El Avellano Lodge

Marcos Gallardo

Main Address :
Ayacara, Provincia de Palena
Region de los Lagos , 

Phone :  (566) 526-4419
Fax :  (566) 526-4419

Summer Address :
Ayacara, Provincia de Palena
Region de los Lagos  ,

Phone :  (566) 526-4419
Fax :  (566) 526-4419

Toll Free : 

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El Avellano Lodge
The Avellano is a small and comfortable Lodge located in the northen chilean Patagonia. We offer fly fishing, and nature tourism programs.


Full Service, Restaurant, special trips, other destination in the Patagonia

Fishing Available:
Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Coho Salmon, Atlantic Salmon

Hunting Available:


Other Information
Dates Open : November to June

Lake or Area Name : Chilean Patagonia

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The lodge, El Avellano, offering a personalized service to our guests. Our lodge is located in an land of 60 hectares. With access to the vecinal road, beach, the small port. We have a lot of forest, beautiful creeks and meadows. We raised animals such as cows, hens and porks. We cultivate our own potatoes, apples and vegetables and we produced honey. We can offer a delicate, assorted and heals gastronomy, with accent in regional meals!

Activities in the Chilean Patagonia - Within the multiple activities that we are in conditions to offer, we will underline: Interpretation paths of the forest and the nature, Fishing programs, in which it is possible to practice all the modalities in rivers, lagoons or sea. It is possible to capture trout , salmons and other goods. Trekings, flower and fauna observation. Access to thermal waters in natural form. Maritime navigation.

Chile - Geographical Location - Limiting by the north with the most arid desert of the world, Desierto de Atacama, and by the south with the Cape Horn, Chile is a thin and long territory, that is extended by more than 4300 kms. Of length. Chile are among the mountain chain of The Andes and the Pacific Ocean.

Santiago, a city that grows quickly in population and modernity, is summoned in the parallel 37 S. and lowering toward the area of lakes patagónico, Puerto Montt is located. Its privileged location, allows direct access to the lakes, volcanos, fiords and beautiful cities of the European colonization, specifically German.

Puerto Montt in the south, in the lakes zone, are 1000 km of Santiago, the capital of Chile. From Puerto Montt you have direct access to the lakes, volcanoes, fiords and beautiful cities and villages of the south and the Patagonia.

Welcome to Hostería El AVELLANO in Ayacara!

Puerto Montt is the ideal place to begin the adventure of visit the virgin nature of Ayacara.

The village of Ayacara represents the geographical frontier of temperate forests wet of the world, yet not intervened. Located in the province of Palena, equidistant from The Carretera Austral, Park Pumalin, Puerto Montt, Island of Chiloé and Chaitén. The particular location of Ayacara make it accessible only by sea and air.

Ayacara it is a small village of fishermen, farmers and stockowners. It is united to other three picturesque communities. These are Buill, Huelqui and Poyo. Ayacara in language huilliche means beautiful village. In Ayacara are a school, a Posta of First Aids, Mail, electricity, telephone and a litle airport for small planes.

Forests, hills covered of vegetation, rivers, lagoons, waterfalls, volcanoes, surrounded by the sea. Ayacara invite to the contact with the virgin nature and the practice of all sort of recreational activities. In the middle of this luxuriant landscape is found El AVELLANO, a small and comfortable lodge.

Furthermore after each daily session we have planned warm gatherings and folkloric samples in the lodge!

Welcome to the Patagonia!

Visit: Chilean Patagonia

El Avellano Lodge, Chilean Patagonia, Patagonia, fly fishing, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Coho Salmon, Chile, Atlantic Salmon, El Avellano , Chilean Patagonia , Full Service, Restaurant, special trips, other destination in the Patagonia and , Full Service, Restaurant, special trips, other destination in the Patagonia , Welcome to the Patagonia. Correo de Ayacara, Provincia de Palena in Chile. We offer fly fishing.



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