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Zachar Bay Lodge Inc.
Wilderness adventures for salmon and halibut in Kodiak Island Alaska. Visit our first class resort for your perfect Fishing Vacation.


Fly-in, Guides

Fishing Available:
Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Salmon, Halibut

Hunting Available:
Sitka Blacktail Deer


Other Information
Dates Open : June 1 to October 1

Lake or Area Name : Kodiak Island, Alaska

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You can satisfy all your fishing desires at Zachar Bay Lodge. Our expert guides will take you on an adventure on Kodiak Island - whether it is flying in the floatplane to a remote lake or river system, fishing the ocean for salmon and halibut, hiking up the Zachar River, or rafting to that favorite fishing hole. Depending on what time period you decide to visit, there are different species of fish available. The dates listed below briefly describe where we fish during the peak runs.

May 15 to June 10 - During this time period, halibut are shifting to shallow water in search of the summer feeding frenzy. Catch small halibut nonstop until your arms ache, or patiently wait for a fish that can easily weigh over a hundred pounds. Halibut fishing at Zachar Bay is extremely different than the perceived deep sea-fishing trip. We stay near to the shore in calm waters, and fish in about 100 feet of water, using fairly light tackle. There is also King Salmon trolling in the bay and Dolly Varden trout that are entering in the Zachar River ( a short boat ride and hike away)

June 1 to July 15 (Fly-out Salmon & Halibut) - Fly-out fishing for the red and king salmon. A fly-out is when a floatplane takes you and your guide to a remote lake or river system for the day. The plane will return in the evening to take you back to the lodge after a day of fishing. Choose our Fly-out Salmon Package to have 3 fly-out trips, which includes three days traveling to various lakes and rivers to fish for salmon. The other two days can be spent halibut fishing or searching for more salmon by trolling the bays. June and July is also the best time to try for the monster sized halibut, who come from the deep and can fight for hours.

July 15 to August 15 (Pinks, Chums, Halibut) - This time period is really good for halibut and ocean fishing. Pink and Chum Salmon start moving into the bays, and nearing the end of July, Pink Salmon fill the Zachar River so thick that you can almost walk across them. Most of the fishing can be done from the beach, riverbank or boat, and Silver Salmon trolling starts being productive in August. If you want to catch and release a lot of fish, this is the best non-stop fishing (catching) that we offer.

August 15 to September 15 (Silvers & Halibut) - The Silver Salmon (Coho) is a premier sport fish and is in full swing by the 15th of August. They are spectacular fighters and the most acrobatic of the Pacific Salmon. On light tackle, they provide a thrilling and memorable fishing experience. In saltwater, you can fish silvers off the capes; or in fresh water, take a ten minute skiff ride from the lodge to the head of Zachar Bay and hike an hour to fish silvers in the Zachar River.Silver Salmon are filtering in thick through the bay and channeling into the Zachar River in astonishing numbers. Head out for a day of trolling or halibut fishing and return back to the lodge worn out from all the action.

Zachar Bay is an ideal location for hunting Sitka Blacktail Deer. Located in the heart of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, we provide access to some of the best hunting on the Island. Rent a skiff for the day to hunt the shoreline of the bay, utilize the boat shuttle service to access areas of the bays, or hunt up the mountain behind the lodge. At the end of the day hang your trophy in our large, bear proof meathouse and then relax in one of our warm and cozy cabins.

Full day guided trips from the lodge offer you the opportunity to view and experience wildlife in its natural environment with a minimum disturbance to the animals and their habitat. New and varied adventures occur on every trip. You will see a variety of marine and land animals in their natural surroundings. We suggest a four day stay to be able to view all the wildlife that we have to offer.

Shoreline Boating - View bears from a boat along the many miles of shoreline encompassing Zachar and Uyak Bays. This is for you if your physical condition limits your ability to hike in rough and uneven terrain. It's an all-day trip and you'll cover almost 100 miles, slowly cruising the shoreline looking for traveling Brown Bears. In some instances, your guide may pull within 20 or 30 feet of the bear, if he considers it to be a safe distance. You will view bird rookeries with puffins and gulls. Often the salmon boats are setting there nets and you may like to watch the process. Lunch will be on a beach, which you may want to explore.

Zachar River Hiking - The best time to view bears is when the vast hordes of salmon ascend their parental river. Zachar River meanders 17 miles from the salt water through steep gorges and wide valleys and meadows filled with beaver ponds. You'll disembark the lodge boat about a mile and a half from the river or at the river mouth, depending upon the stage or tide. At low tide, you'll hike along a dry stream bed. This hike takes you across numerous bear trails, which parallel the river, and you can follow a well-worn bear trail along the river bank. Reaching the river in about 20 minutes, you may find the bears fishing in the first pool of the river. Guides will stop in the various open areas that appear--when your presence is perceived by the bears to be non-threatening, they will return to the river to continue fishing, and you can stay to watch their antics or continue following the river to the next pool.

Mountain Hiking - If you choose to hike up the mountains, you will follow deer or bear trails to reach the 3000 foot summit. The hike begins with thick brush and high grass. The brown bear are keen of hearing and will have vacated this area as soon as human footsteps are heard. Once out of the thick brush you will arrive at a large stand of cottonwood trees on the side of the mountain, and above the cottonwood trees are several benches covered with low grass, brush and trees spaced far enough apart to let you view the bears. As you continue climbing from this point to the top of the mountains, vegetation diminishes until there are only lichens, rocks and snow patches. Bear may be seen on adjacent mountain sides, digging for roots, eating berries or traveling. Several more hours of hiking across the mountain tops, enjoying the breath-taking views and searching for bears, you'll return down the mountain.

Frazer Lake Fly-Out - You will be flown to Frazer Lake fish pass. Frazer Lake is the second largest lake on Kodiak Island. In 1963, a fish pass was constructed by the Alaska Fish and Game that allowed red salmon to enter the lake and spawn. Not only did the lake produce many red salmon, but it has contributed to an increasing bear population in the area. The flight will take about 30 minutes in the lodge airplane allowing close-up view of the spectacular scenery and animals. After landing at Frazer Lake, walk 3/4 of a mile to the fish pass. Bears may be fishing below the 30 foot falls and salmon jumping and ascending the fish pass.

Visit: Kodiak Island, Alaska

Zachar Bay Fishing Lodge, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Salmon, Halibut, Kodiak Island, Alaska , Kodiak Island, Alaska , Fly-in, Guides and Sitka Blacktail Deer , Fly-in, Guides , Zachar Bay Hunting Lodge is an ideal location for hunting Sitka Blacktail Deer. Located in the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, provide access the best hunting on the Island.



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