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Arctic Grayling Fishing Lodges

Please use the following for searching your Arctic Grayling fishing lodges, resorts or outposts. There are several arctic lodges listed with us.

Arctic Grayling have an average length of 12-15 inches and weighs in at 1-3 pounds. A strikingly coloured fish, the back is purple to blue-black or blue-grey with sides of a pinkish iridescence having a number of V-shaped or diamond shaped spots. The Arctic Grayling head is olive-green with a mauve iridescence. During spawning the colors darken and the male becomes more brilliant than the female.
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Always on the lookout for a tasty insect morsel, Arctic grayling are popular with anglers for their willingness to take a lure. This characteristic, however, is more than a special gift from nature. It is one of the grayling's unique adaptations.

Sporting an elegant sail-like dorsal fin, Arctic grayling are freshwater cousins of the trout. During the short summer season, Arctic Grayling feast on huge numbers of drifting aquatic insects. Arctic Grayling prefer to feed in clear flowing rivers so they can see their prey. Arctic Grayling use silty glacial rivers as summer migration corridors and for overwintering.

Arctic Grayling are taken by Eskimos and Indians as food for their dogs and, less often, for themselves. They are an attractive sport fish due to their tendency to leap when hooked. Fly fishermen fly into northern Canada to catch this beautiful fish.

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