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Lake Mouth Bass Fishing Lodges

Please use the following for searching your large mouth bass fishing lodge, resort or outpost. There are over 400 large mouth bass fishing lodges listed with us.

Largemouth Bass have adapted to a large variety of habitats, from the clear and rocky lakes preferred by smallmouth bass to sloughs and sluggish waters. It thrives in shallow, mud-bottomed lakes and slow-moving streams which contain an abundance of aquatic vegetation. Largemouth are brawling fish, often eager to strike most, if not all, artificial lures, including bass bugs and flies, with enthusiasm. Largemouth bass like cover and are often caught in weeds, lily pads and among sunken timber. Overhanging trees, docks and swimming floats also provide good largemouth hideouts.
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The largemouth bass is native to the midwestern and southeastern United States and northeastern Mexico, but has been introduced throughout the United States and many other countries. The great demand for largemouth bass and their high selling price (compared to other cultured species) have raised interest in their commercial culture.

There are two recognized subspecies of largemouth bass, the Florida and the Northern. These subspecies blend genetically in areas of overlap and subspecies can be positively identified only biochemically.

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