Pickerel Arm Camp

Lee and Julie Edwardson

Main Address :
353 Beechwood Drive
Janesville ,  WI
Phone :  (608) 752-8839
Fax :  (608) 752-3564

Summer Address :
Box 458
Sioux Lookout  , ON
P8T 1A8
Phone :  (807) 737-2499
Fax :  (807) 737-4058

Toll Free :  800-872-7403

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Pickerel Arm Camp
Both fly in outposts and base camp packages. Great fishing and hunting. Family owned and operated. Float planes located at camp. Visit our web site!


Drive-in, Fly-in, Full Service, Remote Outposts, Guides

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Muskie, Smallmouth Bass

Hunting Available:


Other Information
Dates Open : May to November

Lake or Area Name : Sioux Lookout, Ontario

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Pickerel Arm is a 20 mile long branch of Minnitaki Lake on which camp is centrally located at its widest point of 3/4 miles across. From Moonlight Falls near the south end to a deep water haven for lake trout at Lyons Bay, the Arm has an excellent variety of structure that inhabits walleyes, feisty northerns and smallmouth bass of trophy size. Beyond the Arm is Minnitaki Lake with many bays and rivers that can easily be reached in 20-30 minutes.

This entire area of the lake is special for keeping the full scenic wilderness appeal along with good fishing. The north part of the lake has 3 adjoining lakes, rivers and several more islands. There are 240 miles of shoreline on Minnitaki Lake alone and it is all accessible by boat.

OUR MAIN BASE CAMP - As you enter Pickerel Arm Camp you will notice a big log cabin. It is the largest of 9 rental units and accommodates 8 to 10 people. All other cabins and cottages comfortably sleep 4 to 6 people. Each includes a fully equipped kitchen, double or single beds with linens, bathroom with shower, electric heat, and a screened porch. Everything you need for housekeeping is included, except towels which are available upon request.

Our bay provides swimming and use of the camp pedal boat, as well as fish to be caught right off the docks. It is common to see ducks, loons and other waterfowl at our bay, and there is always the chance you will see a moose or an eagle while out on the lake. A closeup view of the wonders of the wilderness is right outside your door. One of the Pickerel Arm Camps aircraft may be reserved for a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding area, or a day trip may be taken to one of the outpost lakes upon availability.

The town of Sioux Lookout, which is just 20 minutes away, offers daytime shopping, beaches, a museum and library, plus a movie theater at night. A fun, challenging 9 hole golf course and a fully modern fitness center are open for visitors. A 10 day Blueberry Festival in August follows the blueberry picking season.

Whatever you may choose to do other than fishing or boating, Pickerel Arm Camp looks forward to knowing you are relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the lake and area.

You will discover for yourself some of the best fishing in Northwest Ontario along with awesome beauty of the vast wilderness. You will find tranquility with nature and all of your senses will come alive; the first tugs of a fish on your line and a fresh fish fry are just part of the beginning. It should not go unmentioned that many summer nights provide the most spectacular array of northern lights you may ever see.

Each of Pickerel Arm Camps 9 cabins are on different sized lakes, one of which is on a river, and are fully equipped for housekeeping. All include comfortable sleeping, solar powered lighting, hot water, shower, and radio phone communication with base camp.

Pickerel Arm Camp trys our best to have all guests at their lake before noon and suggest time of arrival at base camp to be two hours before approximate flight time if not the night ahead. Should our bunkhouse at base camp not be available upon request, we can assist with referrals to nearby accommodations.

When you arrive at your lake, your pilot will take a few minutes to make sure everything is in proper order. A scheduled mid-stay check flight will bring extra ice and other general camp supplies if needed, plus any extras such as bait, beverages or miscellaneous items you might request in advance.

FAWCETT OUTPOST - Fawcett is 97 miles from camp and on the Cat River system. Excellent walleye fishing and big northern are well known features of this lake. With rapids, many weed beds and drop-offs, the entire lake provides a wealth of exciting catches.

KABIKWABIK OUTPOST - Kabi is a nearby lake of 3 x 4 miles, exclusively known for large walleye and good northern. It is a real jewel of a lake for fishing and beauty alike. Catch and release of all trophies from this lake is strictly enforced. An all new cabin in 1995 comfortably sleeps 8 to 10 people.

LAC SEUL (TUKTEGWEIK BAY) - 32 miles north of camp, our cabin is located at the north end of large and famous Lac Seul. Tuk Bay is known for trophy walleye and northern pike, and the avid musky sportsman can find trophy musky fishing just minutes away. An option of flying and/or boating in begins in July. A long sand beach fronts the cabin.

BLACKSTONE LAKE OUTPOST - 87 miles northeast of camp, this lake is also a part of the Cat River system. Rivers, rapids, waterfalls, rocky points off many islands, and weed beds make this lake a great haven for walleye and big northern. This lake is conservation license only.

LITTLE MINISS OUTPOST- Located 75 miles northeast of camp, this deep 2 x 3 mile lake has many rocky points, reefs and drop-offs and offers large walleye and northern. One of this lake's greatest features is privacy. You have the only cabin and whole lake completely to yourselves.

OTATAKAN OUTPOST - This lake has many unspoiled sand beaches, and is one of the best family lakes for miles around. Located 65 miles north of camp, the Root River and Wesley River are part of this 11 mile long lake. There is continuous good action for walleye and northern. It is often referred to as a lake where you have to stand behind a tree to bait your hook!

SPRINGPOLE OUTPOST- Springpole is about 100 miles from camp and our northernmost outpost. This lake is 15 miles long with islands, rocky points, sharp drop-offs and rapids. The waters offer excellent walleye and northern fishing with a bonus of super lake trout fishing at the north expanse of the lake. It is part of the large Cat River system and joins 2 other lakes. The cabin is centrally located on the lake and is extra close to great walleye fishing.

WAPESI RIVER OUTPOST - 37 Miles northwest of base, this 5 mile long river connects with Wapesi Lake and Lac Seul. The cabin accommodates 2 or 3 people comfortably and you have the river all to yourselves. There are numerous walleye and northern to be caught as close as your dock, along with weed beds and 2 rapids that offer great action. Have your camera handy for sighting a moose or capturing a grand sunset.

Visit: Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Muskie, Smallmouth Bass, Pickeral Arm Camp, Blackstone, Minnitaki Lake, Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Pickerel Arm Camp, wapesi river , Sioux Lookout, Ontario , Drive-in, Fly-in, Full Service, Remote Outposts, Guides and Moose , Drive-in, Fly-in, Full Service, Remote Outposts, Guides , Pickerel Arm Camp Hunting Lodge is pleased to offer a choice of two moose hunting plans or variations to fit a party's preference. Hunters have had a very high success rate over the years. Pickerel Arm is a 20 mile long branch of Minnitaki Lake.



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