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Liddle's Fishing Adventures Inc.
A great fishing adventure awaits you at a Liddle's fly-in lodge on Miminiska Lake or Makokibatan Lake! For those looking for Ontario's premier fishing paradise, the Albany River watershed is that haven. Located on large lakes well beyond the reach of roads and only accessible to those who venture by plane.


Full Service, Fly-in

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Brook Trout

Hunting Available:


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Dates Open : May 15 to September 18

Lake or Area Name : Miminiska Lake, Makokibatan Lake, Albany River, Ontario

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A great fishing adventure awaits you at a Liddle's Fishing Adventures on Miminiska Lake or Makokibatan Lake! For those looking for Ontario's premier fishing paradise, the Albany River watershed is that haven. Located on large lakes well beyond the reach of roads and only accessible to those who venture by plane into this remote region of Northern Ontario, you will find Canada's finest Walleye and Northern Pike fishing.

Miminiska Lodge is a full service All-Inclusive American Plan lodge, inclusive of all meals. It is the furthest north of our facilities and has an airstrip on site allowing transportation of our guests from both Nakina and Thunder Bay.

Makokibatan Lodge is also a full service All-Inclusive American Plan lodge, inclusive of all meals. Guests are accommodated in beautiful log cabins. Access to the lodge is via floatplane from Nakina.

Makok Outpost is a single cabin equipped with all your cooking facilities. This is a great choice for those looking for a little more privacy and the flexibility of being on their own schedule.

For over 40 years, the Liddle family has owned and operated fly-in fishing resorts in northern Ontario.

During the '60's and '70's, the Liddles owned Camp Lochalsh on Wabatongushi Lake, north of Wawa. In 1972, they built Nagagami Lodge on Nagagami Lake, northwest of Hornepayne, and in 1975, built Timberwolf Lodge on the same lake. In 1979, Camp Lochalsh was sold, and in 1987, the Liddles purchased Makokibatan Lodge on the Albany River north of Nakina. Nagagami Lodge and Timberwolf Lodge were sold in 2000, and Miminiska Lodge acquired in 2001.

Over the past 40 years, and spanning three generations, the Liddles have not lost sight of their primary objective:----Providing their guests with the very best fishing opportunities, superb accommodation and meals, and unparalleled service. They have been so successful at this that 75% of their guests each year are on a return visit.

Today, three Liddles share ownership and responsibility for Liddle's Fishing Adventures Inc. --- Dave, Roger and Steve.

For the avid freshwater angler, the legendary Albany River is as good as it gets. This watershed, combining large open lakes with dozens of fast moving tributaries, is renowned for being among Canada's best fishing waters. The Albany's strong current and its rocky bottom give walleye ideal spawning conditions, and a never ending flow of food allows these fish to attain trophy status in a short period of time. A healthy bait fish population has helped produce trophy northern pike over 50 inches in length, and the cold, clear rapids of the Albany have become world famous for their brook trout fishery. This water system is not only home to a lot of trophy fish but you will be impressed by the sheer number of fish caught throughout the day.

Pike Fishing - Fishermen wishing to experience one of Ontario's largest species and one of the most aggressive fighters come looking for the Great Northern Pike with Liddle's Fishing Adventures. This fighting machine is a very abundant species in our waters and known to grow in excess of 50 inches in length. These fish are very exciting to catch because of the ferocity with which they strike a bait. Once the hook is set, they will often make several long runs before you are able to get them to the boat. Northern Pike are found in all depths of our lakes and around a variety of structure. Very often these fish are caught while jigging for walleye but if actively searching for them, shallower water is recommended. On Makokibatan Lake, almost the entire north shore is great pike water. For Miminiska Lake, Ferguson Bay is a summer and fall favorite. Early in the season, Northern can be caught just off their spawning grounds in 1 or 2 feet of water. Most often though, northern are active in 8 to 10 feet of water, in the vicinity of weed growth. Spoons such as Daredevils and Johnson Silver Minnows are the most productive baits and the weedless variety are ideal. Large body baits made by Suick or Rapala are very effective if moved along the perimeter of weed beds, just under the surface. Get ready for some explosive action.

