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Sam Qualls and Connie Furrow

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Lloyd Lake Lodge
Fish numerous lakes and major river systems. 5 species, full service. Spring bear hunts available. Fly-in from Ft. McMurray Alta.


Full Service, Fly-in, Guides

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling

Hunting Available:
Black Bear


Other Information
Dates Open : May to October

Lake or Area Name : Lloyd Lake, Saskatchewan

Included in package price: Airfare from Ft. McMurray to lodge & return to Ft. McMurray. Lodging - bedding, linens, fresh towels daily & maid service. Transportation to and from blinds. Meat and trophy preparation.

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Lloyd Lake lies among the hills in a beautiful wilderness in north western Saskatchewan, approximately 190 miles south of the Northwest Territories and about 100 air miles from Fort McMurray, Alberta. Lloyd Lake has a long tradition of excellent fishing and the tradition continues with the bear hunting, introduced in 2001. Each day dawns, brimming with anticipation; then at day’s end, complete relaxation and a host of stories to be shared.


Saskatchewan has been famous for it's bear hunts for many years. Things like record book black bears, color phase bears, and large numbers of bears, have all been bringing hunters back again and again. Now there is another reason to come to Saskatchewan and that reason is LLOYD LAKE LODGE. Until the spring of 2000, this area had not been hunted. During that first season, we had two hunters and they produced 2 P&Y bears. Our spring 2001 season we had eight hunters, they harvested 8 bear including 2 P&Y and 1 color phase. The upcoming years are anyone's guess, but from the size and number of the bears being seen, the potential is endless. The record book is still open to page I for our bear hunts. Bear hunting is so new to our area and the bears are so plentiful, that the record book will be written at Lloyd Lake Lodge. Our hunters are seeing between 3 and 19 bears each.


The fishing at Lloyd Lake Lodge is unpressured, unspoiled and unsurpassed. Our waters are teaming with Northern Pike , Walleye, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling and Rainbow Trout, ensuring that you will never experience a dull moment.

Imagine yourself on a wind swept point, or a calm back water bay, with the sound of your drag whizzing as the fish of your dreams gives you the battle of a lifetime. Let this vision become a reality at Lloyd Lake Lodge. Our expert guides will have you on fish and hooked up till your arms are sore. Enjoy a full day of fishing with Lloyd Lake Lodge's famous shore lunches. You'll never want to leave.

When you get tired of catching all of the fish Lloyd Lake provides, the Clearwater River and other day use lakes are accessible from Lloyd Lake and affords the freedom for fly fishing or spin casting.

Northern Pike - Northern Pike abound in all of the lakes that we fish. Five to 15lb. Pike can be caught all day long and 20 to 30lb. Pike are not uncommon, if you go after them. Pike can be caught on most spoons, such as Daredevils and Five of Diamonds. Large Mepps Spinners and Johnson silver minnows also work well. Pike are aggressive spring to fall.

Lake Trout - Lake Trout are found in four of our lakes and range in size from two to 40lbs., with the average being eight to 10lbs. Lakers can be caught on yellow Five of Diamonds, Little Cleo's and diving Rapala's. June and September are the best times for lakers, buy they can be caught with jigs and minnows even in the summer time.

Walleye - Walleye are the staple of Lloyd Lake and make up the famous shore lunch. Walleye can be caught in Lloyd Lake and the river only and can range in size from one to 10lbs. Reports of guests landing 100 fish a day are not uncommon during the spring. Walleye can be caught by using various colored jigs with rubber tails or tipped with a minnow. They can also be caught on various spinners and crank baits. Walleye bite best in spring, but can be caught in good numbers all season.

Arctic Grayling - To catch Arctic Grayling you have to go to the Clearwater River where it leaves Lloyd Lake, a place we call the Grayling Hole. Using ultra light spinning gear or fly rods are the preferred method. Small Mepps spinners and spoons, and small dry flies work best.

Rainbow Trout - Rainbow Trout were introduced in Rainbow Lake by Lloyd Lake Lodge and have done very well. Our largest fish to date is an 11lb. beauty. Rainbows can be caught on Mepps spinners, spinners with a night crawler, Rapala's and by fly fishing. You'll definitely want to give these guys a try if you haven't had the chance to fish them before.

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Walleye, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Lloyd Lake Lodge, Fishing Lodge, Lloyd Lake, Saskatchewan , Lloyd Lake, Saskatchewan , Full Service, Fly-in, Guides and Black Bear , Full Service, Fly-in, Guides , Black Bear hunting is so new to our area and the bears are so plentiful, that the record book will be written at Lloyd Lake Lodge. Fly-in from Ft. McMurray Alta.



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