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Bill and Karen Davoren

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Dryden  , ON
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Sandy Point Camp
Enjoy the peacefulness and privacy we have to offer. Great fishing and hunting. Please check out our web-site and call with any questions. You will fish on over ten different lakes for walleye, lake trout and northern pike. Many trophy fish are caught and released each week.


Drive-in, Guides, Cabin Cleaning

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Moose, White-tailed Deer, Grouse


Other Information
Dates Open : Mid May - mid November

Lake or Area Name : Kawashegamuk Lake, Dryden, Ontario

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We are located on the shores of Kawashegamuk Lake. You will be fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout on over ten different lakes. Our guests catch and release many trophies each season. Due to our remote location we see very little fishing pressure.

Sandy Point Camp has smaller lakes close to camp that have great walleye fishing. We have boat caches on these lakes and they are easy to get to. The beauty of our walleye fishing is not only will you catch lots of good eating size walleye with the occasional trophy, you get to fish different lakes, which adds to the adventure of your fishing vacation.

In the fall Sandy Point Camp offers outstanding Black Bear Hunting, Moose hunting, Grouse hunting and Whitetail Deer hunting. Our remote location and abundant game gives our hunters a high success rate. We are located in a wilderness region east of Dryden and in between Vermillion bay and Ignace which is becoming well known as one of the best locations for trophy Whitetail Bucks in North America.

Black Bear Hunting: Sandy Point Camp has an outstanding Black Bear hunt with our hunting guests having an unusually high success rate. Our remote location combined with the absence of other bear hunting outfitters in the area ensures our hunting guests not only good numbers of bears but big bears. Our bears average 250 lbs to 350 lbs. On occasion even larger bears have been seen and harvested. Sighting rates are close to 100% and due to the way we have our stands set up, success rates could be almost as high but that depends on the hunter's desire to pass on bears and wait for a bigger trophy.

Our Bear Management Area is many square miles of pristine wilderness and begins right out of camp so there are no unusually long traveling distances to get to our bait stations. All of our baits are at least 1 mile apart. Many of our bear-bait stations are easy to get to and can accommodate persons with physical challenges. Our ground blinds are especially convenient for this.

Sandy Point Camp takes a limited number of bear hunters. This guarantees an excellent Black Bear population and excellent success rate for big trophy Black Bears. We run our bear hunts the first week of September. Baiting begins well before the season opens and by the time you arrive we know when and where the bears are.

On Sandy Point Camp lakes you will find rocky points, weedy bays and sunken reefs which is perfect habitat for large Northern Pike. Streams and rivers running in and out supply the pike with spawning grounds. Abundant baitfish provide the banquet for our northerns. All this combined with our conservation attitude explain the high population of Northern Pike.

Northern Pike in our lakes are common in the 4 - 8 lb pound range which is the perfect size for eating. There are many Pike over 20 lbs caught and released each year. There have been some monsters approaching the fifty inch range. Trophies in the 35 - 43 range are common, these fish weigh 15 - 23 lbs.

Sandy Point Camp asks guests to handle trophy pike with care, take a picture and release them. This way we can keep the great fishing we enjoy for future generations.

Many fisherpersons in the past have not focused their attention on Lake Trout fishing because their first experience was either on a lake with a low population of Lake Trout or the proper equipment and techniques were not used. You will have a blast with Lake Trout on Kawashegamuk Lake.

Lake Trout in our lake fight like hell. They taste fantastic and are easy to catch. The really exciting aspect of Lake Trout fishing, which makes many Lake Trout fisherpersons total fanatics, is the fact that it's an easy way to catch a really big fish.

Lake Trout in our lake are very common in the 1 to 5-pound range because that is when they grow the fastest. These are also the best for eating. Guests do catch lots of Lakers in the 5 to 12-pound range but they are less frequent than the smaller ones.

Some guests bring specialized equipment for Lake Trout but it's really not necessary. In the spring the Lake Trout are caught on the surface and all you need to do is cast or troll. Later when it gets warm, the trout do go deeper but believe it or not, it's easier to catch them because they concentrate themselves in certain parts of the lake. Please read our fishing tips to see how to catch them with your Walleye or Pike rod. Then when you get here; we will get you going on some awesome trout fishing.

No other place on Earth has more Walleye lakes then Northwestern Ontario. Our clean cool lakes also produce the best tasting Walleyes. Their meat is white, not transparent, and cook-up nice and fluffy. Walleye are simply the best tasting fish.

Sandy Point Camp has 9 outstanding Walleye lakes within a short drive of the camp. We keep boats on five of these lakes so it's just a matter of jumping in the boat and going fishing.

Due to our remote location and the low fishing pressure, guests can expect to catch lots of Walleyes. Like any game fish, weather is a major factor. Guest can expect to catch 20 to 40 Walleyes in a day depending on how hard they fish and how well they know the lake.

There are always those outstanding days when the Walleyes are bite like crazy and you find a spot where it's one Walleye after another. We have had guests catch 60 to 80 Walleyes in one day.

Every day guests catch and release walleye in the 18 - 26 inch range. Several 30 - 32 inch walleye are caught each season. These are our breeders, we ask you to release all walleye 18 inches and over. These large fish are fun to catch and they produce the eaters we love to take home. We are doing our best to protect and preserve the great walleye fishing we enjoy.

Visit: Kawashegamuk Lake, Dryden, Ontario

Sandy Point Camp, Fishing, walleye, pike, northern pike, lake trout, ontario, Drive-in, Guides, Cabin Cleaning , Kawashegamuk Lake, Dryden, Ontario , Drive-in, Guides, Cabin Cleaning and Black Bear, Moose, White-tailed Deer, Grouse , Drive-in, Guides, Cabin Cleaning , Sandy Point Camp offers outstanding Black Bear Hunting, Moose hunting, Grouse hunting and Whitetail Deer hunting. Our remote location and abundant game gives our hunters a high success rate. We are located in a wilderness region east of Dryden and in between Vermillion bay and Ignace



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