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Big River ,  SK
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Poplar Point Resort
All of our hunts take place on our 80,000 plus acres which borders the forest fringe. The camp is situated on Cowan Lake.


Full Service, Drive in, Guides, Store/Rentals

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Brown Bear, White-tailed Deer, Ducks, Geese, Other Game Bird


Other Information
Dates Open : Year Round

Lake or Area Name : Cowan Lake, Saskatchewan

Come and spend a night or two along the shores of Cowan Lake. As you sit by your campfire, cooking the catch of the day, you can watch beavers swim back and forth as the sun sets. Life doesn't get much better.

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With access to over 80,000 acres of prime hunting land in northern Saskatchewan Poplar Point Resort is proud to maintain its 100% success rate in the bear hunting statistics. Large animals, such as a 21 ¼ that was taken last year are here for the taking. The color phase in the area can fluctuate from thirty to thirty five percent depending on genetics and harvest year.

One of the most exciting experiences that Vic will always speak of was when he and Bob Morgan (repeat customer, and friend) sat in a tree stand only to witness thirteen different bears come into a bait in less than four hours. This alone became one of Bob’s most memorable experiences.

The baits are placed long before a hunter’s arrival. Careful placement of the stand allows for a clean shot and a safe atmosphere for the hunters. Customized tree stands are built to allow for the most comfort and security for the guests.

Just two years ago remarkable tracks where found, they measured out at 7 ½ inches. With an average size of a big bear being 6 ½,we can only guess this boy to be over 500 lbs.

Special care is given to every hunter, from the beginning of his or her experience to the finish. With incredible home cooked meals, personalized service, tracking of the animal and the preparation of the animal for transport home.

Saskatchewan could be considered the Mecca of white tailed deer hunting, and has readily become the dream of every serious deer hunter. Sitting in the comfort of a secure tree stand watching a lynx, moose or wolf pass by can only be counted as part of a fantastic hunting experience. Surrounded by over 80,000 acres, bordering the forest fringe, lying nestled in the tall pines and timbers is Poplar Point Resort. With access to such an incredible amount of land, this allows for a wide variety of hunting experiences, such as creek bottoms, hay meadows, forestlands, and log overs. Hours of preparation demonstrated by hand picked guides and staff could make your dream come true. The hunt starts long before the guest arrives, with continuous patterning of the deer, scouting and placement of customized tree stands. Genetic data is kept from year to year to follow the generations of large animals in the area. Incredibly a 205 3/8 Non-typical has been taken in the area by a local hunter. Over the past three years over 1/3 of the hunters have harvested a buck over 135 and 15 of these hunters harvested a buck 160 or better with the largest being 181 3/8.

Poplar Point Resort is located on one of Saskatchewan’s major flyways, with Saskatchewan producing one out of four birds harvested in North America it has become a game bird hunting paradise. Game bird hunting is primarily done on agriculture land with thousand of acres to choose from. Canadian Geese, Snow Geese and Speckle Bellies, Ruff and Spruce Grouse are also in abundance. Decoys and calling are essential tools and well-trained guides provide an array of spreads for our hunters to enjoy.

We also have some new sites tucked back into the forest where you, the wildlife, and the trees share the night sky. There is also limited camping on the "Point" where you can enjoy watching the lake in it's fullest

Visit: Cowan Lake, Saskatchewan

Poplar Point Resort, Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Drive in, Guides, Cowan Lake, Saskatchewan, Fishing Lodge, Big River , Cowan Lake, Saskatchewan , Full Service, Drive in, Guides, Store/Rentals and Black Bear, Brown Bear, White-tailed Deer, Ducks, Geese, Other Game Bird , Full Service, Drive in, Guides, Store/Rentals , Polar Point Hunting Resort is a hunting lodge on Cowan Lake, 18 miles north of Big River Saskatchewan. Cowan Lake has excellent hunting for black bear, white-tail deer, ducks and geese.



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