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Churchill Wild
Churchill Wild is an all inclusive packages from Winnipeg, MB. Everything from Polar Bear and Beluga Whale watching to igloo building. First class wilderness lodge, superior food and pro guides.


Whale Watching, hiking, Polar Bear tours, Aboriginal Culture, Dog sledding, Wildlife viewing, Full Service, Fly-in, Guides

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Arctic Grayling

Hunting Available:
No Hunting Available


Other Information
Dates Open : Mar/Apr, July/Aug, Oct/Nov

Lake or Area Name : Hudson Bay Coast, Seal River, Manitoba

Join The Seal River Heritage Lodge for an unforgettable arctic adventure at Churchill Wild on the untamed Hudson Bay Coast. Get up close and personal with the mighty polar bear. Reach out and touch a beluga whale. Explore the raw arctic wilderness, view the wildlife, experience our nature.

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Fellow adventurers, your travels to distant lands will occasionally find you in a little corner of creation virtually untouched by man's restless hands. The Hudson Bay Coast and the Seal River, the last great wild river in Manitoba, is such a place. Seal River Heritage Lodge welcomes you to share this unique wilderness paradise.

High up in the Canadian subarctic near Churchill, in the kingdom of the mighty Polar Bear, an area called the "Land of Little Sticks" gives birth to the untamed Seal River. The estuary of this wild, remote, albeit accessible river abounds with a fascinating array of flora and fauna. On the Arctic shores of the Hudson Bay, our exclusive wilderness lodge caters to your every personal need in an environment as untamed and wild as any on earth.

When is the last time you had your dinner disturbed by a Polar Bear ambling across the yard? Or crouched quietly beside the trail while the caribou wanders past on some unknown mission? Then of course there are the wolves, Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Siksiks (Arctic Ground Squirrel), Snowy Owls, shorebirds, seabirds, birds of prey, seals and did we mention whales?

Whales, whales, whales!!! Dozens, hundreds, thousands of beautiful white whales. Puffing, splashing, blowing, squealing everywhere you look; your senses barely able to absorb this incredible display; one of the last great wildlife spectacles on the planet.

Our lodges make their home in the heart of this wilderness near Churchill providing you one more opportunity to come back to the land.

Polar bear and northern lights viewing adventure in Canada’s Arctic. Your trip starts on a helicopter ride to Polar Bear Lodge situated on a piece of land between Dymond Lake and the Hudson Bay, near Churchill. As these stunning giants wait for the bay to freeze, our guides will lead you on polar bear watching and photography excursions. Not a whisper as a mother bear leads her cubs on a nearby path, later watch in awe as two 1500 pound heavyweights spar for the championship. The area is dusted in snow at this time and the majestic polar bear wanders and waits in anticipation of the freeze up of the Hudson Bay. This adventure offers the opportunity to see these creatures in nature as was intended. Our tour combines this ultimate polar bear viewing experience with a stay at a wilderness lodge. This enables you to "burn" some serious film on polar bears and also spend time in an exclusive wilderness setting to better observe fox, Arctic hare, wolves, snowy owls and other wildlife. During the lodge portion of this tour (conducted at Dymond Lake Wilderness Center), the chance of seeing bears is good during any of the walks or from the window of the lodge, depending on weather conditions at the time. The buggy tour takes you out to the area where the bears congregate before the ice forms and can be seen in large numbers. Note: Visitors can extend their stay in Churchill. Please inquire. We would be glad to make the arrangements. Guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in the warmth of the arctic lodge experience. Every effort is taken to ensure your comfort. The exclusive wilderness setting of our Polar Bear Lodge, far away from the bright lights of Churchill, offers luxury accommodation in a pristine environment accessible only by helicopter or bush plane. In addition, you will find gourmet cuisine, complementary cocktails and family-run service. The ultimate polar bear tour!

For your all inclusive tour packages we provide (in season) boat tours, sea kayaking, canoeing, walking, aerial tours and ground transportation. The winter season involves travel by dogsled, snow bus, snowmobile or good old leg muscles. We also use a variety of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters for transport into the lodge site. For those that need a day to relax there is no need to leave the lodge premises to enjoy our wildlife. The fisherman in you will jump at the chance to try some fly-in fishing on our inland waterways teeming with trout, pike, walleye and arctic grayling. If you have the time, combine this with some of our other packages to fully satisfy your thirst for a wilderness experience.

Churchill, Manitoba, our home, is your gateway to this paradise and a must see portion of your holiday. A fascinating little seaport, Churchill has a long and colourful past steeped in the rich history of the fur trade, the very roots of Canada.


Of the four major rivers in northern Manitoba, the Seal River alone remains completely underdeveloped, wild and rugged. In contrast to the impoundments on the Churchill and the Nelson, and the rich fur trade and exploration history of the Hayes, the Seal River shows virtually no evidence of modern human activity. Although in the days before written history the river flowed through a major native hunting and fishing ground, the Seal now attracts only a few native people and small groups of hardy wilderness adventurers.

For these groups, travel downriver may require two to four weeks of difficult yet exhilarating boating. First, an extensive cold-water lake is encountered where winds create dangerous waves; then, numerous long rapids in a totally isolated, sub-arctic environment test their survival skills; finally, travellers must navigate a boulder-strewn tidal estuary.

The Province of Manitoba nominated the Seal to the Canadian Heritage Rivers System in June, 1987. The nominated section is 260 km long and extends from the junction of the North and South Seal rivers, at Shethanei Lake, to Hudson Bay. The Seal River gets its name from the ‘marine’ harbour seals which can be seen in freshwater as far inland as Shethanei Lake.

GEOGRAPHY - The Seal River is located in the roadless wilderness of northern Manitoba, 1000 km by air charter from Winnipeg. The Seal estuary is 45 km across Hudson Bay from Churchill. Other than Churchill (population 1,300), the only settlement in the area is Tadoule (population 250), a small Chipewyan community located along the South Seal River at Tadoule Lake.

The Seal begins its course at Shethanei Lake, ringed by the magnificent sand-crowned eskers that are so much a part of the Seal River landscape. Then, passing stands of black spruce, its velocity increases toward the Big Spruce River Delta, and accelerates dramatically into the rapids and gorges which surround Great Island. Beyond the island, the river leaves the boreal forest and enters a sparsely-treed, transitional subarctic environment of tundra and heath, christened by the natives the "Land of Little Sticks". Finally, the Seal flows through barren arctic tundra, huge boulder fields and complex rapids, spilling into a beautiful estuary where its freshwaters mix with the salt of Hudson Bay. Except for the less than two dozen skilled rafting and canoeing parties which visit the river each year, and the occasional native fisherman and trapper, there is virtually no human activity along the Seal River. The remote, roadless nature of this region has meant that activities such as mining exploration have been costly, air-supported ventures, and even the discussion stages of any development of the area’s hydro potential are many years away.

In addition to a rugged wilderness river trip, the Seal River offers other recreational opportunities:
- Shethanei Lake is very reliable for trophy-size lake trout, and large northern pike, and grayling are present throughout the river.
- Hikes to the top of eskers and rocky knolls are rewarded with 360 degree vistas of a totally natural environment. Short hikes along eskers and beaches, or across Great Island, allow modern-day explorers to follow the timeless migration path of the barren-ground caribou. Visitors can also retrace the steps of Samuel Hearne by climbing the esker that was his vantage point on Shethanei Lake.

Visit: Hudson Bay Coast, Seal River, Manitoba

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