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Lake Trout Fishing Lodges

Lake Trout Fishing can be found at fishing lodges and camps listed here. Trophy Lake Trout fishing at Plummer's Lodge on Great Bear can get up to 80 lbs.

Please use the following for searching your lake trout fishing lodge, resort or outpost. There are over 400 lake trout fishing lodges listed with us.

Lake Trout are 15-20 inches long, weighing an average of 10 pounds but they have been known to exceed 100 pounds. The body, colored light green or grey, dark green, brown or almost black with lighter colored spots is typically troutlike, elongate.
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The grey lake trout is highly prized both as a gamefish and as a commercial species. Anglers catch this species by fly or spin fishing early in the spring. The flesh may be white, pink, orange or orange-red, the color being influenced by the diet. It has an excellent flavor and is mostly eaten fresh but it is sometimes smoked.

One of the most important commercial freshwater fishes and a popular sport-fishing species in North America, the lake trout is actually a char, not a true trout. It has now been successfully introduced into lakes out of its natural range. A beautiful fish, it has characteristic pale spots on head, back and sides. Lake trout feed on fish, insects, crustaceans and plankton.


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