Walleye (Pickerel) Fishing - The walleye is Ontario's number one game fish. Besides being a lot of fun to catch, they taste great! Our walleye average from 16 to 22 inches in length but there are always several around 32 inches caught each season. These fish are accustomed to strong currents and offer a battle that will excite any fisherman. In the lakes, you'll find them just about everywhere. There is no need to travel to the other end of the lake for prime fishing with Liddle's Fishing Adventures. Some of our best evening fishing is within a 5 minute boat ride, and daytime hotspots are too numerous to mention. A 3/8 ounce lead head jig with a rubber twister tail is your best bait for these fish. A slow presentation along the bottom in 8 to18 feet of water produces the majority of them. For those that like to troll, a perch colored Hot'n Tot is a favorite of many fishermen and has produced many trophy walleye. Check out our lake maps in this section for more details on the lake's best fishing spots.

Brook Trout Fishing - Brook trout are one of the world's most beautiful species of fish. They require very clean, cold, fast moving water and must spawn on dirt free gravel under moving water. There are few places anywhere in which these requirements are met and fishing pressure has reduced most populations to a precious few. The Albany River is an exception. It is world famous for its brook trout habitat and has a food supply that produces fish up to 24 inches in length. These trout average 15 -17 inches in these waters providing a grand reward to serious anglers. Pound for pound, the brook trout is one of the finest fighting fish, and battling one in the strong currents of the Albany River is a true test of one's angling abilities. Some trout will hit a lead head jig with a rubber twister tail, but the most productive lure is a small spoon. Little Cleo is a very effective spoon in a variety of colors. Landing a trout with a fly rod is a great experience; the muddler minnow is a favourite of fly-fishermen. To ensure we maintain a strong population of this wonderful species, all brook trout fishing is conducted exclusively on a catch and release basis. The use of barbless hooks is mandatory with Liddle's Fishing Adventures.

Daily River Trips:

-A highlight to a fishing vacationwith Liddle's Fishing Adventures at Makokibatan Lodge is a guided trip on the Albany River itself. A full day spent traveling through some of Canada's most spectacular scenery, running exciting rapids and catching plenty of fish. The day begins just after breakfast, as your guide will have your boat cleaned, gassed and ready to go. Your guide will first assess your tackle to ensure that you are prepared for river fishing and then you are off.
-While traveling to the River your guide would be pleased to answer any questions regarding the lodge, wildlife, or history of the area. The majority of our Ojibway guides were born and raised on the Albany River so they have a wealth of knowledge to share. Fishing in the fast moving water is very different from lake fishing and your guide will share tips to ensure that you get the right technique. And fighting a fish in fast water is very different as well; every fish fights like a trophy.
-Shore lunch with Liddle's Fishing Adventures will be prepared by your guide on the shore of the river with some of the morning's catch. The freshest walleye you will ever eat. The afternoon is spent fishing a variety of holes for both walleye and brook trout. You will be amazed by the guide's precise control of his boat, cruising along at impressive speeds, maneuvering through boulder-strewn rapids with complete ease and safety.

Visit: Miminiska Lake, Makokibatan Lake, Albany River, Ontario

Liddle's Fishing Lodge, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Fly-in, Nakina, Thunder Bay, Miminiska Lake, Makokibatan Lake, Albany River. , Miminiska Lake, Makokibatan Lake, Albany River, Ontario , Full Service, Fly-in and Moose , Full Service, Fly-in , Hunting adventures at a Liddle's Hunting Lodge on Miminiska Lake or Makokibatan Lake! The Albany River watershed is a haven for Canadian Moose Hunting. Located on large lakes well beyond the reach of roads and only accessible to those who venture by plane.



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