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Out Fly Fishing Outfitters
Professionally guided fly fishing float trips or walk and wades on the World Famous Bow River, and other lakes and rivers of the Rocky Mountains.


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Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Whitefish

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Lake or Area Name : Bow River, Canadian Rockies, Alberta

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Out Fly Fishing Outfitters is located out of Calgary Alberta, at the base of the majestic Canadian Rockies, the city surrounds the banks of the world famous Bow River. This "Jewel of the Rockies" holds some of the biggest and strongest river run Rainbow and Brown trout you will ever hook. Whether you're looking for Bow River Float Trips, in our Mackenzie style drift boats, walk and wades on any of our productive rivers and creeks, or float tubing alpine lakes or reservoirs, we offer it all. Our Bow river fly fishing guides are experienced, and knowledgeable of this famous and technical river.

Choose from our many trip options or phone and create your own. Out Fly Fishing Outfitters also offers unique species opportunities such as the rare and beautiful Arctic Grayling, or tackling the predacious northern Pike on the Fly, or Big Bull Trout Adventures. Ask about unique float trip opportunities on seldom fished river systems that are loaded with fish! These rivers may not be as famous as the Bow river, but this just means smaller crowds, and often just as many fish.

Out Fly Fishing outfitters also offers many other products and services for the fly fisherman such as fly casting or tying instruction, custom flies, an extensive assortment of Pike Flies & bull trout flies, hand made oak fly tying tables, antler art, and shadow box frames to capture that memory of a life time.

Book with professional, experienced and knowledgeable guides that want to make your day as memorable as possible. Out Fly Fishing Outfitters guides are here to serve you, not to fish. Let us help you become a better angler and create memories so exciting and memorable they will last forever.

Rainbow Trout - Rainbow Trout are easily the most prevalent and sought after fish in Alberta. Found throughout Alberta the Rainbow trout is found at home in a wide array of habitat. Most of these rainbows however are not of the native strain but are an introduced strain. The only native strain are Athabasca Rainbows which are found less and less commonly in the Athabasca River Drainage. The introduced strain in contrast are doing extremely well and are found in river system such as the Bow, and the Oldman which includes the popular Crowsnest River. Equally well suited to lakes, creeks rivers, or small ponds the rainbow is a hearty fish. The rainbow has a greenish back with black dots will also extend down the sides of the fish, but not onto the gill plate. The pink bar or stripe found on the grayish silver sides of the fish are where the Rainbow trout gets it's namesake. The Athabascan strain also show vertical barring along the side of the fish.

Brown Trout - Brown Trout are characterized by features such as: brown or golden appearance of body (Back appears brown with lower edge of sides showing a golden or yellowish tinge blending in to the lighter stomach). Brown Trout are a fall spawner like the other trout that are members of the Char Genus (Brook Trout, Lake Trout, & Bull Trout). As a general rule Browns usually spawn after the Brook trout. Peak water temperatures for their spawning is around 8oC. Spawning typically takes place between October & November. After approximately 3 years females reach sexual maturity and begin their journey up river to find loose gravely runs suitable for their eggs. Eggs laid in the fall do not hatch until the following spring. Females will deposit approximately 2000 eggs in the shallow redd each year. Females then bury the eggs in the gravel before returning to the main rivers. Typically fry will not emerge from the gravel until March. Mature Browns, much like Bull Trout are quiet piscivorous (fish eating). Browns are a tremendous fish on the fly as they are well noted for there size even in some very small water systems such as the Little Red Deer and Stouffer Creek. The North Saskatchewan River System is home to many beautiful and productive brown trout rivers and streams such as the ones previously mentioned as well as the Red Deer River itself, the Clearwater, the Tay, and Shunda Creek. The most notable brown trout water is probably the Bow River. Home to many a "Hook Jawed Monster" the Bow offers a great opportunity for Browns that can be measured in pounds as opposed to inches. However inches is still the most used system of the fly fisherman and a trophy Brown on the Bow river could be between 24"-30" and there are definitely those lurking in that river of a larger size then this.

Bull Trout - Bull Trout, which are actually a member of the Salmonidae Family, and the Char Genus are Alberta's Provincial Fish. The Bull Trout's name comes from their oversized head in comparison to their body (much like a large bull, compared to other cows). Native to the waters of Alberta, the Bull trout was once abundant in our waters. Bull Trout were at one point common to all the primary drainage systems of the Rocky Mountains & it's eastern slopes drainages. Bull Trout were commonly found as far out as the Prairies & Parkland regions. Bull Trout are a truly powerful, noble, & inspiring species. They sit confidently atop the food chain of their water domain. As mature adults their aggressive and efficient ability to kill and eat fish, rodents, frogs, or basically anything else that moves is unrivaled within their ecosystem. Once confused with the Dolly Varden, they have since been properly identified as two separate species.

Westslope Cutthroat Trout - The once prolific and abundant native West slope Cutthroat Trout is now found in sparse numbers by comparison. Native to the Bow and Oldman Rivers', Cutthroat were successfully introduced to the North Saskatchewan and Red Deer River systems. Substantial populations remain in Central Alberta and parts and tributaries of the Oldman such as the Crowsnest and Castle. Introductions of the West slope Cutthroat to Rivers such as the North and South Ram, Cline, and upper stretches of the Red Deer River have seen success. Hybridization with the ever present introduction of rainbows has led to a loss of the pure strain. Many have termed the hybrid "Cuttbows".

Visit: Bow River, Canadian Rockies, Alberta

Bow River, Canadian Rockies, Alberta, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Whitefish, Out Fly Fishing Outfitters , Bow River, Canadian Rockies, Alberta , Guides, Fishing School, Fly Fishing and , Guides, Fishing School, Fly Fishing , Experience the world famous Bow River with Out Fly Fishing Outfitters. This "Jewel of the Rockies" holds some of the biggest and strongest river run Rainbow and Brown trout in the Canadian Rockies.



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