Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp

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Box 55
Midale ,  SK
S0C 1S0
Phone :  (306) 458-7003
Fax :  (306) 763-4623

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Box 55
Midale  , SK
S0C 1S0
Phone :  (306) 458-7003
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Toll Free :  866-266-5554

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Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp
Saskatchewan's best kept secret, Oliver lake has been in operation for over 20 years with a high hunting success rate and tremendous trophy fishing. We benefit from a 70% repeat clientel. We're the only full-service fly-in lodge on 70 miles of prime waters.


Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides, Canoe Trips, Light housekeeping plan

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Whitefish

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Moose


Other Information
Dates Open : June through September

Lake or Area Name : Oliver Lake, Horvath Lake, Grayling Rapids, Saskatchewan

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Great Canadian fishing, exciting fly-fishing, big game hunting, canoe trips and outdoor adventures in the Saskatchewan wilderness. Offering your choice of full-service, light housekeeping or outpost plans. Oliver Lake Wilderness Lodge is the only camp on 200 square miles of prime fishing waters. Trophy northern pike, lake trout, walleye and arctic grayling. Family plan or privacy, contact us for a flexible, memorable plan designed just for you!

Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp is located on the 57th parallel, approximately 150 miles north of La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada, deep in the heart of the PreCambrian Shield. Our fly-in lodge is far away from any settlements, other lodges or roads which means our fishing is excellent and our waters are pristine. Oliver is a large lake, about 20 miles long, and ranges from 1/2 mile to 5 miles wide. The lake is broken up with a large number of bays and over 100 islands which means you can have sheltered, safe fishing, even on windy days. It has many deep holes, reefs and rocky points which make an ideal habitat for lake trout. In addition, the numerous bays and shallows yield trophy Northern pike. Walleye are caught in several other lakes that we fish. Arctic grayling and whitefish are found in the river which drains Oliver Lake.

Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp is situated in a sheltered bay on a large island midway up the lake close to great pike and lake trout fishing.

Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp modern fly-in camp consists of the main lodge for dining and lounging, plus several fully equipped, self-contained, cabins. We offer two plans to suit your needs---the all-inclusive Full Plan where we supply all your meals, fishing license and the fishing guides, or the Light Houskeeping Plan where you bring your own food, cook your meals in your cabin, and guides/licenses are extra.

Our facility has been operating under the present ownership for over 12 years. We strive to ensure long term sustainability of our lakes by implementing a No-Trophy Policy, reduced catch limits and the use of barbless hooks. Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp long-term guests say we're succeeding because they believe fishing is better than ever!

We're also especially attentive to our guests' personal needs, whether it's special diet concerns, a birthday cake for a guest, over-night at our outpost camps, or help filleting fish. We take pride in offering personal service to each of our visitors.

Oliver Lake Wilderness Lodge is not only perfect for a fishing vacation. It's also an ideal place to bring your family for a special summer holiday. You'll not only catch fish. You can explore the wilderness by boat or canoe, observe wildlife, camp on a remote island, hike in the forest or just relax in the warm sun-drenched beach.

Horvath Lake - A quick boat ride around the island from the lodge and a short walk along the access trail gets you into Horvath. Two boats and motors are waiting for you on this 5 mile long sheltered lake where you can catch walleye for shore lunch as well as lake trout and big northern pike. We also have a tent camp outpost on this lake if you wish to rough it (see photo above). Lake record for pike is 53".

West Lake - A small sheltered lake with lots of pike and walleye. We keep a smaller boat and motor on this lake which is a 5 minute boat ride east from the lodge. Look for signs of the elusive wolves when you walk the 400 yard portage trail into this area.

Nokomis Lake - A large lake, about 18 miles long, with plenty of trophy pike over the 40 inch size! It flows into the north end of Oliver Lake so it can be accessed directly by boat. Nokomis has lots of islands, long bays and many rocky reefs. You'll need a guide for this special trip but it will be well worth it.

Canoe Lake - This small sheltered lake is rarely fished. A short walk on a portage trail gets you into this peaceful lake where we also keep a smaller boat. Preference is given to fly-fishermen. Catch and release only, except shore lunch.

