Ghost River Camp & Sturgeon River Camp

Alfred, Tena, Darrell & Donna Kartinen

Main Address :
Box 566
Sioux Lookout ,  ON
P8T 1A8
Phone :  (888) 446-7874
Fax :  (807) 737-1407

Summer Address :
Box 566
Sioux Lookout  , ON
P8T 1A8
Phone :  (807) 582-3330
Fax :  (807) 737-1407

Toll Free :  888-446-7874

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Ghost River Camp & Sturgeon River Camp
Why fly? When you can boat and mechanical portage to 15 remote lakes. Come and see our famous "Rock tunnel" You can fish 15 different lakes from our lodge.


Full Service, Guides, Boat-in, Outposts

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Perch

Hunting Available:


Other Information
Dates Open : May to October

Lake or Area Name : Marchington Lake, Ontario

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Ghost River Camp & Sturgeon River Camps take pride in offering a fishing adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. Our lakes are virtually untouched. Our catch & release programs keep the big ones in the lake.

Ghost River and Sturgeon River Camps have the fishing adventure you've been looking for. We are a remote fishing lodge offering great walleye, northern pike and lake trout fishing, on lakes with no road access.

Ghost River and Sturgeon River Camps are located on Marchington lake which is fed by 7 main rivers and is surrounded by 14 other remote lakes which are accessible via river or portage.This gives you the chance to do some great private fishing. You never have to fish the same place twice and you'll have the opportunity to see a new lake every day.

Experience the beautiful Canadian wilderness like you never have before, An adventure at Ghost River Camp is a great escape from the doldrums of every day life, from taking in the wildlife, spending a few hours at our wonderful sand beaches with your family, to enjoying our beautiful and legendary Canadian sunsets.

If you are looking for the ultimate in privacy, and would like to experience the majestic beauty of the Canadian wilderness on your fishing adventure, Come to Sturgeon River Camp. Located just above the breath-taking McDougall Falls on Marchington Lake, our camp offers five fully modern Housekeeping Cabins. Our camp is also minutes away from the Famous Rock Tunnel, through which have access to some great walleye, northern pike and lake trout fishing on our remote chain of lakes.

Sahlin's Outpost - Our new, luxurious outpost cabin is solar powered for maximum efficiency and modern conveniece. It also offers an indoor washroom and can easily accommodate 12 people. The private beach and large deck are inviting places for you to relax after your days' adventure on the water and are perfect for a lovely evening of stargazing or watching the Northern Lights.

Fred's Outpost - Our private, fully modern outpost cabin can accommodate up to 12 people. A perfect place for those who want to experience the solitude and tranquility of the Canadian wilderness.

Our camps have the convenience of access to 15 different lakes, each lake offering a unique fishing experience. Walleye and northern pike are our two main species of fish in the area and the fishing is excellent. Some of our lakes also hold populations of lake trout, smallmouth bass and perch, adding a nice variety for your fishing adventure.

Catch & Release Fishing for the Future - Our conservation program has been in effect since 1995 and our trophy catch and release list has grown approximately by 25% each year. We do allow harvest of walleyes up to 18" and northern pike up to 27", Our policy is that no walleye are to be kept over 18" (45.7 cm) or no northern over 27 1/2" (70 cm) unless they are going to be mounted, this helps to ensure a quality future for our fishery and helps us maintain our commitment to providing a consistently superb fishing adventure for you, our customer.

Moose - Monarch of the Canadian Wild - The thrill of hunting a moose is something to experience. Our camp is in prime moose country, located on part of a vast river system with literally hundreds of creeks, rivers, lakes and swamps. This system, which feeds Marchington Lake and the other 14 lakes in our area, supports one of the largest moose populations in Ontario. Our moose hunts are unique, our outfitter service is a small, family-run operation. We don't have large groups of hunters coming in during the season so the opportunities are high and guarantees a peaceful hunting experience. We also limit our tags to help prevent over-harvesting. Our guests' success rates usually fall between 80-100% with racks up to 62 inches. Our moose hunts are also community-oriented, everyone helps each other out in the field, making it not only a personable and fun adventure, but a safe one as well.

Visit: Marchington Lake, Ontario

Fishing Lodge, Ghost River Camp, Sturgeon River Camp, ghost river, sturgeon river, Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Moose, Outposts, Marchington Lake, Ontario , Marchington Lake, Ontario , Full Service, Guides, Boat-in, Outposts and Moose , Full Service, Guides, Boat-in, Outposts , Ghost River Hunting Camp is a hunting lodge offering great moose hunting on Marchington Lake. Ghost River and Sturgeon River Camps on Marchington Lake have the hunting adventure you've been looking for.



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