Andy Myers Lodge & Fishing Resort

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Main Address :
P.O. 60---4120Hwy 39E
Mineral Point ,  WI
Phone :  (608) 987-4535
Fax :  (608) 987-4887

Summer Address :
P.O. 58, HWY 17
Vermilion Bay  , ON
Phone :  (807) 227-2610
Fax :  (807) 227-5353

Toll Free :  888-727-5865

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Andy Myers Lodge & Fishing Resort
The new generation lodge with the old world feel. Drive-in access to a peaceful setting on a bay named after us yet close enough to a small resort town for your needs. Charming, rustic log cabins, lodge, and dining facilities with all the modern convinces of home. Fully outfitted late model 16-18ft Lund boats with new 25-40hp mtrs.


Full Service, Drive-in, Fly-in, Guides, N/C remote boat cache lakes,4WD guided Safaris, day trip fly-ins

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Perch, Whitefish

Hunting Available:
Wolf, White-tailed Deer, Ducks, Geese, Grouse


Other Information
Dates Open : May through November

Lake or Area Name : Eagle lake, Vermilion Bay, Patricia Land

While we cater to those coming to Canada looking for a relaxing fishing getaway, we are also very instructional orientated. Seminars twice weekly by pro fishermen help put our guests on fish and learn new techniques on how to catch Canadian fish on Eagle lake and the surrounding remote lakes

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Besides the great fishing, there are lots of activities to do at Andy Myer's Lodge. Take a swim, sunbathe, canoe, take a hike or explore and enjoy the scenery and wild life, go berry picking or just plain relax. There is nothing quite like sitting down near the lake listening to the loons call or the wind whispering to you as it flows through the tree tops.

IS YOUR GOAL A TROPHY WHITETAIL DEER? Andy Myers Hunting Lodge Tall Tines Outfitters has become recognized as a leader in trophy, guided whitetail deer hunts in Northwest Ontario. We would like to invite you to experience some of the finest and overlooked whitetail deer hunting in Canada. We offer a high quality, affordable hunt within a day or so driving distance for most hunters and an excellent chance at bagging that trophy whitetail deer you've been dreaming about.

Our guides are constantly scouting looking for new setups, baiting and resetting stands, always looking for something new and hot to put you on.

The Ontario deer herd has exploded in the last 10-15 years and is increasingly becoming well known for it's massive deer size and heavy horned racks. We hunt only mature bucks (8 point to the ears minimum) average 120 B&C to 176 B&C (we shoot a lot of 140-155 B&C, big , clean, 10 pointers) with much bigger bucks present and weighing on an average 220#-250# dressed with 300#+ dressed taken. There have been deer shot in our area and also seen by our hunters and guides over 200 B&C.

Andy Myers Hunting Lodge has average as high as 80% kill and as low as 40% depending on the quality of hunters and their goals, the weather, moon phases and plain old luck (lots of our repeat customers are passing on bucks most hunters would kill (we could have 90%-100% kill if we did not impose min. to insure quality hunts).

Andy Myers Hunting Lodges deer hunts are scheduled around the peak of the rut in our area to give you the highest percentage chances. We have given our hunters outstanding opportunities at trophy deer but feel with the past 3 mild winters, predictions of the same for this year, and large number's of medium sized bucks sighted and coming up because of it besides the 3 1/2- 6 1/2 year old trophies already present, the best is yet to come in the next few years.

Andy Myers Hunting Lodge hunts a 35 mile area around Vermilion Bay Ontario in units 7b and 8 along what is known as the "highway corridor" where the the big bush country yields to farmlands and timber cuts providing huge expanses of country for the bucks to grow old yet at the same time providing the feed and mixed poplar, spruce, pine, swamps and brush cover whitetails need to develop huntable numbers and give us accessability. This is an area well known for it's big whitetails by the locals and only just opened to nonresident hunters in recent years.

Andy Myers Hunting Lodge has approximately 4000 acres private leases and aquiring more along with approximately 15,000 acres remote government land we hunt with hundreds of thousands more available that we are currently scouting.

While some stands will be overlooking fields or cuts and could require long range shooting most stands are situated in the bush with shots avgerage 40-100 yards to maximize contact during the bucks daytime movements. Lots of our bucks are shot from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Hunting strategy is discussed and stands picked according to wind, weather and recent sign for the hunt. Some stands you are taken to by ATV, some by 4WD truck then ATV, some 4WD truck and or ATV then a short walk and some require a long walk in after a drive. Your capabilities and wishes will be discussed beforehand. We hunt from dawn till dark out of ground blinds, 12-16 foot ladder stands and some portable lock-in stands situated along key runways, scrapes, travel corridors and feeding areas.

Andy Myers Hunting Lodge also has portable blinds that can cover stands and can be heated if the weather gets to cold. Most stands will also be baited to keep does in the area, this keeps the bucks competitive, coming in from other areas constantly checking for does in estrus and very receptive to calls and rattling.

Your guide will check on you at noon by radio, if you shot or killed a buck he will track and or retrieve your game and transport you to camp for congratulations, field dressing, pictures and care of your game. If not he will be scouting, setting and baiting stands (as he did in the a.m.) till he comes to check on you and pick you up at dark to take you back to the farmhouse for a another great meal (you will not go home having lost weight) and a recap of the days hunt. After that it's back to your room complete with twin beds, hot showers, phone and color TV for a good nights sleep cause 4:00 a.m. will come again soon enough.

Eagle Lake, in Ontario Canada, is famous for its canadian fishing and scenic beauty, which features 63,428 acres of water and more than 490 islands with many bays, channels, weed beds and drop-offs to explore during your canadian fishing adventure.

The average depth, of Eagle Lake, is 22 feet with a maximum depth of 110 feet. You are never far from a fishing hot spot on Eagle Lake.

Fishing on Eagle Lake is unique in that it produces trophy fishing, of all five major species, throughout the season and is one of the most exciting canadian lakes for fishing. Eagle Lake has fishing for world record muskie (musky), tasty canadian walleye, feisty smallmouth bass, tackle busting northern pike, and an excellent fishing for both lake trout and whitefish.

If that wasn't enough to keep you busy, we have boats on other area canadian fishing lakes such as Corner, Clearwater, Buzzard, McGregor, Bottle Bay, Violet, Stewart, Canyon, and the entire Indian Chain of canadian fishing lakes.

Visit: Eagle lake, Vermilion Bay, Patricia Land

Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Andy Myers Fishing Lodge, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Perch, Whitefish, Guides, remote boat cache lakes, guided Safaris, day trip fly-ins, Eagle lake, Vermilion Bay, Patricia Land, Fishing Lodge , Eagle lake, Vermilion Bay, Patricia Land , Full Service, Drive-in, Fly-in, Guides, N/C remote boat cache lakes,4WD guided Safaris, day trip fly-ins and Wolf, White-tailed Deer, Ducks, Geese, Grouse , Full Service, Drive-in, Fly-in, Guides, N/C remote boat cache lakes,4WD guided Safaris, day trip fly-ins , Andy Myers Hunting Lodge is recognized as a leader in trophy, guided whitetail deer hunts in Northwest Ontario. Some of the finest and overlooked whitetail deer hunting in Canada. Near Dryden and Vermilion Bay Ontario. Wolf, Duck and Geese hunting also available.



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