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Shining Falls Lodge
A fly-in only lodge located 60 miles north of Bissett Manitoba on Family Lake. The watershed basin of three major rivers, the Dogskin, Berens, and Pigeon Rivers in the Atikaki Provincial Park. Right in the middle of some of the best walleye and northern pike fishing.


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Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike

Hunting Available:
Black Bear


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Dates Open : May to Sept

Lake or Area Name : Atikaki Provincial Park, Family Lake, Manitoba

Dogskin River, Berens River, and Pigeon River

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Shining Falls Fishing Lodge is located on some of Canada's oldest rock, formed about three BILLION years ago! Once part of a mountain range, the area has been reduced to a relatively flat plain by wind, precipitation and changes in temperature. Several glaciers sculpted the surface to form the beautiful lakes of Manitoba we see today

This rugged terrain offers an abundance of fresh water and some of Manitoba's most beautiful scenery and some of Canada's finest water routes. These lakes are teeming with Walleye and northern pike. The boreal forest includes black spruce, jack pine, trembling aspen, poplar, white birch, white spruce and balsam fir. Wild rice grows naturally along the shores of slow moving rivers and the bays of shallow lakes.

The area itself has been home to a succession of Aboriginal people for several thousand years. People moved with the seasons, going wherever food, clothing and shelter could be obtained.

In the spring, families gathered in areas to take advantage of fish spawning and the returning waterfowl. This was a time of socialization and religious ceremonies. As the summer progressed, berries and medicinal plants were gathered. Later in the Fall, wild rice was harvested. With the onset of winter, family groups would disperse to seek out moose, caribou and furbearers. During the fur trade era, this region was known as Le Petit Nord or Little North. In the late 1700's and early 1800's there was much competition in the area by independent fur traders, the North West Company from Montreal and the Hudson's Bay Company based at Ft. Albany on James Bay. Furs from this area were usually traded at Berens River, Little Grand Rapids and Red Lake. Today's Aboriginal settlements include Little Grand Rapids, Pauingassi First nation, Bloodvein and Hollow Water.

You don't have to be an expert to enjoy fishing, especially here at Shining Falls Fishing Lodge - but it can be helpful to understand some basic patterns of walleyes. Not that THEY always follow the rules but a little understanding of what goes on under the surface of the lake just might come in handy!

You'll hear the walleye also referred to as pickerel, yellow pickerel or dore. We?d rather call them lunch. The head and back of the fish is a dark green or brownish/black color. The sides of the walleye glisten of gold and the belly is white. The bottom tip of the tail also has a white spot. You'll notice the unusual eyes of the walleye. A light reflecting membrane allows the fish to see very well in low light conditions.

Just when the walleyes spawn is affected by how early we have warm weather in the spring. Experience has shown that all walleyes do not spawn at the same time, some start early with the majority spawning during the ideal conditions and some will spawn extremely late in the spring, especially the younger females. The males arrive on the spawning beds first with the females following when the water conditions are ideal.

The walleye and northern pike fishing had to be great, the scenery had to be breathtaking, the location had to be remote, and the lake had to be magnificent. Walleye is considered by most anglers to be the best tasting of all freshwater fish & boy, do we have walleyes. They gather on the many reefs of Family Lake throughout the season. In the spring, you'll be amazed as you pluck walleye after walleye from 2 or 3 feet of water.

Invariably our guests end up casting for monster northern pike. These are real eating machines taking anything that will fit in their mouth, usually found in less than 15 ft of water, along weed beds and in weedy bays.

Most pike are caught in less than 15 feet of water. Present him with any of your favorite crank or surface baits - just remember to use a leader. When the northern pike hovers about 3 feet from your bait, be patient. When a northern is feeding, he will often turn his prey around, kill it, and then will swallow it head first. Northerns are predators that will eat anything that fits in their mouths including perch, walleye, other northerns, mice, frogs, ducklings ---- or that stringer of fish you have hanging over the side of your boat. It's not uncommon to hear your stringer thrashing around and find a big northern pike holding on to one of your walleyes. Look for pike along weed beds, trolling through bays, and on points of land and islands. It's not uncommon to catch northerns as you are fishing for walleyes on the reefs. As the water warms, look for the northerns in a little deeper water, still near weedy areas. Realize northern pike are aggressive right through the summer so don't be shy-go for them aggressively.

Northern Pike are notorious for their sharp teeth. Sharp hooks are a must! Handle smaller northerns by grabbing it across the back-just behind the gill covers. You don't have to worry about sharp dorsal fins as you do on the walleye. If you need to get a hook out-use a hook remover-those teeth are sharp and the mouth is big! Use a net to bring in a larger northern. Take your time and tire him out, playing the fish is half the fun!

Shining Falls Fishing Lodge is located on beautiful Family Lake, a breathtaking 60 mile flight north of Bissett, Manitoba. Here lies the watershed basin of three majestic rivers; the Dogskin River, the Berens River and the Pigeon River. Huge volumes of fresh water turn over daily making this one of the best fish producing systems in the world. Outstanding walleye and northern pike fishing await you.

Our island lodge sits on the northwest border of Atikaki Provincial Park. Atikaki is a Cree word meaning "land of the caribou". Not only will you find woodland caribou here, but also loons, bald eagles, great gray owls, wolverine, moose, deer, black bear, timber wolves, otter, marten, lynx, white pelicans and many, many more northwoods birds and mammals.

Visit: Atikaki Provincial Park, Family Lake, Manitoba

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