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Alaska Fishing with Mark Glassmaker
Professional guided fishing and quality lodging located just a few hours south of Anchorage in magnificent South Central Alaska. The Kenai River is the crown jewel of Alaska's Sportfishing sanctuaries.


Full Service, Drive-in, Fly-in, Guides

Fishing Available:
Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char, Salmon, Halibut

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Dates Open : May to October

Lake or Area Name : Kenai River, Alaska

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Welcome to Alaska's spectacular Kenai Peninsula. Located just a few hours south of Anchorage in magnificent South Central Alaska, the Kenai is the crown jewel of Alaska's Sportfishing sanctuaries. With the prestigious distinction of producing the worlds largest king salmon, the Kenai additionally produces large returns of sockeye, silver and pink salmon while also supporting a world class rainbow trout fishery. Nearby coastal waters offer perhaps the most prolific halibut fishing in the state and the boundless, remote lakes and rivers that cover the main Alaska Peninsula are merely a float plane adventure away. To say we have it all is definitely an understatement.

We offer new, fully furnished deluxe rental cabins, located five miles from centrally-located Soldotna, Alaska. Our lodge and cabins are within easy walking distance to the famous Kenai River and our private shoreline is yours to enjoy during your stay. For 15 years we have provided guided fishing trips to a variety of locations. We can offer a well-established, professional experience for both beginning and expert anglers. Our guides are committed to catching fish and assuring you are well cared for.

King Salmon fishing on the Kenai River is world renown and for good reason. The Kenai has the impressive distinction of producing the world's largest sport-caught king salmon at 97lbs! Every year these mammoth salmon tip the scales at 70, 80, and even 90 pounds. Their sheer strength is unmatched and those that have done battle with these big fish will tell you the experience is not soon forgotten. Due to ever changing conditions this fishery requires mobility and refined technique. Statistics have shown that '10% of the guides catch 90% of the King salmon taken on the Kenai River.' Fishing with an experienced guide greatly increases your chances of landing one of these monster Kenai kings.

The Kasilof River is 20 minutes south of the Kenai and also receives excellent returns of king salmon. In May and June, the Kasilof sees a run of both hatchery and wild kings and in July it sees a robust run of large, wild, king salmon that can rival Kenai kings in size. The Kasilof is a smaller river than the Kenai and is fished from drift boats (no motors) which makes for a very unique and peaceful fishing experience.

Sockeye Salmon or red salmon, pound for pound, are the hardest fighting salmon in the world. Fresh from the salt water, these fish are like silver torpedoes and they are notorious for destroying reels and breaking rods. They average between 8-12lbs. Since they swim close to the shore on their journey upriver the sockeye are most commonly caught from the bank. Without the right equipment and a little skill they're very difficult to land. Don't worry, mother nature gives persistent anglers plenty of second chances. Nearly 1 million sockeye return to the Kenai every summer. Sockeye salmon is well known for its superior meat quality and rich flavor, making it a favorite among locals when filling their freezers for winter.

Silver Salmon start entering the Kenai in early August. These aggressive biters are known for their acrobatic fights. Once they arrive, action is nonstop and limits are common. Kenai silvers average 10-12lbs, with larger fish weighing close to 20lbs. These fish can be quite a handful especially on light tackle and fishing usually stays good through late September. Don't forget your jacket.

Pink Salmon or humback salmon are only available on even-numbered years. Their semiannual returns are hard to miss as literally millions of them arrive at once. They fill the river for about three weeks and are really very easy to catch. Children love catching them one after another and even adults have been known to join the chaos. Pinks have a high oil content in their meat and are best for eating when taken just out of the saltwater.

Your hosts, Mark and Cindy Glassmaker, want to make your stay in Alaska one of the most memorable experiences of your life. To this end, Moose Horn Hollow and Edgewater Lodge offer scenic accommodations with all the comforts of home. Located at 33350 Keystone drive, our cabins are just 5 miles from Soldotna, and are either on or within walking distance to the Kenai River. Whether you are fishing or vacationing you will appreciate the amenities of our new accommodations. We want our cabins to be your home away from home in Alaska.

These 20 x 32 custom-built vacation homes feature two private bedrooms and one full bath. They have a full kitchen including a full size refrigerator, gas range, and microwave oven. They have a natural gas furnace for heat, and are finished with rounded sheetrock corners, custom-milled trim, Berber carpet, hemlock doors and maple cabinets. They have a spacious living room with ceiling fan, modern innerspring futon as well as satellite television and a telephone. An outdoor deck features a full-size gas grill. There is also a community fire pit for evening campfires. An outdoor deck features a full-size gas grill.

