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Goldseekers Canoe Outfitting
A family-operated, full service canoe outfitter based in the historic gold rush town of Red Lake. We offer complete or partial outfitting for beginners and experts in the pristine wilderness of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.


Fly-in, Guides, Canoe Trips

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Lake Trout, Perch

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Dates Open : May to October

Lake or Area Name : Woodland Caribou Park, Red Lake, Ontario

Goldseekers Canoe Outfitting offer custom trips, both self-guided and guided that range from a three-day taste of the wilderness to a 21-day journey of discovery down the historic Bloodvein River.

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Whether you choose to explore the area surrounding Red Lake or head into nearby Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, Northwestern Ontario offers everything the paddler desires in a canoeing adventure. Travel river systems that have historical significance. Discover diverse habitats that support a wide variety of wildlife and find some of the finest fishing in Ontario.

At Goldseekers Canoe Outfitting we offer a complete range of services including full or partial canoe outfitting to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park and surrounding wilderness area. We provide shuttle service to and from the major access points and will also arrange for floatplane drop off and pick-up on the lake of your choice. Route planning is available for the beginner or expert paddler. Your adventure can be tailored to suit your time frame and interests.

Red Lake and the surrounding wilderness offer a multitude of paddling pleasures and is only 5 hours driving time north of the U.S. border through International Falls or approximately 1 hour flying time from Winnipeg International Airport. Let Goldseekers Canoe Outfitting help you plan your next canoe adventure.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is located in the Arctic Watershed and offers over 1000 miles of exceptional quality canoe routes. As most headwaters originate within the park there is little opportunity for outside land uses to effect the quality of the water. As such, the water is clear, pristine and good for drinking, swimming and fishing. The “canaux et lac” drainage patterns means the lake systems are controlled by bedrock surroundings with short quick drops of falls or rapids. This makes travel by canoe fairly easy with portages only 200-300 meters in length. Two of the park’s major river systems are the Gammon and the Bloodvein. The lazy flow of the Gammon creates a more leisurely journey through the centre of the park. It is characterized by medium sized lakes which are easily travelled due to leisurely flow of the water. Travelling the Bloodvein will take you through larger lakes separated by waterfalls, rapids and cataracts. Some of the best walleye fishing that can be found along this route. Just be sure to be on the lookout for some of the interesting pictographs and archaeological sites along the way. Remains of the old Hudson Bay and Northwest Company fur trading posts are located along the Bloodvein River which was a trade route between the late 18th and early 19th century.

West of Red Lake is Woodland Caribou Provincial Park the fifth largest wilderness park in Ontario at 1.2 million acres. It is situated between Red Lake and the Manitoba border. West of the park is Manitoba’s first wilderness park, Atikaki which is Ojibwa for “country of the caribou.” Sharing part of its border with Atikaki insulates Woodland Caribou Park further from outside influences. The park is an outstanding representation of the Canadian Shield with unique examples of flora and fauna due to the influence of the nearby prairie ecosystem. Glaciers released the landscape of the park from their icy influence only 7800 years ago, exposing the 3 billion year old Precambrian shield which is known to be among the oldest rocks on earth. The result of this is a unique wilderness landscape of boreal forest characterized by a series of small, sheltered, elongated lakes, rugged terrain and massive bedrock outcrops that make outstanding campsites. Woodland Caribou Park lies within the Nelson River drainage basin and all water flows westward into Lake Winnipeg and the Nelson River, then eventually north to the great Hudson Bay. An abundance of rivers and lakes provides over 1000 miles of canoe routing choices. The park can be accessed via floatplane, forest access roads or by canoe along adjoining waterways.

Two of the park’s major river systems, the Gammon and the Bloodvein, are historically significant and were once travelled by fur traders and gold prospectors. Included along with these rivers there are over a thousand miles of scenic canoe routes that take you through pristine drinking water lakes. Portages are more likely to have seen the tracks of wildlife than the footprints of man. Keep your eyes open for the elusive caribou, as well as moose, otter, martins and bald eagles. Some of the finest fishing in Ontario is found in the park with species specific lakes that contain Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Small Mouth Bass.

Visit: Woodland Caribou Park, Red Lake, Ontario

Goldseekers Canoe, Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Lake Trout, Canoe Trips, Woodland Caribou Park, Red Lake, Northwestern Ontario , Woodland Caribou Park, Red Lake, Ontario , Fly-in, Guides, Canoe Trips and , Fly-in, Guides, Canoe Trips , The park’s major river systems, the Gammon and the Bloodvein canoe outfiting with Goldseekers. Fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. Explore Woodland Caribou, Opasquia Provincial Parks, Berens, Pigeon, Poplar, Fawn, Sachigo, Severn, Sutton Rivers.



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