Nordic Lodge

Donna Carlson-O'Keefe or Brian O'Keefe

Main Address :
P.O. Box 2082
Saskatoon ,  SK
S7K 3S7
Phone :  (306) 382-0850
Fax :  (306) 382-0850

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General Delivery
Southend  , SK
S0J 2L0
Phone :  (306) 758-2066
Fax :  (306) 758-2066

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Nordic Lodge
We have been offering fine fishing experiences for 27 years, with a high rate of repeat business (about 75%). Donna and her first husband, Lloyd Carlson, started building the lodge in 1972 and she has been involved with it ever since. Accommodation is fully modern, well-equipped housekeeping cabins.


Drive-in, Fly-in, Guides, Filleting and freezing service, tackle and souvenir shop

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling

Hunting Available:


Other Information
Dates Open : May 28 to September 21

Lake or Area Name : Reindeer Lake, Reindeer River, Saskatchewan

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Nordic Fishing Lodge is located on a sheltered bay on the southern shores of Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan in the midst of rugged breathtaking Precambrian scenery. We take pride in our excellent fishing and modern, comfortable housekeeping accommodations. You can reach us easily by road from LaRonge, about 135 miles (217km) to the southwest of us on Highway 102, or by light plane to our 2200' MOT-approved gravel airstrip.

Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan was named for the huge herds of barren ground caribou whose winter migration would often bring them as far south as this lake. They do not come this far any more, but some of the older local Indians remember seeing them. There is even a legend about a monster in Deep Bay on Reindeer Lake which ate reindeer as they fell through the ice. Some local people, and also some of our guests, have reported seeing this monster, or one of its relatives! This is a fascinating area, both geologically and historically. The rock formations here, some of volcanic origin, are Precambrian, the oldest on earth. Of more recent origin is Deep Bay, the product of a meteorite which struck about 140 million years ago, leaving a huge water-filled crater. There is evidence also of the glaciers which passed through, the most recent melting only about 8,000 years ago around Reindeer Lake.

Nordic Lodge on Reindeer Lake is noted for its variety of fishing experiences. Reindeer Lake is about 160 miles long, covering an area of nearly 2,500 square miles. One of our prime Lake Trout areas is Deep Bay, one of the world's largest ancient meteorite craters. More than 700 feet deep and 6 miles across, the Reindeer Lake body of water remains cold long after the heat has driven trout down to unreachable depths in most other lakes. Also in Deep Bay you can fish the elusive Arctic Grayling. Seldom found in still water, these scrappy little fighters offer a real challenge to the expert fisherman. Northern Pike, many of them trophy size, abound in the many bays and inlets along the shoreline. You may also connect with Walleye, while for the fly fisherman or ultra-light fan, there are Whitefish.

Reindeer Lake and the Reindeer River, about 3 miles from camp, form part of historic fur trade routes reaching from the Far North and Rocky Mountains to Hudson Bay. In fact, the two huge rival fur-trading companies, the Hudson's Bay Company and the Northwest Company, both had trading posts within 12 miles of our present-day location.

Nordic Lodge cabins are cozy and comfortable. Each one has hot and cold running water, flush toilet, shower, 24 hour silent electricity (no thumping diesel generator!), wood heater, fridge, stove, cooking utensils, dishes, and everything else you need to set up a temporary vacation home. There is even a gas barbeque at your doorstep. Cabins will accommodate up to six persons each. Most have a double bed in a private bedroom, and four bunk-beds, all with comfortable innerspring mattresses. Linen and bedding are provided. For larger groups, we have a beautiful two-bedroom cabin which will accommodate up to ten people. Check with us as to its availability.

Nordic Lodge 16.5 foot Alumarine boats are stable and roomy, and are equipped with 20 hp Yamaha motors and boat seats. Paddles, fish tubs, dipnets, and M.O.T.-approved life jackets or cushions are provided. Guides are available with prior arrangement.

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Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan, Reindeer River, Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Nordic Lodge, fishing lodge, Nordic Fishing Lodge , Reindeer Lake, Reindeer River, Saskatchewan , Drive-in, Fly-in, Guides, Filleting and freezing service, tackle and souvenir shop and , Drive-in, Fly-in, Guides, Filleting and freezing service, tackle and souvenir shop , Nordic Hunting Lodge is located on a sheltered bay on the shores of Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan near the Reindeer River. Fishing for Walleye, Lake Trout and Northern Pike.



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