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Tourette Fishing
Your African fresh and salt water sport fishing safari and eco-tourism specialists. Tourette Fishing will provide you with the perfect blend of superb sport fishing, African wildlife, and adventure all at unbeatable prices. Come on, Try fight it in Africa!


Remote Outposts, Full Service, Guides

Fishing Available:
Tigerfish, Nkupe, Vundu, Nembwe, Couta, King Fish, Sailfish, Dorado

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Dates Open : Year Round

Lake or Area Name : Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and more

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Main Phone: (=27 33) 344-2250
Main Fax Number: (+27 33) 345 1500

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Tourette Fishing is a company specializing in building and leading customized overland sport fishing tours. Essentially Tourette Fishing operates four types of sport fishing safaris, these being:
- Overland Sport Fishing Safaris
- Tiger Fishing Safaris (and other African fresh water species)
- Fishing Ski Adventure Safaris (Salt water sport fishing)
- Live aboard sport fishing charters to St Lazarus Banks and the Quirimba Archipelago

Tourette Fishing believes in providing our customers a quality service with no hidden costs. All itineraries are carefully planned so as to coincide with the optimal fishing seasons at the decided destinations. Tourette Fishing guides are qualified (FGASA and TASKS) and familiar with all areas of operation, and are thus able to provide our clients with invaluable knowledge concerning the fishing, fauna, and flora in all areas of operation.

Tourette Fishing base all our destinations on two main criteria; firstly they have to offer good-quality and consistent fishing, and secondly they must be located within or close to pristine wilderness areas. By carefully choosing our destinations in this manner Tourette Fishing ensures that our clients experience the best Africa has to offer with regards to fishing, wildlife, African culture and adventure.

Tigerfish - The vivid colouration, large protruding teeth, short dorsal, small adipose fin and lateral stripes along the body clearly distinguish this fish from other species. A knowledge of the behaviour and daily movements of tigerfish is a prerequisite of the successful angler. When waters recede from flood plains, usually through well defined exit routes bringing great quantities of small fish back to the main river angling begins in earnest. Tigerfish can be successfully caught by numerous fishing techniques. Spoons, rapalas and spinners are all successful. Drifting baits and live baits is extremely successful in the mid-Zambezi. Fly fishing for tiger is fast growing into one of the most popular methods of pursuing these magnificent predators.

Cornish Jack - The small depressed head, terminal mouth and elongated body serve to separate this species from the rest of the mormyrids. Depending on water quality and varying dorsally between yellow and bronze with an off-white silvery ventral surface. Juveniles are a deep blue colour. One of the largest and most popular angling species. Because of its relatively small mouth large bait is not necessary and a thin fillet of fresh fish is as good as anything, though it will take worms and crabs and has been known to take a small spoon. Deep quiet pools are its favorite retreat and light tackle is adequate to handle this fish not renowned for its fighting abilities.

Eastern Bottlenose - Elongated snout with terminal mouth are two of the characteristics separating this species from other mormyrids. Pale to dark olive-grey on the dorsal surface becoming off-white to silver on the belly. As colloquial names go, the bottlenose has a fairly apt and descriptive name. Its tiny mouth necessitates a small hook. Worm bait has proved most rewarding. It prefers deeper pools where there is little or no current. Light tackle provides the best sport.

African Pike - The dentition is probably the most striking character. The upper jaw teeth are sharp pointed, with large canines evident. Two rows of teeth are present in the lower jaw, the outer with canines interspersed with pointed smaller teeth. Like the tigerfish the african pike invariably jumps out of the water when hooked. It is a pity that they do not attain a reasonable weight as they have admirable sporting qualities. Small spoons, rapalas and flies all work well. Live bait, using barbs or topminnows, give good results and provides a different challenge to the angler.

Africa - From the majestic sailfish to the mighty tigerfish, the feisty meercat to the ferocious lion, Africa is an Eden for fishing and wildlife enthusiasts. The countless number of exciting and unique salt and fresh water species to be caught, coupled with some of the most diverse flora and fauna on our planet make Africa the obvious fishing destination for anyone longing for a truly adventurous fishing experience.

The Company - Finally a company that combines sport fishing with an African adventure. Tourette Fishing is dedicated to building and guiding customized overland sport fishing tours throughout Southern and East Africa. Our aim is to incorporate pristine sport fishing destinations with untouched wildlife reserves, and a fair amount of adventure on the side. Tourette Fishing core areas of operation are South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Our guides are responsible young men, passionate about Africa, sport fishing and its wildlife. All are qualified and registered with the Fields Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) and The African Sea Kayaking Society (TASKS). With a wealth of experience, they are more than competent to guide you when fishing for any of the numerous species and exploring all of the wilderness areas found in southern Africa.

Nkupe - A deep bodied fish with a protruding snout and a terminal mouth. A rounded dorsal fin distinguishes this fish from the very similar chessa. There is a strong group of anglers who believe that the Nkupe and Chessa, weight for weight, are amongst the most exciting sporting fish in Southern African waters. A great variety of baits have proven successful including worms, insects, entrails of birds, fish fillets, meat and are now days targeted on fly.

Chessa - Juveniles have 12 or more vertical bands along the body and so can be easily separated from the nkupe. It has a blunt snout, with the mouth situated almost under the jaw. The dorsal fin is more angular than the nkupe.

Vundu - No other catfish in our waters have such a large second dorsal or adipose fin, nor such long barbells, which reach almost to the origin of the pelvic fin, as does the vundu. Fishing practice is as for most catfish but, naturally, larger baits and heavier tackle are used. Anglers' bait preferences include ox livers, hearts, kidneys, plucked birds, meat and fish that have been cut down the belly and turned inside out. The smaller specimens will take a spoon and, like their bigger brothers, tend to move down stream using the current and their heavy weight to combat the angler. The further they run the greater the possibility of getting snagged on some underwater obstruction. Heavy tackle, to cut short this initial run and keep the battle in open water, is a time and tackle-saving tip.

Visit: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and more

Southern Africa, Tourette Fishing, Tigerfish, Cornish Jack, Eastern Bottlenose, African Pike, Nkupe, Chessa, Vundu, Tilapia, Nembwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia , Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and more , Remote Outposts, Full Service, Guides and , Remote Outposts, Full Service, Guides , Tourette Fishing offers salt water fishing for Couta, Sailfish, Natal Snoek, Red Steenbras, Giant Kingfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Prodigal Son, Pickhandle Baracuda in South Africa.



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