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Doug & Robert Hill

Main Address :
P.O. Box 96
Parksville ,  BC
V9P 2G3
Phone :  (800) 663-8641
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P.O. Box 96
Parksville  , BC
V9P 2G3
Phone :  (800) 663-8641
Fax :  (250) 248-4576

Toll Free :  800-663-8641

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Kasba Lake Lodge
The ultimate getaway location located in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Fly in to this renowned destination to enjoy catch & release, fly fishing and canoeing along the miles of pristine shoreline.


Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides

Fishing Available:
Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling

Hunting Available:


Other Information
Dates Open : June 24 to August 15

Lake or Area Name : Kasba Lake, Northwest Territories, NWT

Kasba Lake Lodge has operated as a Trophy "Catch and Release" fishing lodge since it opened in 1975. Our policy has brought us hundreds of extra guests over the years, but best of all it has preserved the great fishing we have. We sincerely believe that the fishing in any far northern lake cannot stand unlimited pressure, and at Kasba our efforts have helped to preserve our great trout, pike and Arctic Grayling fishery.

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The sun rises in the east, awakening the guests of Kasba Lake Fishing Lodge. The camp with its eastern exposure welcomes the invitation to start another day of fishing. Your morning begins at 7 AM with a cheerful "Good Morning" and hot coffee delivered to your cabin. A hot shower and you're off to the main lodge for breakfast. Hot and cold cereal is served daily as well as the featured breakfast, juice, coffee or tea.

Back to the matter at hand, you set the strategy, consult with the guide. Where to go? What lure? Trout, Pike or Grayling, today? Troll, cast, jig, so many decisions!

The only interruption to your fishing is probably what many consider the highlight. Your guide from Kasba Lake Fishing Lodge will prepare your fresh catch for a delicious lunch on shore. There isn't much better than fresh fish over an open fire. Then it is back on the Kasba Lake for some more fabulous fishing.

Around 6 PM you return from Kasba Lake for that much needed shower and perhaps a cocktail. Or, if you're reluctant to give up that favorite fishing hole so early, you can opt for a late supper. The dining room at Kasba Lake Fishing Lodge is open for dinner at 7 PM. Our friendly and courteous support staff is eager to serve you the featured dinner menu. Soup, salad, entrée and choice of dessert to top off another great day of fishing.

The rest of the evening is up to you. You may go out and continue fishing or spend the evening relaxing with friends.

Hundreds of miles of treeless, soft rolling tundra. Caribou migrating right in front of your canoe, musk ox feeding only steps away from your tent. Countless types of birds ranging from the tiniest shore bird to the beautiful Tundra Swan.

Some of the rarest birds are seen daily in this region. Days that never end and a sun that sets for hours. This is one of the most pristine areas that has not seen the concrete hand of man. Evidence of ancient civilizatins can still be found.

The Kazan River, Thelon River, Back River and the Dubawnt River are all within reach from our main Lodge. We will customize a canoe trip to your every need. From canoes to travel arrangements from Winnipeg, Kasba Lake Lodge does it all.

Your trip with Kasba Lake Lodge will begin in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on our 50 passanger charter aircraft and continue on from Kasba in our DHC-2 Beaver float plane. Canoes are available to rent, equipped with spray skirts, life preservers and 3 paddles per boat. White gas is available at the Lodge as well as custom food orders.

With the introduction of barbless hooks and replica mounts, it is now easy to release these giant fish completely unharmed. By preserving this great natural resource, we know that the unspoiled waters of Kasba Lake and Snowbird Lakes will provide anglers from around the world a lifetime of adventure for generations to come.

Over the past 23 years Kasba Lake Lodge catch and release policy has proved to be very effective. Our Lake Trout grow at approximately 1/2 pound per year. Fish have been caught that are nearly 100 years old. Our barbless policy has also helped us over the years. This ensures a quick and easy release to get these dinosaurs back in the water as quickly as possible. After a photo or two, of course.

For the diehard anglers Kasba Lake Fishing Lodge supplies the use of boats and motors free of charge after dinner if guides are not required. Our guiding staff works a regular day, from 8 AM to 6 PM. If you wish to stay out later, please make arrangements with your guide. The support staff at the lodge will insure that you will be served a hot and hearty dinner upon your return to Kasba Lake Lodge.

The main lodge houses the dining room, licensed lounge and multi-purpose room. Comfortable guest cabins are fully modern and have comfortable beds. All linen, bedding and towels are provided, as well as daily maid service. Facilities are available for physically challenged people.

Kasba Lake Fishing Lodge can accommodate up to 46 guests. Our five and nine day packages are all inclusive. Fishing trips include lodging, meals, expert guides, boats, motors, fuel and air transportation to and from camp.

Visit: Kasba Lake, Northwest Territories, NWT

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