East Bull Lake Wilderness Lodge

Gerry & Paulette Vautour

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East Bull Lake Wilderness Lodge
We are located in the center of the deep wilderness region of Northern Ontario. Our main lodge use to be the original MNR ranger outpost station and since 1962, has been our summer home and lodge. Fishing and hunting 2 hours north of Espanola Ontario.


Full Service, Drive-in, Housekeeping Available

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Wolf, Moose, Grouse


Other Information
Dates Open : Year Round

Lake or Area Name : East Bull Lake, Ontario

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We are located approximately 100 miles into the deep bush, north of Lake Huron, and on the shore of the East Bull Lake in Northern Ontario. We are snuggled in a little bay and surrounded by water, maple and pine trees. East Bull Lake Wilderness Lodge is truly what you would expect from a wilderness lodge. Our lodge was the original northern ranger outpost station and since 1962, our family has transformed the location into one of the top fishing and hunting lodges in Ontario.

Our cabins look out over the lake and are far apart to give our guest privacy. Our cabins are rustic but clean, warm and comfortable. Our cabins have no running water but each cabin is supplied with fresh spring drinking water. We have hot and cold running water in our central washroom and shower facility, which is kept very clean.

The main lodge, which was the old ranger station, houses our kitchen and lounge area. We give our customers the choice of housekeeping accommodation where you cook your own food or you can upgrade to American Plan and have wonderful home cooked meals. We operate our kitchen like a restaurant so if you do choose housekeeping but do not feel like cooking, then you can join us for dinner.

Northern Pike - Northern Pike are the fresh water sharks of the north. Northern Pike in Northern Ontario are famed for reaching great sizes with many over the 20 pound mark. Again we ask our customers to take a picture and let the big fish go to be caught another day. Many people do not keep pike. They are tricky to clean but the smaller pike are actually really nice to eat when they are fresh. It's best to eat them fresh as they do not freeze well like Walleye.

Smallmouth Bass - The reason Ontario has so many lakes is because of the Canadian Shield Rock, which is a non-porous rock that holds water. As a result, Ontario's rocky lakes are the perfect habitat for the best Smallmouth Bass fishing in the world. Rocky points and shoals hold great numbers of Smallmouth in East Bull Lake. It's not uncommon to catch your limit right off the dock while taking 20 or 30 casts. East Bull Lake is cool and clean thus the bass do not have the parasites that fish down south have. Thus Smallmouth Bass in Northern Ontario are great to eat.

Black Bear Hunting - Our wilderness area, which is north of the Great Lakes and in Northern Ontario, has the highest population of Black Bears on Earth. There are more bears then people which is why our guests have such an unusually high success rate. If you get your bear early in the week, then you can go fishing or you can buy a small game license and go Wolf hunting. We have our bait stations wide spread throughout our wilderness hunting region with many back-up stations. This is why we ask that you bring your portable tree stand so you can take advantage of the back-up bait stations in case the bears at the regular stations are too smart or too timid.

Moose Hunting - The northern edge of the Great Lakes produce the highest population of moose in Ontario. There are two reasons for this high population. ONE: The Ministry of Natural Resources had their budget cut and has not been able to conduct proper population assessments of Moose. As a result, they have minimized distribution of adult tags to the outfitters. The reduction in hunting has caused a population explosion of moose in Ontario. TWO: Another reason for the high population is the mild winters over the last few years. Lack of snow with mild weather has reduced the calf mortality rate.

Brook Trout - If you want a trophy Brook Trout (Speckled Trout) then you have come to the right place. We could be very close to having the best Brook Trout fishing in Ontario. It's so easy to catch a trophy Brook Trout here. Actually, a whole stringer of trophy Brook Trout can be accomplished. The average size is between 16 and 20 inches but big over 6 pound monsters have been caught and released. If you own a snowmobile or ATV, then consider coming to the lodge in March for spring ice fishing. Big Brookies and Lakers are taken through the ice. The river is open but not flooding so the Brook Trout will be feeding like crazy and easy to catch. Don't forget that we have hundreds of miles of Snowmobile and ATV trails which cross over hundreds of trout streams.

Lake Trout - East Bull Lake is spring fed and has deep holes where large populations of big Lake Trout can be found. Lake Trout are the true environmental indicators as they can only live in sparkling clean water. To hold large populations means the lake has a lot of feeder fish. Lake Trout come in every size from 1 pounders to fish exceeding 20 pounds. East Bull Lake is a big enough lake to hold 25 pounders. There are several lakes within 15 minutes driving which are even better then East Bull Lake. For years people have been using steel wire line or downriggeres to fish for Lake Trout. If you want to learn the proper way to fish for lake trout, please read our lake trout tips. All you need is 6 pound test line and your Walleye stick.

Walleye - Walleye are thought by many to be the best tasting fish in the world. East Bull Lake has a good natural and stocked population of Walleyes with trophies over the eight pound range being caught. We ask our guests to let the big ones go and only keep the smaller 2 pounders to eat. This conservation attitude has enabled East Bull Lake to sustain such a good population of fish. It also gives our guests a fantastic fishing trip.

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East Bull Lake Wilderness Lodge, Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, East Bull Lake, Ontario, Stocking Program , East Bull Lake, Ontario , Full Service, Drive-in, Housekeeping Available and Black Bear, Wolf, Moose, Grouse , Full Service, Drive-in, Housekeeping Available , East Bull Lake Wilderness Lodge which is north of the Great Lakes in Northern Ontario, has the highest population of Black Bears on Earth. Moose and Grouse Hunting also available.



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