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Alagnak Lodge
The Alagnak Lodge sits atop a bluff overlooking the "wild & scenic" Alagnak River in the heart of SW Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed. We offer fishing for 5 species.


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Fishing Available:
Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char, Salmon

Hunting Available:


Other Information
Dates Open : mid-June to mid-Sept

Lake or Area Name : Bristol Bay, Alaska

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ALASKA - To the fisherman this word conjures up images of mighty rivers flowing down from snow-capped mountains across desolate tundra, of leaping salmon and big rainbow trout, and of abundant wildlife from the mighty brown bear to the majestic eagles circling overhead. Few places capture this better than the Alagnak River, located in the heart of southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed. This region is home to both the world’s largest runs of wild salmon and Alaska’s finest trophy rainbow trout fishery.

The Alagnak River meanders 67 miles from the two lakes on the northern end of the Katmai National Preserve to Bristol Bay, and is properly designated as “wild and scenic” by the National Park Service. Access is only by floatplane, resulting in a true wilderness fishing experience. You will share the river with many bear, moose, beavers, bald eagles, and other indigenous wildlife.

The Alagnak Lodge sits atop a bluff overlooking the river, just 5 miles inland from the mouth. Our location in the tidal section of the river is unsurpassed, some of the best salmon fishing in Alaska is literally right on our doorstep. At the Alagnak Lodge, you don't have to travel to the fish, they come to you! Each tide brings another batch of chrome-bright salmon, fresh out of the ocean, and full of energy for a fight! Whether you are a novice of expert fisherman, feel the thrill as huge salmon and trophy rainbow trout accept your offering. Our experienced, professional US Coastguard licensed guides will share their knowledge and techniques and take you to the best fishing spots, often within just a few hundred yards of the lodge.

Within sight of the lodge, and just a few minute boat ride from our dock, you can be fishing the best king holes on the river, or wading the best sandbars for silvers and chums. With much of the best fishing so close to the lodge, it’s easy to return to the lodge for a hot meal, much appreciated during inclement weather! Trips upriver to the braids and optional flyouts give you the chance to chase the famous trophy rainbows and other native species such as grayling and char, providing the perfect complement to the fishing opportunities close to the lodge.

For over twenty years, the Alagnak Lodge has provided our guests with excellent fishing, and the best of Alaskan hospitality. We know what it takes to make a great Alaskan experience. Combine our comfortable accommodations, hearty meals, friendly atmosphere, experienced guides, and great location, and you’ve got all the key ingredients for an Alaskan wilderness fishing adventure you won't forget in a hurry!

Join us this summer to experience the incredible fishing opportunities of the Alaskan wilderness. Enjoy a week of fantastic fishing, and leave with memories that will last you for a lifetime.

King (Chinook) Salmon:
In the Alaskan wilderness, bald eagles dominate the skies, brown bears dominate the tundra, and king salmon dominate the rivers. The king or Chinook salmon is the largest of the five species of pacific salmon, and offer anglers true big game fish excitement. Most Alagnak kings range from 25 to 45 pounds, but fish in excess of 70 lbs. have been caught on the Alagnak River. The first of the kings start their migration during the seemingly endless days of late June, and continue until the end of July, when darkness returns for the first time. Best fishing is usually found between July 4th and July 20th. To really appreciate king salmon you have to fish on big water like the lower Alagnak. Our kings will take you far into your backing quicker than you ever thought possible. Big fish, big rods, and big water that add up to the most exhilarating and challenging fishing you will ever experience.

Sockeye (Red) Salmon:
Sockeye or red salmon are usually the first species to return to the river each year. Best fishing is found from the last few days in June through the early part of July. Sockeyes easily outnumber the other species, and when you consider that their run lasts only a few weeks, you can imagine that when the sockeyes are in, the river is teeming with fish. Sockeyes are a beautifully colored fish, which have a reputation of not biting as aggressively as other species. They are the most difficult species of salmon to catch and challenge even the most skilled fly-fisherman, yet with the help of our expert guides providing you with the right flies, offer great fishing to the less experienced angler.

Chum Salmon:
Chum salmon are pound for pound the strongest of the five species of salmon, and are also very aggressive. Every year they cause a few broken rods and reels, a tribute to their tenacious nature. Chum salmon start holding on shallow sandbars in tidewater in front of the lodge in early July and continue entering the river until the middle of August. Chums caught close to the ocean pose a formidable task to bring to hand. You may hear them referred to as dogfish, since Eskimos used to feed them to their sled dogs during winter. Underrated for years, chums have found new acclaim with catch and release fly-fishermen, and are also perfect for the less experienced fisherman. Bright chums fresh from the ocean in the tidal section of the Alagnak River are easily mistaken for silvers.

Coho (Silver) Salmon:
Silver or Coho salmon, which replace the king salmon as the star attraction on the Alagnak River when July turns to August, are an excellent sport fish. Presenting more of a challenge than catch than chums, silvers are characterized by their aggressive behavior, and are famous for their spectacular acrobatic leaps and line-peeling runs. Our guests often compare Alagnak silvers to fishing for steelhead. Silver salmon runs in Alaska are the least predictable of the salmon runs in terms of timing. There are usually two distinct pushes of silvers on the Alagnak, the peaks can fall anytime from early August to early September. For this reason, our silver salmon packages include flyouts, which give us the flexibility to track down the fish if necessary. Flyouts at this time also enable us to go after what is some of the best rainbow trout fishing of the summer, completing the perfect fly-fishing adventure.

Humpback (Pink) Salmon:
The pink or humpback salmon are different in that they return to Alaskan rivers only on even-numbered years. The Alagnak has a good run of these aggressive salmon as they begin their upstream migration the last week of July and continue until mid-August. Pinks are an excellent light tackle fish and are perfect for kids or novice anglers. Their aggressive nature ensures a good catch.

Rainbow Trout:
Bristol Bay is a renowned rainbow trout fishery, and the Alagnak River drainage is one of the best in the area. Trout fishing opportunities abound through August and September using patterns representing salmon eggs and salmon flesh, but the best-kept secret is the rainbow fishing in June, when the fish are feeding aggressively after a winter trapped under ice. At this time millions of salmon smolt head out to sea, and rainbows are easily fooled by streamer patterns. This is the absolute best time to fish for rainbows with dry flies. Catching an Alaskan rainbow on a mouse is one of the most amazing sights in fly-fishing. Much of our rainbow fishing takes place on flyouts, in addition our jet boats offer easy access to the "braids" upriver, where the Alagnak River has hundreds of small channels stretching for miles, making it an ideal habitat for rainbow trout. The rainbows in this part of Alaska are renowned for their beauty and size, with fish exceeding ten pounds landed by guests at the lodge each year.

Arctic Grayling are a small beautiful fish, easily recognized by their large dorsal fin. Grayling will take dry flies even better than rainbows. Grayling average 1-2 lbs, but can exceed 3 lbs on the Alagnak. Best grayling fishing is in June.

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Alagnak Lodge, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char, Salmon, Alagnak Lodge, Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides, Bristol Bay, Alaska , Bristol Bay, Alaska , Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides and , Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides , The Alagnak Lodge sits atop a bluff overlooking the "wild & scenic" Alagnak River in the heart of SW Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed. We offer fishing for 5 species.



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