Ignace Outposts Ltd.

Brad & Karen Greaves

Main Address :
Box 244
Ignace ,  ON
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Phone :  (807) 934-2273
Fax :  (807) 934-6647

Summer Address :
Box 244
Ignace  , ON
P0T 1T0
Phone :  (807) 934-2273
Fax :  (807) 934-6647

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Ignace Outposts Ltd.
High quality fly-in fishing and hunting. Remote outpost Camps. In Keeping with our fine tradition of Canadian hospitality we offer outstanding accomodations, personal service and tremendious dollars for your value. We own and operate our own air charter service.


Fly-in, Remote Outposts

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass

Hunting Available:


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Lake or Area Name : Ignace, Ontario

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Have you ever dreamed of owning your own private camp on a remote lake? (Even if for only 1 week) Have you ever imagined the great fishing, the solitude, the self sufficiency, the ability to set your own schedule, the relaxation, and the freedom a quality fly-in camp would provide? Have you been doing this type of thing for years and you now want to really experience your dreams?

A tradition of FINE CANADIAN HOSPITALITY awaits you at IGNACE OUTPOSTS LTD. At IGNACE OUTPOSTS and IGNACE AIRWAYS, Brad and Karen Greaves have worked hard for nearly a decade and a half to establish an unique tradition of FINE CANADIAN HOSPITALITY. When you talk, we listen. If it is possible, we do it. We understand your vacation time is very important. We want to make your dream an experience.

This is more than just a business to us. We love the CANADIAN WILDERNESS. We like to experience the remote beauty that only Northwestern Ontario can provide. As we find time, we enjoy hunting and fishing ourselves so we have a pretty good idea of the quality and service you would like and expect from a fly-in outfitter.

This is not a second career nor a hobby for us. We have chosen a lifestyle by which we can raise our children, Krista, Mike and Jo, to appreciate the unique natural jewel Northwestern Ontario. We were both born and raised in the area and have chosen our home to be in a small northern community. After graduation from College, Brad pursued a career flying the legendary aircraft of the Canadian North. After years and years and thousands of hours flying over the greatest wilderness on earth, Brad, with his wife Karen, has chosen to share his passion in an untapped and quality wilderness area - the HEART OF NORTHWESTERN ONTARIO- Ignace.

We maintain and operate our own fleet of aircraft. Be assured our first priority is your safety. Aircraft service and maintenance is of primary importance. Weather permitting, we strive to stay within minutes of our agreed upon departure and pickup times. We operate a de Havilland BEAVER (the 8th wonder of the world) and the famous "Stoneboat" (the de Havilland OTTER). Our pilots are the best in the business. Legends are born in this area and our well trained, professional and seasoned bush pilots have reputations which are exceeded by none. Sometimes a weather delay is worth the wait just to be able to spend a little story swapping time with the legendary bush pilots at our base. We operate IGNACE AIRWAYS as a charter company which provides air transportation throughout Northwestern Ontario. Our float planes can be chartered for sightseeing, remote canoeing etc.

Our most popular species of fish are WALLEYES, NORTHERN, and LAKE TROUT. Some lakes offer all three. And one lake, IRENE LAKE, offers SMALL MOUTH BASS as well. Just how well you do depends a lot upon your knowledge and skill, weather conditions and just plain luck. Rest assured the fish are there. Conservation Policy: To preserve our top quality wilderness fishing, we have been leaders in conservation. Many of our more progressive competitors are now following our lead in "CATCH AND CONSUME" FISHING.

We ask all our guests to enjoy SHORE LUNCH, a major part of the wilderness experience. However, we insist that you only kill what you are going to eat and return everything else to the lake. We have been returning all trophy fish to the lake for years now and have found an increase in the average size of the fish. Returning all trophy fish and eating only the smaller ones, makes for better meals and insures top quality fishing for years to come. It is our hope that your children, as well as ours, can also have the opportunity to experience the same quality of fishing which was available some 40 years ago.

IGNACE OUTPOSTS offers one of the finest big game hunts available in North America. The majestic MOOSE is found in our area in one of the highest concentrations in Canada. Very seldom does one of our hunting parties not have a chance to make a kill. We place you in a remote area where you are not competing with "locals" and "road" hunters. You are provided with a fully equipped camp, boat, motor or canoe, adult tag, check flight, moose fly out and cooler storage of your animal. The best guides in the area are also available. If you choose to hunt without a guide, we can give expert advice from calling to pursuing to cleaning your animal. Even though we are the largest moose hunt operation in our area, key spots and tags do book up early. To avoid disappointment, book early with your deposit.

Visit: Ignace, Ontario

Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Ignace Outposts, Remote Outposts, Ignace, Ontario, fishng lodge , Ignace, Ontario , Fly-in, Remote Outposts and Moose , Fly-in, Remote Outposts , The majestic MOOSE is found in Ignace Outposts area in one of the highest concentrations in Ontario, Canada. Outpost moose hunting in the Ignace area.



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