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Safari River Outdoors
Welcome to bear hunting Saskatchewan your black bear hunting guide for hunters looking to black bear hunt Saskatchewan. Yes Safari River Outdoors hunts whitetails! We've put several in the Boone and Crocket record book and our experience has proven that we have both the habitat and the genetics to produce monster white-tails. Canadian trophy whitetail hunting awaits you.


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Lake or Area Name : Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

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With our spring hunts running at 100% success since 1990 and our fall hunts at about 90-95% our bear hunts are high success hunts! Our unique location on the forest fringe gives us easy access to quality bear habitat in both the farmland and the forest. Our bear hunting area in the forest is comprised of over 200 square miles in addition to the 100 +square miles of farmland we can hunt with permission of land owners. Lots of ground and lots of bears.

Safari River Outdoors have taken our share of monster bears with big fellows in the 400 LB range with over 20 inch skulls each year. Our heaviest bear to date was well over 500 lbs spring weight and the largest hide measured 7'6" from nose to tail. Though most of the bears we take are black approximately 1 in 5 is a colored bear. Our northern bears have beautiful coats and make a fine hunting trophy.

Most of Safari River Outdoors bear hunts are baited hunts ( though we do have some spot and stalk opportunities in the farmland in September) . Our baits are put out over a month before the season starts and we generally run twice as many baits as our total # of hunters for any given season. This I feel is the reason for our high success rates and high quality hunting experience. For those who don't mind roughing it a bit we do use portable tent camps to hunt the more remote parts of our area thereby distributing the harvest throughout our operating area.

We use large portable treestands ,API's Grandstand to be precise, and we can set them up for either rifle, muzzle-loader or archery hunters. Travel to the hunting area can be by boat,ATV or 4x4 vehicle.

Spring bear hunts are run in May with the fall hunts running from late August to late September. There is no draw for non-resident hunting licenses and I am able to buy the 30 licenses that I am allotted each year without any difficulty.

Since 1990 Safari River Outdoors have been sending our hunters home with large bodied heavy horned northern trophy white-tails. At 250lbs to well over 300 lb. on the hoof these northern monarchs are exciting to hunt. Our hunters have put several deer in the Boone and Crockett record book and taken many more that have missed the minimum by only inches. With harvest rates consistently between 90% and 100% we have proven that we have the habitat the numbers and the genetics for productive hunting and for the production of monster white-tails.

Located in Saskatchewan's North West near the town of Meadow Lake our deer hunting area encompasses 215 square miles of largely aspen forest interspersed with stands of Spruce and Pine. Natural meadows , forest openings, ridges, lakes and logged areas add to make a varied terrain and topography. Very simply this is prime white-tail habitat .

Safari River Outdoors deer hunts are baited stand hunts. About two to three weeks before the season the guides and I are out on the area looking for sign and setting up. The key to our success is in this preseason work. Through the years we have learned a great deal about where our deer like to be running between 75 and 85 stand sites per year. With the use of scouting cameras we have even a better idea of what awaits our hunters.

Since 1990 I have seen the antler size of our white-tail deer fluctuate with the better years seemingly following early springs with early green up. Based on my experience the bulk of our harvest still continues to be good solid mid to high 140 class deer with anywhere from 40% to 60% of the harvest going 150 or better depending on the type of spring we have had and how severe the winter.

Safari River Outdoors uses both large portable treestands with camouflaged wind aprons and stand bags to keep our hunters warm and portable ground blinds. All our stands and ground blinds have shooting rails to assist our hunters in good shot placement. Increasingly our older hunters are requesting ground blinds and not only are these comfortable but very effective especially for scent control. Most of our deer are taken mid-day so an all day sit is required.

In addition to our hunts based at our fully modern base camp we have 2 outposts that have proven to be very popular with our hunters. One is permanent with thermostatically controlled propane heat and electric lights . The other is a portable camp with thermostatically controlled propane heat and gas lights.

Visit: Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

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