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Go Muskie fishing with lodges, resorts and Musky fishing guides. Muskie Fly out fishing outposts and outfitters are listed. Musky fishing is a popular fishing trip in North America. Muskies can reach weights of just under 70 pounds (although rumors of larger fish persist) and the sight of even a much smaller fish thrashing around at the boat side unforgettable.

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The muskie, or more formally, the muskellunge is a game fish native to North America. It's scientific name, Esox masquinongy, betrays its close relationship to the northern pike, Esox lucius, which is found across the northern hemisphere. These and three other species comprise the family Esocidae, all of which are top or terminal predators in the waters they inhabit. The geographic range of the muskie in North America is far more restricted than that of the northern pike.

Indeed muskie inhabit only about one percent of North America's fresh water. In the waters shared by the two species, muskies tend to be outnumbered by pike. This comparative rarity is one of the challenges of musky fishing. Another is their size and fighting ability.

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