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Silsby Lake Lodge
In 2011, Silsby Lake was the #1 ranked Pike lake in Manitoba's Master Angler Record Book. No other lake was even close with the nearest competitor having 100 fewer trophy Pike. Silsby Lake lodge is a world class fly in fishing lodge located 450 miles north of Winnipeg Manitoba.


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Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Whitefish

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Black Bear, Moose


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Lake or Area Name : Silsby Lake, Manitoba

Nestled into the Pines and Poplars on a majestic island in Manitoba, this fishing lodge offers all the amenities you can think of to enjoy your fully guided American Plan trip.

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Silsby Lake lodge is a world class fly in Trophy Pike and Walleye fishing lodge located 450 miles north of Winnipeg Manitoba. When we first pioneered this part of the North Country in 1990 we immediately knew that we had something very special as we discovered that all three of our lakes were simply loaded with TROPHY PIKE. In the reomote area of Northern Manitoba we were are located most of the lakes have good fishing for trophy pike and some lakes are better than others, but then there's the special few lakes that make up the "best of the best" category and rest assured that Sislby, High Hill, and Cuddle lakes have a firm spot in this elite group!

It is very common four our guest to catch and release multiple TROPHY PIKE in the 4" to 53" range. Our camp record trophy pike was caught by Bill Mullens in August of 1999 and she measured a whopping 53.5 inches. In addition we have had guests catch as many 26 trophies during one trip! We are very proud of these records as they reaffirm that our catch and release program is working as our TROPHY PIKE fishing gets better and better each year.

In addition to our Trophy pike we also have excellent fishing walleye and whitefish. It is very common for the walleye fisherman to catch 50 to 100 walleyes in a day form 2 to 5 pounds. In addition we have caught many walleye in the 24 to 31 inch range on all three lakes. Shore lunch is not problem at Silsby!

When you combine our world class fishing with excellent equipment, accommodations, food, and northern hospitality you have the makings of a memorable Canadian fishing trip!

1. Our strict catch and release policy - When we first opened up Silsby, High Hill and Cuddle lakes to fisherpersons, we knew right away that we were blessed with world-class trophy pike fishing in all three lakes. Recognizing this, we immediately implemented a strict catch-and-release policy before catch-and-release fishing was a popular trend. Single barbless hooks are mandatory on all of our lakes. We take catch-and-release fishing a step further by making sure our trophy pike are handled properly at the boat with catch-and-release cradles. In addition we take extra care when handling these trophy pike by only keeping them out of the water for a maximum of 30 seconds and supporting their bellies while holding them for a QUICK picture. When it’s time to release these beautiful trophy pike, we take as much time as needed to properly revive the fish until it's ready to swim away. These proven methods have allowed us to enjoy an extremely low mortality rate of our trophy pike, which has brought many screams of excitement and never ending smiles to our guests.

2. Low fishing pressure - We strategically limit the amount of fisherpersons to keep fishing pressure to a minimum. Silsby has a maximum capacity of 18 people per week and both Cuddle and High Hill have a 10 person capacity. Our lakes are 17 to 20-miles long and 3 to 5-miles wide. By limiting our capacity we also give you the chance to experience the solitude of the Northern Manitoba bush without crowds. We hope you can be one of the fortunate few to experience this.

3. Location, Location, Location - Due to our remote fly-in only location in Northern Manitoba and the nearest road being 90-miles away, we have exclusive rights to all of our waters. We have had and will always have TOTAL control of our trophy pike population. This fact assures you, our valued guest, that no one has ever interfered with our trophy pike fishery and no one ever will!

4. Good food makes for fat Trophy Pike - Silsby Lake is loaded with whitefish, mullet and walleyes. These three species of fish make up the diet of our trophy pike. As you can see from our photo gallery, they play a huge role in making our trophy pike very girthy. "Silsby lake is loaded with fatty's", which is a saying our guests use after being fortunate enough to experience the awesome fishing.

5. The perfect habitat and structure for holding trophy pike - All three of our lakes are part of the same water system and all have same characteristics, which are essential for holding trophy pike. All three lakes have many bays, islands, reefs and rock ledges. Once the summer rolls in, the lakes form thick oxygen-filled cabbage-weed weed-beds. This attracts the insects, which attract the walleyes and whitefish. Thus also attracts the trophy pike. It's the classic example of the food-chain and it makes the summer months at Silsby the best place for trophy pike in Manitoba.

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