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Arctic Char Fishing Lodges

Please use the following for searching your Arctic Char fishing lodge, resort or outpost. There are several Arctic Char fishing lodges listed with us.

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Plummers Lodges


Char Fishing Lodges

  • Plummer's Arctic Lodges - World record Arctic Char can be caught in the beautiful Tree River. World Record: 32 lb 9 oz, Tree River, NT

Arctic char, the most northern freshwater fish, has been an important and healthy food resource to Inuit for centuries. Char is eaten raw, frozen, dried, smoked, aged or cooked. The meat, head and eggs are excellent sources of protein and Vitamin B. Dried char contains omega-3 fatty acids which helps prevent heart disease. There are two subgroups of arctic char: a sea-run group; and a freshwater or land-locked group, both of which belong to the salmon family.

Arctic Char are distributed throughout the polar regions and is the most northerly distributed of char and its closely related cousin, the Dolly Varden. As the name suggest, Arctic Char is not common to southern waters. They strive in rivers that have very cold temperatures such as those in Labrador. However some rivers on the island of Newfoundland also have large stocks of Arctic Char.

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