Fleming's Black Bear Camp

Walter and Mary-Lou Fleming

Main Address :
#40 Highway 11
Jellicoe ,  ON
P0T 1V0
Phone :  (807) 879-2529
Fax :  (807) 879-1182

Summer Address :
#40 Highway 11
Jellicoe  , ON
P0T 1V0
Phone :  (807) 879-2529
Fax :  (807) 879-1182

Toll Free :  888-432-4442

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Fleming's Black Bear Camp
We are a remote drive-to camp located 22 miles south of Highway 11 between the towns of Geraldton and Jellicoe. We are situated right on Gathering lake and are famous for trophy black bear. Gathering Lake and all surrounding lakes are feeder lakes for Lake Nipigon.


Full Service, Drive-in, Guides, Other

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Wolf, Geese, Grouse


Other Information
Dates Open : May through October

Lake or Area Name : Jellicoe Area Northern Ontario

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You will no doubt have received many brochures from outfitters and probably are having a hard time choosing a place to hunt. First you must choose an honest outfitter that will do as he says. Here is where I come in, but I will ask you to contact some of the hunters that have hunted with us. I am a deep woods bushman that was raised in the Northern Woods and lived in the woods for 65 plus years so far. By living here I watch the complete pattern of a bears habit. I feed the bears from den to den or spring to fall to keep the bears in my area and bring others in. Most of the big bear take a lot longer to make an appearance as they are older and wiser.

When I was younger I worked as a guide in the Northwest hunting for grizzly, polar and black bears. My success rate is very high having recorded 35 grizzly, 19 polar and over 3,300 blacks, very fine hunting indeed. Remember, I am a bushman, plain and simple, no degrees in education, just plain old guide with 50 years in the woods bear hunting.

No doubt this will be the first bear hunt for many of you. If you have read too many bear articles and books on bear hunting, remember, books and bullshit are written to make money. Now you are down to reality.

Northern Ontario has a bear population nearing 150,000 and growing. Fleming's Black Bear Hunting Camp is located in the midst of approximately two million acres of exclusive Bear Management area. We recently received a large new non-hunted area attached to our existing area. Fleming's Black Bear Camp is one of very few camps where our bear area is in one large block, not like some camps where you have to drive many miles to get to various areas.

If you want to hunt in the winter for wolved, book after the 15th of December. With a bit of snow, I can follow their movement easier for setting bait sites. I have hunted wolves for over 50 years. I bait with meat scraps, mostly from moose cuttings. Wild game, such as moose, works much better for wolves. The remote camp is a 20 mile ski-doo run from the highway. The area has a dynamite population of wolves and has never been hunted. Fleming's Black Bear Camp has fed bear in the area for 15 years and the wolf population has drastically increased because of all of the bait that has been set out over the years. Also, the ice-fishing for Walleye, Northern and Lake Trout is outstanding.

Fleming's Black Bear Camp is drive-in but very remote. Electricity is generated by new CAT diesel generator 24 hours a day. A new walk-in freezer is on site for bait and your bear.

Fleming's Black Bear Hunting Camp has hundreds of miles of logging roads to hunt. We start with approximately 300 bait sites. We design the hunt and which of these will be used based on the number of hits, activity in the area, weather, etc… By the time you get to camp, we have spent hundreds of hours determining which stands will be used that week. This is why we have a worldwide reputation for big bear. We have the area, look for the signs, and when the time is right, move you in for the hunt. A target area with elevated stands is available for rifle and bow sighting (please bring your own targets).

Fleming's Black Bear Hunting Camp has a walk-in freezer that never holds less than 12,000 pounds of fresh moose and beef trimmings. We have 300 fifty-five gallon barrels of the sweetest fruit mixtures with syrup, mixed with oats and meat scraps. A 2000 pound bait mixer has been manufactured by us and is used on site. The mixture consist of oats, jam, fry oil, meat scraps, pastries, etc.. We also have 50 forty five gallon barrels of mixed candies, liquid syrup and honey. We did this by hand the last few years and it proved to be a great success. A good bear outfitter never cuts corners when it comes to bait if he wants to keep bears in the area.

GROUSE/FISHING COMBO - We are a remote drive-to camp with hundreds of miles of logging roads and many lakes. Most Grouse Hunters have 100% success at our camp every year. We feed our bear thousands of pounds of cracked corn and oats and it is unbelievable what this does for our Grouse numbers. Many geese, ducks and rabbits are also taken. We also offer the Grouse Hunter some great Fall fishing, if you have a little extra time.

Fleming's Black Bear Hunting Camp has many uninhabited lakes surrounding our camp and the fishing is just plain great for Walleye, Northern & Lake Trout. All lakes are feeder lakes for Lake Nipigon with two lakes, Upper Roslyn and Georgia, being fish sanctuaries and the water is connected to the feeder system. We can fish the entrance of both lakes. All of the lakes connect and the water runs out of the Sturgeon River and we are situated on the Sturgeon River where it starts at Gathering Lake. Gathering Lake has excellent fishing and constantly produces trophy Walleye. We have access to it from our camp just a few hundred yards up river by boat.

To reach the other lakes, we have 14' and 16' boats, trailer mounted. All you need is a 2" ball. Any two-wheel drive vehicle is sufficient. We do not recommend front wheel drive vehicles as these are logging roads and front wheel drives will not clear the roads well enough.

You will be staying in fully equipped house-keeping cabins, most have hot and cold running water, full size refrigerators, stoves with ovens, all dishes, etc. Also, all bedding and pillows, just bring a sleeping bag. All units have gas barbeques for your convenience. There is also a central shower/washroom building on site with laundry facilities. Diesel electric power is on all of the time.

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Fishing Lodge, Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Jellicoe Area, Northern Ontario, Fleming's Black Bear Camp, Flemings Black Bear, Lake Nipigon , Jellicoe Area Northern Ontario , Full Service, Drive-in, Guides, Other and Black Bear, Wolf, Geese, Grouse , Full Service, Drive-in, Guides, Other , Northern Ontario has a black bear population nearing 150,000 and growing. Fleming's Black Bear Hunting Lodge has worldwide reputation for big black bear. Wolf and Grouse hunting available in the Jellicoe area on Ontario.



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