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ProFish-n-Sea Charters
ProFish-n-Sea's Steve Zernia, is a second-generation Alaska Charter Fishing Captain. He will give his all out effort to put you on fish and make your Alaska fishing dreams come true.


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Fishing Available:
Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, King Salmon, Coho Salmon

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Dates Open : April to September

Lake or Area Name : Seward, Alaska Fishing Charters

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A special breed of angler flocks to this nook of the world, where fishing lore is born. Alaska fishing legend is home to salmon runs so thick you can walk across their backs, halibut so big they're called barn doors, and bottom fish so plentiful, fishing for them is called "catching". Alaska's fishing bounty is so rich it continues to feed a hungry world.

Every fisherman dreams of the day he or she can make the pilgrimage to the fabled Alaska Fishing Mecca. Living your Alaska fishing charter dream doesn't have to wait any longer. It's more affordable than you realize. We have Alaska Fishing Charter packages to fit just about any budget.

When sport fishermen mention the best of the best, they are talking about Alaska Salmon Fishing. It's pole-busting, reel screaming, line-burning action…angler vs. fish…no-holds-barred, heart-pounding excitement.

In these frigid Alaskan waters, salmon are at their apex. Before your very eyes a school of tenaciously feisty, chrome-bright lunkers can emerge in a flash, under the boat, chasing your bait. Sight-fishing for salmon in saltwater may sound like a dream, but come on, after all this is Alaska.

If you plan on fishing in Alaska, you want an experienced well-seasoned guide. Someone who can pinpoint the best time and place to fish. A guide who knows these waters thoroughly.

ProFish-n-Sea's Steve Zernia, is a second-generation Alaska Charter Fishing Captain. Friendly and soft spoken, Steve enjoys helping you experience an unforgettable day of fishing. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice, Steve will work hard to see that you savor the same pleasure and thrill. He will give his all out effort to put you on fish and make your Alaska fishing.

The immense bounty of Alaska's halibut fishery becomes perfectly evident onboard an Alaska Halibut fishing charter. To most fishermen around the world a successful fishing trip is measured by the number of bites, number of hookups, or number of fish that were landed.

Alaska halibut fishing is a whole different story. Success is measured in pounds. Hundreds of pounds, even thousands of pounds. 1,000 pounds of Pacific Halibut sounds like the haul of a commercial long-liner, not the catch of a six-passenger Alaska halibut charter vessel. But once in a while, with the confluence of the perfect conditions, every baited hook seems to fall helplessly into the waiting mouth of a 100-pound halibut.

Alaska Halibut fishing can quickly turn into controlled pandemonium as hookups test the tackle's strength and the angler's determination. You need a guide who has a lifetime of experience landing huge Alaska halibut to coach you through the fight.

When they strike, these leviathans can dive straight down peeling line and pinning you to the rail. The right technique will mean the difference between exhausting yourself and tiring out the behemoth at the end of your line. Captain Steve Zernia will happily teach you the correct techniques to win the battle with a "barn-door" Alaska halibut. From feeling the first bite, to the pole bending hookup, and all the way to the gaff, he will guide you every step of the way.

Alaska King Salmon Fishing Charters:
- The thought of catching an Alaska King Salmon can conjure up visions of hour-long fights and King Salmon so big they bust nets! Alaska is known world-wide as the place to go for giant King Salmon and we can take you there. Whether its catching a trophy Kenai River King Salmon, experiencing the action of a Kasilof River drift trip, or trolling the open ocean for feeder King Salmon our experienced guides can take you to the best action. King Salmon are the largest of all the salmon species. The Alaska state record King Salmon: 97lbs.
- The most effective technique for catching King Salmon in the saltwater is trolling. Anglers troll mainly whole or plug-cut herring but lures such as vibrax and tee-spoons are also effective at times.
- In Seward, King Salmon are also sometimes caught while mooching for Silver Salmon, this makes for quite a battle on lighter Silver Salmon tackle. King Salmon can be caught almost year round in Seward. Boats often troll for "feeder kings" or "winter kings" during winter months. Feeder Kings are fish living out the saltwater portion of their lives and are not immediately on their way to spawn like most King Salmon caught during the spring/summer months.

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing Guide:
- Seward's Silver Salmon fishing is Alaska salmon fishing at its finest! Imagine schools of ocean-bright Coho Salmon so thick you can sight fish for them. This is not just an Alaska salmon fishing dream! We regularly chum schools of these chrome-bright "Silvers" right up under the boat, even in the middle of the ocean! Seward salmon fishing; where multiple hookups are the norm not the exception. The limit, ranging from 3 to 6, depending on the area, is usually a slam-dunk during the peak season or July and August, and can provide non-stop excitement. Fishing Seward Alaska for Silver Salmon is the highlight for many anglers during their Alaska fishing vacation. In fact the boat record for quickest limit was 42 Silver Salmon in 48 minutes. Now that's action!
- Coho Salmon are well regarded for their tenacious, acrobatic fight. Silver Salmon average 8-10 lbs with fish up to 20 pounds taken each year. Seward is known world wide for its large run of Silver Salmon and the annual Seward Silver Salmon Derby that begins the second Saturday of August each year.

Alaska Halibut Fishing:
- Alaska halibut fishing is pure rod-busting, arm-burning excitement, pinning you to the rail. If you have fished for halibut anywhere in the world except Alaska you're missing the boat. This is "Alaska halibut fishing"!
- Alaska halibut are stealthy predators perfectly suited for life on the bottom of the ocean. Camouflaged to blend anonymously with the sea floor, they lie in wait for unsuspecting fish, crabs, or invertebrates to venture by.
- These fish congregate along the edges of underwater shelves and around rocky outcroppings on the ocean floor. Sport-caught halibut average around 30 lbs but fish of 100 or more pounds are caught all the time.

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