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There are many types of fishing outfitters with lodging from Manitoba, Canada listed on our service. Part of our list of Manitoba fishing outfitters is below. Please search our site for more complete information.

Budd's Gunisao Lake Lodge - Budd's Gunisao Lake Lodge, Gunisao Lake offers some of the finest trophy walleye fishing in the world! Top Manitoba Master angler award winner. Lodging Located: Gunisao Lake, Manitoba

Burntwood Lake Lodge - Full service, fly-in from Winnipeg. Main lodge, outcamps, spring bear hunts, fall moose. Much much more at Burntwood Lake Lodge. Lodging Located: Burntwood Lake, Manitoba

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Laurie River Lodge - Not to be outdone by the Pike and Walleye, the Laurie River system also produces some huge Lake Trout making this fishery one of the few that has outstand representation from all three of northern Manitoba’s most sought after game fish with Laurie River Lodge. Lodging Location: Laurie River System, Lynn Lake, Manitoba

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Manitoba Fishing Outfitters

Healey's Gods Lake Narrows Lodge - Healey's Gods Lake World Class fishing in Northern Manitoba. We currently hold the Manitoba record Lake trout (Est. 64-68 lbs Released). God's Lake is located 375 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba in the northern area of the province. Fishing Location: Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan

Trail End Camp - Trail End Fishing camp is located in the Whiteshell Provincial Park on the upper reaches of the Winnipeg River System Manitoba. Fishing for Northern Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout. Fishing Location: Winnipeg River System, Manitoba

Webbers Lodges - North Knife Fishing Lodge is primarily sports fishermen who support the Webbers Lodges catch and release policy. Situated in the heart of Manitoba, North Knife Lake Lodge and Dymond Lake Lodge offer fishing for Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Grayling. Outfitter Located: Dymond Lake, North Knife Lake, Manitoba


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Kississing Lake Lodge - Kississing Lake Fishing Lodge is located just a 25 minute floatplane ride from Flin Flon, Manitoba, Kississing Lake offers trophy Northern Pike, Walleye, and Lake Trout fishing anywhere in the world complemented by five star accommodations. Fishing Location: Kississing Lake, Manitoba

Pine Island Lodge - Pine Island Fishing Lodge is located on the Winnipeg River System and Crowduck Lake in Manitoba. The Winnipeg is a steady producer of trophy fish. Walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass receive the most attention. Fishing Location: Winnipeg River System, Crowduck Lake, Manitoba

Wolverine Lodge - Wolverine Fishing Lodge is located on beautiful Vandekerckhove Lake in Northwest Manitoba. Wolverine Lodge offers you some of Canada's finest Trophy Northern Pike and Walleye fishing. Lodging Located: Vandekerckhove Lake, Lynn Lake, Manitoba

Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge - Manitoba’s second deepest lake (295 ft.) offers plenty of habitat and structure where fish thrive. Situated on the Gammon River in the heart of the Precambrian Shield, Aikens Lake offers some of the best walleye fishing in Canada. Many men, women and fisherkids have earned their Manitoba Master Angler Awards by landing these beauties of up to 15 pounds! Fishing Location: Aikens Lake, Manitoba

Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts - Bolton Lake Lodge is a fishing resort in Northern Manitoba Canada. Our fishing lodge and outposts in Manitoba are known for trophy Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout. Fishing Location: Bolton Lake, Manitoba



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Big Sand Lake Lodge & Outposts - Big Sand Lake Lodge is 525 miles north of Winnipeg, on Big Sand Lake in northern Manitoba. Fishing for trophy Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye's and Trophy Arctic Grayling. Lodging Located: Big Sand Lake, Manitoba

Dunlop's Fly-in Lodge & Outpost - Dunlop's is a fly-in fishing lodge in Northern Manitoba, Canada, The lodge is located on
Lake Waskaiowaka at the mouth of the Little Churchill River. This pristine lake is loaded with Trophy Northern Pike and Walleye. Lodging Located: Little Churchill River, Lake Waskaiowaka, Manitoba

Munroe Lake Lodge - Trophy northern pike, lake trout and Arctic grayling at Munroe Lake Fishing Lodge. Martin Moore Lake is attached to Munroe Lake. Lodge Located: Munroe Lake, Manitoba, Canada

Goldsand Lake Lodge - Goldsand Lake Lodge is located on beautiful Goldsand Lake. Here you can travel historic canoe routes, walk glacial eskers and witness migrating caribou herds. Lodging Located: Goldsand Lake, Manitoba

Bakers Narrows Lodge - Bakers Narrows Lodge has some of Canada's best walleye fishing, northern pike fishing and lake trout fishing. Canada fly in fishing at it's very best for all fish species. A Manitoba fishing lodge with all the Canadian wilderness adventure. Fishing Located: Lake Athapapuskow, Flin Flon, Manitoba

Nueltin Fly-In Lodges - Nueltin Fly-In Fishing Lodges in Northern Manitoba are Canada's greatest sport fishing lodges. Nueltin Lake is recognized throught North America and the hot spot for trophy northern pike, lake trout and arctic grayling fishing. Outfitter Located: Nueltin Lake, Kasmere Lake, Shannon Lake, Manitoba

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