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Fred Hutchings

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1463 - 7th Ave. East
Prince Rupert ,  BC
V8J 2K4
Phone :  (250) 627-9314
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1463 - 7th Ave. East
Prince Rupert  , BC
V8J 2K4
V8J 2K4
Phone :  (250) 627-9314
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Triple T Charters
Prince Rupert is located on the North Coast of BC only 40 miles below Alaska. With our wide variety of rods and reels, all you need to do is show up at the dock. Excellent fishing, crabbing and whale watching.


Guides, Whale Watching, Crabbing

Fishing Available:
Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Halibut

Hunting Available:


Other Information
Dates Open : Year Round

Lake or Area Name : North Coast, British Columbia

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A day of fishing with Triple T charters will be a memorable one. With our wide variety of rods and reels, all you need to do is show up at the dock with your lunch and we’ll roll out the red carpet for a day of fun and excitement on the water.

While there are no guarantees in fishing, we will do everything possible to make sure you don’t go home empty handed.

Chinook Salmon (King) - Chinooks are the largest of the five species of Pacific Salmon. Chinooks lure anglers from all over the world as they can average 25 to 40 pounds and easily top out at upwards of 100 pounds of fighting, tail-walking fun! Even the most experienced fisherman will have a battle to remember if you hook into one of these "Big Boys". They can be found from late April through early August but they are also caught year-round in the harbour just minutes from shore.

Coho Salmon (Silver) - Coho begin to materialize in late June and start increasing in size and abundance well into September. Their hard-hitting aggressive behavior, acrobatic displays and non-stop action make this fish an excellent adventure for all, regardless of your fishing experience. Pound for pound (averaging 10 - 18 pounds) these fish will give you the fun and excitement that will paint a mile-wide grin on your face!

Halibut - Halibut is the largest of the game fish you will encounter on the north coast. This tasty white fish averages 25-50 pounds but many people have landed halibut in excess of 100 pounds. They are available year round with the exception of January but increase in numbers from May through September. Depending on location, halibut can be caught by trolling in waters as shallow as 10 feet or by bottom fishing in over 300 feet of water. Ling Cod, Red Snapper (Yellow Eye) and rockfish are also available through out the summer and are frequently caught while jigging for halibut.

Crabbing - Crabs are available throughout the year; be sure to let the Captain know before you set off to drop a few traps. This will ensure some fine finger food at the end of the day. The experience of eating freshly cooked crabs will be a great cap to a memorable day on the water with Triple T Charters.

Whale Watching - This could also be called "being watched by the whales", as sometimes these heafty beasts like to come right to the boat, especially while fishing. The most common whales to see are the Orcas, with the large dorsal fin of the male sitting high above the water and leading the pod in search of food. The majestic Humpbacks are breath taking when they breech the water sometimes sending out a splash that will leave you sitting in amazement! The graceful Grey whales seem to glide effortlessly through the waters of the Pacific Northwest as they migrate up and down the coast. The playful antics of the black porpoise will also provide a good source of entertainment for kids of all ages.

Located only 40 or so miles from Alaskan waters, Mountains and inlets here are no different than Alaska. There are many islands and coves to explore – some with majestic white sand beaches that will make you wonder if you aren’t stuck on an island in the South Pacific rather than a few miles from Prince Rupert.

Sites like Work Channel are always popular places to explore. There are huge, magnificent waterfalls that cascade effortlessly from mountain ridges to the sea.

Rock formations such as Indian Head are always interesting to look at. Eddy Pass and Oval Bay, with its mile-long sandy beach is always fun for the whole family and can be a great place to have a bonfire lunch while allowing time to explore the beach for washed-up treasures.

Visit: North Coast, British Columbia

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