Grayling Rapids - Fish the rapids and pools for grayling and pike. Grayling are catch and release only. Maximum two guests per trip, which requires a guide.

On your first day, your float plane will typically land at the lodge around 8 a.m. so you will be heading out for fishing around 9:00 a.m., which is plenty of time for a fun day of action on the water (you don't have to go far from the lodge to tie into some wild fishing!). At noon your guide will prepare a delicious shore lunch with some fresh fish caught by you that morning. Boats return in the evening around 5:30 p.m., in time for you to freshen up, relax, and compare tall tales with the other guests in camp prior to supper.

Oliver Lake Wilderness Camps main fleet of boats on the big lakes are 16.5 foot aluminum with padded, swivel seats and backrests, and casting decks for fly fishing. Our quiet and smooth running 25 horsepower four stroke motors will please any enthusiastic fisherman.

Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp keeps fishing pressure on our lakes to a minimum. Fewer people fish our wilderness lake system during the whole summer than many camps do on theirs in a couple of weeks! Combined with our catch and release policy of trophy fish, the use of barbless hooks and our reduced possession limits, the size and quantity of fish at Oliver Lake is beyond most peoples' expectations.

Northern Pike - Freshwater "sharks" over 20 lbs. or 40 inches are common! Our overall lodge record is 53 inches! Taken from our clear, cold waters, these northerns are as tasty as any fish. In addition to the early season wild fishing, they are also readily caught in late August and September in the weedbeds, using similar tactics. For a real challenge try fly fishing for these monsters using a medium weight fly rod and streamer flies. Our lodge record for pike caught on the fly is 47.5 inches. All pike over 30 inches (75 cm.) must be released.

Lake Trout - Sheer numbers and size make this the other most sought after fish. Excellent lakebottom structure with holes up to 200 ft. deep and many miles of rocky shoreline make Oliver Lake a top-notch breeding ground for Saskatchewan's only native trout. Fishing for them is excellent at all times during the season. During the spawn in September, catch and releases of up to 200 fish/day will wear out any fisherman! All trout over 26 inches (65 cm.) must be released.

Walleye - Our best walleye fishing occurs in smaller, shallower lakes that only you, our guests, will have access to. Lodge policy requires that only walleye needed for shore lunch can be kept. All walleye over 22 inches (55 cm.) must be released.

Arctic Grayling (catch and release only) - These small, beautiful fish are a thrill to catch on ultralight tackle or with a fly-rod. Bring your ultralite tackle and complete the Grand Slam of fishing in Saskatchewan with trout, pike, walleye, and grayling or whitefish! A once in a lifetime experience.

Moose - We're specialized in some of the most exciting wilderness moose hunts in Western Canada. Contrary to many other areas, we conduct our hunts during the prime rut season in September when the bulls have to be called in using various techniques. Our expert guides have a high success rate in finding bulls for their hunters. Our area has some of the best moose habitat in Northern Saskatchewan. Old burns from forest fires, many small streams and lakes and very little human disturbance make for excellent opportunities. Add some of the best lake trout and northern pike fishing anywhere in September and you'll want to come back to our lodge as often as possible! Book well in advance as our moose tags are on a first-come first-served basis.

Bear - Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp bear hunts (June and September) are done from tree stands over feeding stations which are set up for both rifle and bow hunters. We have a good population of color-phase bears. Our week long packages provide ample time for both trophy fishing and hunting.

Visit: Oliver Lake, Horvath Lake, Grayling Rapids, Saskatchewan

Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp, Oliver Lake Fishing Lodge, Oliver Lake Lodge, Horvath Lake, West Lake, Nokomis Lake, Canoe Lake, Grayling Rapids, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Canoe Trips , Oliver Lake, Horvath Lake, Grayling Rapids, Saskatchewan , Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides, Canoe Trips, Light housekeeping plan and Black Bear, Moose , Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides, Canoe Trips, Light housekeeping plan , Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp offers some of the most exciting wilderness moose hunts in Saskatchewan. Full service hunting lodge for Black Bear and Brown Bear. Located in Northern Saskatchewan.



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