Big North Lodge & Outposts

Alex & Pat Rheault

Main Address :
Box 24
Minaki ,  ON
Phone :  (807) 224-4318
Fax :  (807) 224-4318

Summer Address :
Box 24
Minaki  , ON
Phone :  (807) 224-4318
Fax :  (807) 224-4318

Toll Free :  800-387-3577

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Big North Lodge & Outposts
A drive-in American Plan & Housekeeping fishing & hunting lodge on Gun Lake with access to 5 lakes without portages. 2 Outpost lakes: Roger Lake & Maynard Lake


Full Service, Drive in, Guides, Remote Outposts

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Crappie, Muskie, Perch, Smallmouth Bass

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Brown Bear, Wolf, White-tailed Deer, Partridge


Other Information
Dates Open : May 1 to November 15

Lake or Area Name : Winnipeg River System, Maynard Lake, Minaki, Ontario

Fishing at Big North Lodge & Outposts starts right from our docks. Throughout the season, from May to October, fishing is excellent for walleye, Northern Pike, Bass and there is the ever elusive Muskie for the experienced, patient fisherman. Five fishing lakes can be reached by boat without portaging.

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Big North Lodge & Outposts guides are experienced and well qualified to make your fishing trip a memorable success. Who can forget the famous shorelunches, expertly prepared by your guide. A feast of fresh walleye with all the trimmings is well worth telling your friends about.

Safe, comfortable 17' Lund Outfitters featuring pedestal seats, non-slip marine vinyl floors, live wells, new 4-stroke 50 h.p. Mercury motors with electric start, power trim. Fish all day in comfort. Our docks with individual slips, provide convenient, sheltered docking for our Lund Outfitters, as well as docking for guests' own boats. Power available at docks.

Maynard Lake Outpost - This is the ultimate wilderness hideout for two people. The camp at Maynard Lake is located on the English River system and will sleep four people in comfort, but it’s the perfect place for a couple who’d like to have their own private, fly-in cabin in the Canadian Wilderness. The lake is accessible by float plane only, so there’s very little fishing pressure. The idea behind Maynard Lake is to spoil you. We’ll fly you into the lake, provide you with all the necessities for a wilderness adventure, and then discreetly leave. The cabin at Maynard Lake is newly remodeled, with big windows that overlook the sparkling waters of the lake. There’s sandy beaches right in front of the cabin and a sheltered cove where you can park your boat out of the wind. The lake itself is large (20 miles long), and has numerous islands, bays and narrow channels so no matter which way the wind is blowing there’s always sheltered fishing water within a few miles of home. The dominant species on this lake are walleye and northern pike. The pike are big (our guests have caught 25-pounders) and the walleyes are numerous. Milton Humphries and his wife Iantha, from Salem, Arkansas, have been regular guests at the Maynard Lake cabin for 12 years. "The main challenge on this lake is trying to catch a few walleyes that are small enough to eat," jokes Milton. "The walleyes are larger than average, and there are lots of great fishing spots. We never have to travel more than ten or fifteen minutes from the cabin to find good action."

Big North Lodge & Outposts encourage fishermen to participate in this Catch and Release Program. Big North Lodge is a member of the "Minaki Fish & Wildlife Association". The aim of the Association is to promote the "Live Release of Trophy Fish" to help maintain the Winnipeg River System as one of the best for trophy fishing. In recognition for participation in "LIVE RELEASE", guests are presented with a trophy release pin.

BLACK BEAR - Big North Lodge & Outposts offer the best black bear hunts in the Minaki area. You can hunt over 600 square miles of prime black bear country with over 50 baited tree stands, accessible by road, water or ATV. Our success rate the last 7 years has been over 80%. To ensure a high success rate, we book only a maximum of 4 hunters per week, both bow and rifle hunters. The fall bear hunt is a four week period from September 1 to 30. Baiting tree stands starts at least four weeks before the first hunters arrive, and rebaiting is done when necessary to maintain active stands.

DEER - Deer can be hunted several ways in our area. From tree stands, we do have several permanent stands and we suggest you bring portable stands. There are areas where stalking can provide excellent opportunities to take a large buck. A drive type hunt can also be arranged. The Minaki area of Northwestern Ontario is on the northern edge of the deer range. The deer in this area are very large-bodied and fast-growing. Bucks that score in the 140's are fairly common. The opportunity to take a much larger buck depends a lot on the skill of the hunter and luck. There is very little hunting pressure in this area. The local hunters are more concerned with meat than horns, and many of them tell us where they have passed up large bucks. A buck that field-dresses at 200 lbs. is considered small. Most animals taken at our camp dress out at over 250 lbs. Our area gets very little publicity, which means our clients do not have to compete for these large animals. Big North Lodge & Outposts limit ourselves to 4 guided hunters per week. Bucks only.

DUCK, GROUSE & GEESE - There are many local birds, mostly mallards and wood ducks, early in the season. As the weather gets colder, the northern mallards, geese and blue bills arrive in large flocks. Many pot hole lakes and large wild rice fields make the hunt very exciting. Grouse can be found along the many logging roads in the area. Please bring your own decoys.

Roger Lake Outpost - Total privacy is the real attraction at Roger Lake. You’re on the uninhabited Sturgeon River, which abounds with trophy pike and walleye. At Roger Lake, you are masters of you own private wilderness domain. You can fish when you want and eat when you want. And if you decide to stay up late, you don’t have to worry that the neighbors will complain about the laughter. Roger Lake features some of the finest small mouth bass fishing found in Northwestern Ontario. In addition to smallies, Roger Lake also hosts tremendous Walleye and Northern Pike. The lake is approximately 8 miles long and measures depths up to 65 feet. Unique in its shape, it lends itself to productive fishing in all wind conditions as it is a well protected body of water allowing the fishermen to fish any time, in any conditions. As a part of the famous English River system, Roger Lake is healthy in that it is not land locked, instead producing a steady flow of exchanging water thus producing excellent spawning conditions. A number of rapids are available for fast action fishing as well as a spectacular 40’ water fall fishermen and photographers alike will want to experience. Hidden bays, exposed reefs, weedy bays, sandy and rock rubble shorelines as well as the rapids all offer a variety of fishing conditions for anglers.

Visit: Winnipeg River System, Maynard Lake, Minaki, Ontario

Minaki, Big North, Walleye, Northern Pike, Crappie, Muskie, Smallmouth Bass, Guides, Remote Outposts, Winnipeg River System, Ontario, Roger Lake Outpost, Fishing Lodge, elusive muskie, Winnipeg River, Maynard Lake , Winnipeg River System, Maynard Lake, Minaki, Ontario , Full Service, Drive in, Guides, Remote Outposts and Black Bear, Brown Bear, Wolf, White-tailed Deer, Partridge , Full Service, Drive in, Guides, Remote Outposts , Big North Lodge & Outposts offers the best black bear hunts in the Minaki area. The Minaki area of Northwestern Ontario is on the northern edge of whitetail deer range. The white-tailed deer in the area of Maynard Lake Outpost and Roger Lake Outpost.



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