Poplar Ridge Lodge

Darrel Gaudreau

Main Address :
PO Box 399
Hornepayne ,  ON
P0M 1Z0
Phone :  (807) 868-2406
Fax : 

Summer Address :
PO Box 399
Hornepayne  , ON
P0M 1Z0
Phone :  (807) 868-2406
Fax : 

Toll Free :  800-801-8514

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Poplar Ridge Lodge
Family owned and operated camp. Fly-in or remote boat-in to the only cabins on the lake. Average maximum 16 guests.


Fly-in, Guides

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Perch

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Wolf, Ducks, Grouse, Moose


Other Information
Dates Open : May to October

Lake or Area Name : Larkin Lake, Ontario

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Poplar Ridge Lodge is situated near Hornepayne, Ontario. We are only 4 hours from the Michigan border, yet we are still a remote access tourism lake right in the Canadian wilderness.

You can fly-in to Poplar Ridge, but Poplar Ridge Lodge prefers to bring our guests in by boat.

The 20 mile boat trip up the Shekak River is the perfect time to relax from your drive and take in the majestic beauty of the Canadian wilderness. Our large boat will get most groups there in 40 minutes. There are no other cabins around, so the chances for spotting wildlife are good. Poplar Ridge Lodge regularly spots moose, osprey, beaver and beaver houses, muskrats and a variety of birds. Occasionally we have spotted bear and very occasionally, a lynx.

The trip is also a good opportunity for Darrel to point out some of the best fishing spots on the lake. On our arrival at the dock, you might prefer to go straight out on the lake to catch supper, while we transfer your gear to your cabin.

Summer or winter, Poplar Ridge Lodge always had something to delight even the most seasoned traveller. Whether it is the fishing or the hunting or maybe even just a simple get away from the everyday grind of the city, we will go out of our way to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Poplar Ridge Lodge prides ourselves on the adventure packages that we provide. Whether you come for the exellent fishing or the thrill of the hunt, we will go out of our way to give you the trip of a lifetime.

Bear Hunting - Poplar Ridge Lodge has conducted successful bear hunts for the last 7 years in a secluded area of 150 square miles. Our region has an abundant population of mature black bears, due in part to an adjoining bear sanctuary of approximately 200 square miles. We limit ourselves to 20 hunters per year which means we have been able to hold an 85% kill average. The size of black bears harvested in our area average 200 pounds. The largest bear taken at Poplar Ridge was 425 pounds. We know there are even bigger bears out there! Black bears harvested have had various coloring, including cinnamon phase. Our bear hunt is suitable for both bow and rifle hunting. We conduct our hunts in tree stands over active bait sites. Two people can comfortably fit in our stands. Your shot is a maximum of 25 yards. Our stands are secluded and most are accessible only by water, so when you are ready to hunt we will deliver you to your stand and later, pick you up. Sites are baited at least three weeks prior to your hunt, so we are aware which stands are active. Most of our hunters see multiple bear while waiting for their trophy. Poplar Ridge Lodge baits 25 stands and have no more than 20 hunters over a 3 week period, giving you the ability to choose your perfect site. After you have harvested your trophy bear, you can spend the rest of the week fishing for walleye and northern pike in our abundantly populated lakes. Boat, gas and bait are provided as part of your hunt. If you purchase a small game license you can also hunt small game during your bear hunt at no extra charge from us.

Northern Ontario is famous for its great fishing and we play our part by not over ensuring our guests do not put excessive pressure on fish stocks. Poplar Ridge Lodge has a maximum of 16 guests per week staying with us during the summer, and with such a large area of water we have found that fish quantities and sizes have remained large. Whether you fish our many sandy bottom reed beds that line the shores of Larkin lake or the mouths of any one of the numerous feeder streams you are sure to enjoy yourself and catch to your limit.

Walleye - Walleyes are one of the predominant species of fish on the lake and can be caught in abundance all season. They are one of the tastiest fish you can eat and for that reason are very popular with our guests. Catch walleye in the river mouths, at drop offs and underwater shoals.

Northern Pike - Northern pike are one of the predominant species of fish on Larkin Lake and are exciting fish to catch. Pikes are the ultimate eating machines and can be caught most places on the lake.

Brook Trout - Fish for natural brook trout in one of many feeder streams or take a short portage to one of the surrounding lakes that have been stocked with brook trout. Spending an afternoon on the trout lake will make a memorable part of your fishing trip as brook trout are exciting fish to catch.

Perch - Larkin Lake sports jumbo sized perch. We have had some groups come specifically to catch perch. Most guests though, catch perch accidentally while fishing for walleye or pike. Once our guests catch a perch, it’s often all they talk about.

Moose Hunt - The majestic moose is a beautiful animal to behold- especially on a plate with a a side of mash! People in Northern Ontario know how good moose tastes, and for that reason, we generally have more hunters than we can accommodate! The lucky hunters that have come to Poplar Ridge have always left with their tag filled. A popular feature of our hunts has been the fishing afterward, as the boat, motor, gas and bait is supplied. Tracking a bull moose is an awsome experience for any hunter. For that reason, if you are interested in a bull moose hunt, email Poplar Ridge Lodge for updates on availability.

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Walleye, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Perch, Black Bear, Poplar Ridge Lodge, Larkin Lake, Fly-in, Guides, Fishing Lodge, Wolf, Ducks, Grouse, Hornepayne, Ontario , Larkin Lake, Ontario , Fly-in, Guides and Black Bear, Wolf, Ducks, Grouse, Moose , Fly-in, Guides , Poplar Ridge Lodge has successful bear hunts for the last 7 years in an area of 150 square miles. Our region has an abundant population of mature black bears for hunting. Tracking a bull moose is an awsome experience for any hunter.



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