Exclusive Kenai River bank fishing is a bonus for cabin guests. There is great fishing for sockeye salmon, king salmon, silver salmon, pink salmon, dolly varden and rainbow trout in our back yard.

After you have been fishing with us, we will fillet your catch, however you will need to take it to the fish processor for vacuum sealing and freezing so that you can take your catch home with you. Our processor of choice is conveniently located on the main Sterling highway near the bridge that crosses over the Kenai River. The processor will create an account for you and process your fish so that when you are ready to leave on your journey home, the fish will be packed in insulated boxes that will keep the fish frozen for 36 hours or more. Thus, you can be assured that when you return home, your fish will be ready to transfer into your freezer without any loss of quality.

Alaskan salmon is well known for being the finest salmon in the world. Being high in beneficial Omega-3 acids, wild Alaskan salmon is of much better eating quality and more nutritious than the farmed salmon you will typically find in the market. You can tell the difference by color alone. Wild Alaskan king, silver and sockeye salmon has a deep red color, unlike the farmed salmon that must be colored to become pinkish. And, there is no greater satisfaction than sharing your catch with family and friends when you get home.

Rainbow Trout fishing on the Kenai River is among the finest in the world. Since the majority of the anglers that visit the Kenai are pursuing salmon, trout fishing is often overlooked. We recommend at least one day of trout fishing. Kenai rainbows are extremely plentiful. They are indeed the most wild and beautiful fish you will ever see. Since the rainbow trout is one the the river's year-round inhabitants, and not a harvest species, we return them all to the river after photos.


Alaska remains one of the last true strongholds for Brown Bears worldwide. The vast untamed wilderness of America's Last Frontier supports both inland Grizzly Bears and Coastal Brown Bears. Grizzly Bears are relatively smaller than their coastal cousins and are found mostly in Alaska's interior region where there are no salmon. Denali National Park is a very likely place to see a Grizzly Bear in the wild. Brown Bears are considerably larger than the Grizzly and are found throughout Southeast and South-Central Alaska with the largest bears living on the main Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island.

The Kenai Peninsula supports a healthy population of Brown Bears and visitors should always use caution and respect when fishing or hiking in bear country. Even though there are a number of brown bears in the area, your chances of actually seeing one remains quite slim. Kenai Peninsula Brown Bears, especially those that live near more populated areas, have developed nocturnal feeding habits, and are most active at night when there are less people around.

Although we do occasionally see bears on the Kenai, especially in the Wildlife Refuge below Skilak Lake, it is usually just a quick glimpse as they disappear into the thick forest. There are some places where visitors have a good chance to view brown bears close up. A fly out fishing trip to Wolverine Creek on the West Side of Cook Inlet offers a unique and almost guaranteed opportunity to watch and photograph wild Alaska Brown Bears in their natural habitat. The abundance of sockeye that gather where Wolverine Creek flows into Big River Lake, attracts both anglers and bears alike and from the boats we can witness bears close up as they take their turn fishing the shallow bay. Fishing is prohibited when bears are present and all fish are stored in bear proof containers. Responsible human behavior has helped to preserve this unique proximity of people and bears and despite thousands of visitors to this location annually, no serious human-bear conflicts have ever been reported.

Another excellent way to increase your odds of seeing a brown bear in Alaska is to take a flight seeing tour. Getting up in the air and flying over prime bear habitat will allow you a unique perspective. Along with both brown and black bear you can expect to see a wide variety of Alaska wildlife on a flight seeing tour including Moose, Dall Sheep, Bald Eagles, and many other wild creatures.

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Kenai River, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, Mark Glassmaker, Alaska Fishing, sockeye salmon, silver salmon, rainbow trout, King Salmon, Pink Salmon, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char, Halibut , Kenai River, Alaska , Full Service, Drive-in, Fly-in, Guides and , Full Service, Drive-in, Fly-in, Guides , The Kenai Peninsula supports a healthy population of Brown Bears. The abundance of sockeye that gather where Wolverine Creek flows into Big River Lake, attracts both bears and anglers from The abundance of sockeye salmon that gather where Wolverine Creek flows into Big River Lake, attracts both anglers and bears alike.



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