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Katmai Lodge
Katmai Lodge over looks the only trophy designated river in Alaska, The Alagnak River. We are located 25.5 miles north of King Salmon in the Bristol Bay Region. We offer world class Salmon in the lower river and trophy rainbow in the upper river which is accessable only by jet boats.


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Fishing Available:
Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char, Salmon

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Dates Open : Whole Year

Lake or Area Name : Bristol Bay, Alaska

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Alaska is a magical place that will surely get in your blood. Enjoy this magic from the comfort and convenience of Katmai Lodge, where we have placed the utmost emphasis on the finest fishing program in the business, coupled with our unsurpassed personal service. Depending on the size of your group, enjoy single, double, or your own private cabin that adjoins a common area for relaxing and story telling after a day of great angling. Leave the city and all your appointments behind. It's time to take a break at Katmai Lodge and create some memories sure to last a lifetime!

Spring Trophy Trout Fishery - The Alagnak is special, the caddis hatches are always prolific and June often has the nicest weather of the year. We have a 1 to 1 guide to angler ratio, meaning each angler receives all their guide's attention. We pride ourselves in offering the finest trout fishing in Alaska, with over 1000 miles of stream directly accessed above the lodge. We divide the river into "beats" which allows each area to be left pristine and un-pressured. Each "beat" is six miles long and is limited to only two anglers. With the river being braided, each six miles has hundreds of miles of easy to wade channels to explore. By opening day, Rainbows have finished spawning and are feeding ravenously on Caddis and Salmon Smolt. We also fly to all the premier Bristol Bay streams, plus a few secret ones. We are ready to fish weeks earlier than most other lodges, meaning our guests have the fishing exclusively to themselves.

Fall Trophy Fishery - The Rainbows are in peak condition. With months of gorging themselves salmon eggs and flesh these bows are pumped up and full of fight. Most of our groups have fished for many years in Bristol Bay and all agreed that their first trip to Katmai they had landed the largest rainbows of their lives! These jewels of the Alagnak average in size from 18 to 36 inches. As September progressed the Rainbow fishery really picked up. It was incredible. Every day fish up to 30 inches were landed. One of our guests from Florida landed a fish 34 inches, approximately 17 pounds. "Spectacular" was heard many evenings as tales of 30 inches were told. Many evenings guides and guest would huddle near the fly tying benches creating the next days secret weapon.

Our guests had the Alagnak to themselves as well as most of the flyout destinations. Though one had no cause to leave the Alagnak, our De Havilland 10 passenger turbin Otter floatplane is available for flyouts. All late season flyouts were exceptional for extremely large rainbows. Reservations should be made as soon as possible to ensure space.

The River - As spectacular as the fishing is, the Alagnak River itself steals the show. This river runs crystal-clear all season long. The river is the culmination of two smaller rivers, one flowing from Kukaklek lake and the other from Nonvianuk lake, each of these small rivers flow from ten to fifteen miles until they join and the create the Alagnak. The Alagnak is designated a Wild and Scenic river, located in the only designated Trophy Fishing area in Alaska. Other rivers may provide the opportunity to catch one or even two species of salmon during a short period of time. The Alagnak offers undoubtedly the most diversified fishing Alaska has to offer. All five salmon spawn right in the Alagnak, unlike most rivers where the salmon only use it as a highway to their final spawning grounds. In the Alagnak you may fish for two or three different species of salmon down river in the morning and for huge Rainbows, Grayling, or Char after a hot barbeque shore lunch in the afternoon. The Alagnak is an excellent river for fly rod and terminal gear anglers alike. The river meanders for sixty plus miles from the forks down to the lodge. The upper river splits many times into ten and twenty small channels offering anglers eight hundred to a thousand miles of private wadable streams and side channels. Anglers take a short boat ride up to their private six mile beat in the morning and don't have to get back in the boat, until its time to return to the lodge. You most likely won't see a foot print or angler all day. Katmai is the only lodge that has boats capable of the shallow water travel required to get into the upper river, there is no float plane or road access into this unspoiled wilderness.

King/Chinook Salmon - The last week of June, large schools of King Salmon start to arrive in the river. These salmon average 30 to 40 pounds with monsters in the 70's caught each season. Once again, the fierce battle between man and beast test the limits of anglers muscles and equipment. An angler using a fly rod or gear rod can catch between 10 and 20 chrome bright Chinook each day throughout the Alagnak system. Four of the five salmon species that come into the Alagnak spawn within two miles below and forty-five miles above the lodge. Whether you use a fly rod or a gear rod, fishing for the Kings is Superb! These very aggressive fish readily attack big streamer flies or bright colored plugs. Most days gear fishermen are able to land twice as many of these huge fish as the fly fishermen. Your guide will make sure you are well prepared to do battle with these fish using any technique you desire.

Silver/Coho Salmon - Silver salmon come in the Alagnak in August. These aggressive chrome bright bullets are fresh out of the ocean and looking for a fight. They are very willing players in the fly or spinning world. The Coho of the Alagnak run from ten to fifteen pounds, even up to twenty. Once hooked, hang on! They spend half of the battle out of the water tail-walking and jumping and that’s only the first thirty seconds! These fish are the most acrobatic of all the species of pacific salmon.

Chum Salmon - Hang on, the beast has arrived! Weighing in up to twenty-five pounds and as mean as a junk yard dog! If you haven't tried fishing for this salmon with a dry fly (wog), you haven't fished Chums yet. They will follow a wog for thirty, forty, fifty feet or more, looking like an alligator mouth opening and closing behind the fly as you wake it across the surface. Just as you begin to relax a little at seeing this, the tug of war begins. We have two runs of Chum in the Alagnak. The first run comes in the first of July and the second run comes in the first of August. The size of our Chum run seems to be increasing every year. Anglers can catch thirty to fifty fish a day on flies or spinning gear.

Sockeye/Red Salmon - Sockeye salmon start in the Alagnak the last week of June. These fish average from five to ten pounds and each angler can catch fifty to seventy-five per day, they are a great fly rod fish. The Alagnak gets between one and a half to two million of these chrome bright rockets each season. These fish hug the gravel bars in a foot and a half to three feet of water as they march their way up stream. Having to endure hundreds of fish a minute swimming past you in crystal clear water is a sight and experience to behold! These fish are a very intricate part of the Bristol Bay ecosystem. They are the major food source for all the resident fish populations in the rivers. Standing ankle deep in crystal clear water, making a cast and having it answered with a series of a dozen three and four foot jumps is amazing! They jump, flip and spin all at what seems to be a hundred miles an hour. It is said if you hooked a ten-pound Sockeye and a fifteen-pound Steelhead, tail to tail, the Sockeye would drag the Steelhead upstream and drown it.

Humpy/Pink Salmon - On even numbered years, we have an invasion of an additional two million salmon. Humpies are who anglers are talking about when you hear "I caught a fish every cast." These fish are very popular with families and young adults because there is constant action. Humpies average 5 to 10 pounds, you can catch them on a fly or a jig. Pink is their color of choice, throw anything in that is pink and hang on, a fish will be there momentarily!

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Katmai Lodge, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char, Salmon, Alagnak River, Fishing Lodge, Alaska, Trophy Fishing, Bristol Bay , Bristol Bay, Alaska , Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides and , Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides , Katmai Lodge is located 25.5 miles north of King Salmon in the Bristol Bay Region. Fishing on the Alagnak river for Salmon, Grayling, Char and Rainbow Trout.



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