lakes. All three lakes have walleye, northern and lake trout.

Critchell Lake: Critchell Lake is located 96 air miles north of Red Lake. McInnes River runs in and out of this lake over three beautiful waterfalls. One of our most scenic locations, Critchell offers excellent walleye and northern fishing and access to lake trout. There are three small portage lakes to explore, including McInnes Lake. Situated on a rocky point, the two bedroom cabin offers a good view of the lake. It sleeps 4 to 6 people and is the only one on the lake. Have your shore lunch by the waterfalls.

Dolphin Lake: Viking Island Lodge & Outpost Cabins regular guests know this location as the Walleye Factory. Dolphin Lake is 71 air miles north of Red Lake just south of McInnes Lake. Northerns are also found in abundance. You may wish to portage to McInnes or try the other portage lake. Dolphin Lake is L-shaped, shallow and sheltered from the wind. The outpost is the only one on the lake and is located on the corner of the L. This two bedroom cabin sleeps 4 to 6 people comfortably.

McInnes Lake (3 Outposts): The largest of all our outpost lakes, McInnes stretches 25 miles north to south. Width varies from a quarter of a mile to 3 miles across and depth varies from shallow bays to open areas 100 feet plus deep. We have 3 separate locations on this lake spaced miles apart. There is no other outfitter on the lake. All cabin locations were picked to allow fishing in all weather conditions. The lake has walleye, northern and lake trout. It is an excellent lake for the experienced fisherman who likes lots of water and a variety in fish habitat. Viking Island Lodge & Outpost Cabins guests have pulled many trophy size fish from this lake. - Trophy fish swim this lake.

Orono Lake: Viking Island Lodge & Outpost Cabins expect that only the occasional trapper and a few explorers have ever ventured to Orono before we built the cabin in 1990. Located 96 miles northwest of Red Lake, the lake is large and shallow. It winds around rocky outcrops and leaves islands everywhere. This is classic walleye and northern habitat. In order to ensure continued good fishing, regulations were imposed from the first year of operation. For variety, there are three portage lakes. We wanted the accommodations at our newest outpost to be truly deluxe, so we built a large frame cabin with four bedrooms. It is comfortable for 8 people. Step where no man has before!

Rheaume Lake: Located 105 air miles northwest of Red Lake, Rheaume is our most northerly outpost. Located on a large shallow river system, the lake sports miles of shoreline to discover. There are also four additional lakes to explore by portage. You can fish for walleye and northern right beside the cabin or fifteen miles down the lake. Either way, it doesn’t get any better than this. The big frame cabin is the only one on the lake. It has three bedrooms and can comfortably sleep 8 people. Spend a week exploring.

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Viking Island Cabins, Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Fly-in, Douglas Lake, Red Lake, Ontario, Viking Outpost Cabins, Fishing Lodge , Douglas Lake and Red Lake Area, Ontario , Full Service, Fly-in and Moose , Full Service, Fly-in , Viking Island Hunting Lodge and Outpost Cabins have been outfitting moose hunters for more than 50 years. Moose hunting is not a sideline for us, but a major component. Located in Red Lake Ontario.



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