Abitibi River Houseboat Expeditions

Rolly Lessard

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P.O. Box 2061
Cochrane  , ON
Phone :  (705) 272-5155
Fax :  (705) 272-8582

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Abitibi River Houseboat Expeditions
Enjoy a tranquil holiday on the historical waterway that flows north towards the arctic. Explore the rugged Abitibi River system in comfort on a fully equipped 44 ft suncruser three buoys houseboat.


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Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike

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Dates Open : May through October

Lake or Area Name : Abitibi River System, Driftwood River, Ontario

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Explore the rugged Abitibi River System Ontario in comfort with Abitibi River Houseboat Expeditions on a fully equipped 44ft. Suncruiser Three Buoys Houseboat (Sleeps 10). Whether you fly to Cochrane (home of the famous Polar Bear Express), drive or take the train,our operational base, Flood's Landing is (located 21 km north of Cochrane) on the Frederickhouse River.

Three majestic rivers are accessible by Abitibi River Houseboat Expeditions - the tranquil Frederickhouse River, the mighty Abitibi River and the picturesque Driftwood River - all of which are surrounded by virtually untouched wilderness. (Small motorboats and/or canoes may be brought along to venture into areas that are inaccessible by houseboat). Inquire about rentals.

Location of Abitibi River Houseboat Expeditions: Operational base at flood's landing 21 km north of Cochrane via Hwy 579, on Frederickhouse River, 2 other accessible waterways are the mighty Abitibi and Driftwood River.

The Captain and their crew of Abitibi River Houseboat Expeditions can choose a number of destinations which includes a total possibility of 56 miles one way, 112 miles return if you choose to do the entire route. Flood's Landing is on the Frederickhouse River, leading to the Abitibi River where you can travel up to Island Falls or down to Gardiner Ferry.

The historically known Abitibi River flows proudly through the Boreal Forest of Canada and was the ancient Fur Trade Highway to James Bay traveled by the Voyageurs and the Coureurs De Bois. Mirror the expedition by Chevalier de Troyes when he canoed for months to capture three Hudson's Bay Company forts in 1686.

Visit: Abitibi River System, Driftwood River, Ontario

Houseboat Expeditions, Walleye, Northern Pike, Abitibi River Houseboat, Abitibi River, Frederickhouse, Driftwood Rivers of Ontario, Driftwood River, Abitibi River System, Frederickhouse River , Abitibi River System, Driftwood River, Ontario , Drive-in, Guides and , Drive-in, Guides , Three rivers are accessible by Abitibi River Houseboat Expeditions, the Frederickhouse River, the Abitibi River and the Driftwood River. Ontario Houseboat fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike.



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