Northern Pike Fishing Lodges
Northern Pike Fishing Lodges  
Northern Pike Fishing Lodges

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Please use the following for searching your northern pike fishing lodge, resort or outpost. There are over 400 northern pike fishing lodges listed with us.

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Lawrence Bay Lodge - The fishing at Lawrence Bay Lodge on Reindeer Lake has a lot to offer every fisherperson from huge Northern Pike to trophy Lake Trout.

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Pike Trophy Fishing Outposts

  • Kasba Lake Lodge - specializes in triple trophy fishing ferocious Northern Pike, huge Lake Trout and the world's biggest Arctic Grayling.
  • Flint Wilderness Resort -
    World Class fishing for Trophy Northern Pike, Walleye, Perch and Speckled Trout Fishing with Flint Wilderness Fishing Resort on Klotz Lake in Ontario.
  • Northwood Outposts - Trophy northern pike and walleye are commonly caught in these very dark waters but the lake is known mainly for the abundance of fish with Northwood.

Northern Fishing Lodges

  • Laurie River Lodge - Some of the finest Northern Pike fishing in Mantioba. A fly-in lodge in northern Manitoba.
  • Hatchet Lake Lodge - Located in Northern Saskatchewan, we offer fly, rod and spin fishing for trophy lake trout, trophy northern pike, arctic grayling, walleye and more!
  • Lynn Lake Fly-in Outpost Camps - Fly-in lake fishing for Trophy Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling. Lynn Lake, Northern Manitoba is the home of Lynn Lake Fly-In Outpost Camps.
  • Mattice Lake Outfitters - Mattice Lake Fishing Outfitters offers truly spectacular walleye and northern pike fishing on many Ontario Outpost Lakes. Base camp in Armstrong, Ontario.
  • Ontario Wildnerness Houseboat Rentals - Enjoy angling for walleyes, crappies, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and muskies.

Pike Fishing Lodges

Northern pike often consume prey half their own length including minnows, frogs, crayfish, mice, muskrats, ducklings, and even their own kind. Arctic pike may live for up to 25 years. Primarily a freshwater fish, it occurs in most of Canada with the exception of the Maritime Provinces.

Northern Pike are widely distributed in Ontario. Historically they have not been found in the Haliburton Highlands and the Kawartha Lakes of central Ontario. However, northern pike are expanding their range and can now be found in the northwestern corner of the Kawarthas. In a lake environment pike prefer weedy bays, estuaries and shoals as spring and summer habitat. During cool autumn days pike are most likely to seek deeper water. Northern Pike are aggressive feeders through spring, summer and fall and continue to be caught through the ice during the winter months. Northern Pike will take just about every kind of live and artificial bait, including very large streamer flies.

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