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Pete and Thea Ritchie

Main Address :
215 Rio Villa Dr. # 3289
Punta Gorda ,  FL
Phone :  (800) 637-7923
Fax :  (941) 637-5938

Summer Address :
General Delivery
Biscotasing  , ON
P0M 1C0
Phone :  (705) 239-2843
Fax : 

Toll Free :  800-637-7923

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Rays Camps
We are the only camp on Ramsey Lake. There are no cottages either. NO fishing pressure on this lake. $ 570.00 Can dollar will buy you 6 days of fishing, lodging food and boat and motor included. 75% booked. Hope to see you there!


Fly-in, Boat-in, Full Service

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike

Hunting Available:


Other Information
Dates Open : May to October

Lake or Area Name : Biscotasing, Ontario

Toll Free Number: October to March (800) 637-7923.

We have a remote camp. No boat traffic on our lake. We have been operating fishing lodges for 18 years with many repeat customers. Try our remote camp without the price of flying in.

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We offer exclusive walleye (pickerel) and pike fishing on beautiful 10,000 acre Ramsey Lake near Biscotasing, Northern Ontario, a piece of God's Country that civilization has not marred in the rugged Canadian wilderness. We are located 3˝ hours from Sudbury and 4˝ hours from Sault Ste. Marie.

Ray's is the only Camp on the lake, so, except for the odd roamer or canoe tripper, you will meet only with our other guests. In other words, you are back in the bush. We have a large new fish hut with running water, lights, and freezing facilities.

The fishing at Ramsey Lake is second to none. Ramsey is a hotbed for walleye and northern pike fishing, with walleye in the 2-4 pound range fairly common, and larger fish not out of the question. Northern pike are found throughout the lake and average in the 5-8 pound range, with pike upwards of 20 pounds being caught on occasion.

Walleye - Minnows, nightcrawlers and leeches comprise the three principal baits for walleyes. Wise anglers sometimes bring all three, since walleyes often show a preference for one bait over others.

Northern Pike - Northern pike feed mainly on other fish, but will attack any creature that wanders too close, including frogs, birds and ducklings. Their aggressive nature makes them susceptible to a variety of lures and live bait rigs. Anglers frequently catch pike while fishing for walleye. Some fishermen consider pike a nuisance, while others relish the strong fight these fish deliver.

Visit: Biscotasing, Ontario

Walleye, Northern Pike, Rays Camps, Fly-in, Boat-in, Ray's Camps, Biscotasing, Ontario, Ramsey Lake, fishing lodge , Biscotasing, Ontario , Fly-in, Boat-in, Full Service and , Fly-in, Boat-in, Full Service , The fishing at Ramsey Lake is great with Rays Camps. Ray's Camps offer exclusive walleye and pike fishing on beautiful 10,000 acre Ramsey Lake near Biscotasing, Northern Ontario.



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