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There are many types of hunting outfitters with lodging from Manitoba, Canada listed on our service. Part of our list of Manitoba hunting outfitters is below. Please search our site for more complete information.

Birdtail Waterfowl - Waterfowl oufitter in Manitoba Canada. Hunt for ducks and geese from our lodge situated in the Canadian central flyway.

Trail End Camp - Trail End Camp offers exceptional opportunities for Black Bears. Whitetail Deer hunting takes place in the Whiteshell Provincial Park on the Winnipeg River System. Duck and goose hunting is available. Hunting Location: Winnipeg River System, Manitoba
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Plummers Lodges

Manitoba Hunting Outfitters

Grey Owl Outfitters - Grey Owl Outfitters hunters will hunt in a 30 mile radius around Lynn Lake. The Lynn Lake area has high black bear and colored bear populations. Black Bear hunting in Northern Manitoba Lynn Lake Area. Outfitter Located: Lynn Lake Area, Manitoba

Webbers Lodges - Webber's Hunting Lodges is situated in the heart of Manitoba. North Knife Lake Lodge and Dymond Lake Lodge offer hunting for Caribou, Moose, Ducks and Geese. Ptarmigan also available. Outfitter Location: Dymond Lake, North Knife Lake, Manitoba

Burntwood Lake Lodge - Burntwood Lake Lodge and area is well known for a successful hunt as well as a quality hunt. Bull Moose with racks over 50 inches are very common, with numerous 60 to 63 inch bulls taken in past years. Black bear, which can exceed 7 feet and weigh in excess of 400 lbs. are taken each year. Hunting Location: Burntwood Lake, Manitoba


Hunting Manitoba

Rupertsland Guiding & Outfitting - The bears in our Rupertsland Guiding & Outfitting hunting areas come in all of the color phases from blond, brown, cinnamon to black. Manitoba's black bears, next to Alaska, are some of the largest in North America. Ooutfitter Location: William Lake, Katimik Lake, Manitoba

Big Sand Lake Lodge & Outposts - Big Sand Lake Hunting Lodge & Outposts Moose Hunt takes place in September. Big Sand is located in Northern Manitoba. Hunting also for black bear and wolf. Moose hunting lodge in Canada. Hunting Location: Big Sand Lake, Manitoba

Laurie River Lodge - Laurie River Lodge offers some spectacular opportunities for Spring Black Bear Hunting in Manitoba. Laurie River System offers combination Spring Black Bear Hunting and Fishing trips from 4 different camps in our area. Hunting Location: Laurie River System, Lynn Lake, Manitoba

Munroe Lake Lodge - At Munroe Lake Hunting Lodge in Manitoba, we hunt Qamanirjuag barren ground caribou herd numbering 500 000 Caribou. Stay at Munroe Lake Lodge enjoy fishing for northern pike, lake trout, and grayling. Outfitter Location: Munroe Lake, Northern, Manitoba, Canada

Sclater River Outfitters - Sclater River Outfitters is a family owend hunting lodge. The black bear comes in all color phases from blonde, cinnamon, brown and black. Cowan, Manitoba, 30 miles southeast of Swan River with Ducks, Geese and Grouse. Outfitter Location: Duck Mountain Area, Manitoba

Elbow Lake Lodge - With black bear populations as strong as anywhere in the country, Elbow Lake Hunting Lodge boasts the finest hunts on Elbow Lake and the Saskatchewan River. Elbow Lake Fishing Lodge n the northern extreme of the Grass River Provincial Park Manitoba.

Oak Hammock Outfitters - Our fields border the world famous Oak Hammock Marsh where you and your party will have numerous opportunity to hunt thousands of migrating geese and ducks on their southward journey.

Manitoba Lodging

Plum Lake Outfitters - anitoba black bear hunting outfitters and Canada deer hunting guides. Our black bear hunting outfitters and deer hunting guides are experienced with the Manitoba, Canada area. PLUM LAKE OUTFITTERS, owned and operated by Marven and Betty Konzelman, and situated in the Interlake region of Manitoba

Eagle Nest Lodge - Our lodge is near Manitoba's eastern border, in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, and there's easy access to George, Echo and Crowduck lakes as well as miles and miles of the Winnipeg River for uncrowded, leisure fishing fun. Lodging Located: Upper Winnipeg River System, Manitoba

Caribou Lodge & Outfitters - New management since 2006. Hunting and fishing lodge. Trophy walleye, pike, lake trout rainbow trout and brook trout Black bear hunts spring and fall.Ice fishing. Lodging Located: Cranberry Portage, Manitoba

Lakeside Outfitters - Lakeside Outfittersfor Upland and migratory game birds, deer and fishing for walleye and northerns. Lodging Located: Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba

Dogskin Lake Lodge & Outposts - A world class fishing and hunting camp. Dogskin Lake and it's remote outpost camps offer some of the best fishing anywhere. Family owned and operated, we cater to friends, families and corporate groups. Lodge Located: Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park, Manitoba

Mountain Oak Outfitters - Manitoba Canada has some of the best black bear hunting in North America, and Riding Mountain National Park is renowned to have some of the largest black bears in the world, along with the highest black bear density in Canada. Outfitter Location: Riding Mountain Region, Manitoba

ACE Wilderness Guiding Services - Bear Hunting in Northern Manitoba Canada, Moose Hunting and Caribou Hunts accessible only by float plane! ACE Wilderness Guiding Services is an outfitter for Black Bears, Canada Moose, Caribou, Whitetail Deer, Waterfowl Hunts and Fly in Fishing. Hunting Location: Thompson, Gillam, Interlake, Manitoba

Nueltin Fly-In Lodges - offering caribou, moose and bear hunting in Northern Manitoba.

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