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Minor Bay Lodge & Outposts
Deluxe remote fly-in American-Plan fishing & hunting resort. Exceptional catch & release angling for Monsters. Home of the new Saskatchewan record northern pike - 53 in caught July 12, 1999.


Fly-in, Full Service, Remote Outposts, Guides

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling

Hunting Available:
Black Bear


Other Information
Dates Open : June 6th to September 2nd

Lake or Area Name : Wollaston Lake, Spence Lake, Simpson Lake, Saskatchewan

Situated in a sheltered, pristine bay in the southeast corner of Wollaston Lake, Minor Bay Fishing Lodge & Outposts offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy the worlds finest trophy pike fishing while being pampered at a first-class lodge.

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There's always a buzz around Minor Bay Fishing Lodge & Outposts on Wollaston Lake, whether it’s a catch of a lifetime by one of our anglers, an unforgetable wildlife sighting or another dazzling culinery success from our chef Loretta. Visit our news section for frequent updates on all the events up at the lodge, including our 2002 fish log.

Minor Bay Fishing Lodge & Outposts on Wollaston Lake also offers three outposts on nearby lakes that offer fabulous pike, walleye and lake trout fishing. For guests at the main lodge there are numerous daily flyout options to diversify your fishing adventure.


It seems like wherever you go there are preferred methods and lures among the guides in that area. That holds true for our expert guides here at Minor Bay Fishing Lodge & Outposts on Wollaston lake. Generally the idea seems to be that you use gradually larger lures throughout the season. For the first month or so the most popular lures have been the Mepps #4 and #5 spinners both dressed and undressed. Similar Blue Fox varieties are also very popular. Plastics and jigs are also effective at this time. Although these lures seem smaller than what you would normally envision as pike tackle, they are producing record class fish. Over the course of the season our most popular lure may well be the Manns 1- in various sizes.

Once mid-July rolls around things take a dramatic twist. As the Wollaston lake water warms and the weeds start to grow in earnest, we enter what we call the cabbage season. Specifically what we are looking is the White-stem Pondweed (Potamogeton praelongus) shown below.

Once they move into the weedbeds they seem to be looking for somewhat larger baits such as jerkbaits, big bucktail muskie spinners, and large plastics. Popular jerkbaits are the pig, reefhogs, eddy's baits, etc. Another good method is to work floating crankbaits very slowly over the tops of the cabbage. This is where the Manns 1- comes in very handy on Wollaston lake.

Minor Bay Fishing Lodge would be pleased to have you as our outpost guests and you will enjoy the same world class fishing as the guests at the main lodge. A fishing vacation to Keewatin Point is a dream of a lifetime for every fisherman who desires a hassle-free holiday. The beauty of just fishing, no schedules and no noise from the busy modern world is sure to send you home refreshed and invigorated.

Wollaston lake is widely believed to be the top trophy pike fishery in Canada. Almost forgotten is the excellent lake trout, walleye and arctic grayling fishing.

At Minor Bay Fishing Lodge & Outposts on Wollaston Lake we realize that having a great fishery is only one piece of the equation when it comes to delivering an outstanding fishing experience. That is why we have assembled the best group of guides possible and put them through our ORVIS guide school, assuring that they perform to standards set out by GWN lodges and ORVIS.

An increasingly popular method to catch these monster pike is with a flyrod. As an ORVIS endorsed fly-fishing lodge Minor Bay Lodge & Outposts on Wollaston Lake has all the gear and expertise on hand to enable you to try your hand at this exciting sport.

Simply put, when it comes to monster northern pike, Saskatchewans Wollaston Lake is hard to beat. Consistent catches of 50" plus specimens have made this the ultimate destination for the trophy pike hunter. Wollaston lakes 1100 square miles are blessed with countless shallow fertile bays that fill up with big "northerns" in the spring, and supplemented with an equally impressive number of deep weedbeds that many big fish call home in the later months. These factors combined with Wollaston lakes ideal geographical positioning, low fishing pressure and long standing catch and release policies have created the perfect pike fishery.

In addition to the great pike fishing, Wollaston lake has very good, and virtually untapped lake trout fishing. There have been many of 50lb+ lakers taken over the years. Often these huge prehistoric beasts are taken on trolling rigs in the deep holes, but can also be caught on shallow shoals in the spring and fall when the water temperature is cooler.

Many of the streams and rivers flowing into Wollaston Lake offer good opportunities for Arctic Grayling. These feisty beauties will take smaller nymphs and dry flies in the 12-18 sizes. For the spin-fisherman, smaller spinners and jigs will also work quite well.


Northern Pike, Walleye & Lake Trout - As its name suggests, McDonald River is actually a 7 mile long by ¾ mile wide widening of a river flowing from SW to NE. McDonald River has had very limited fishing pressure. Last summer McDonald River produced trophy pike up to 46" and numerous walleye, with several walleye reaching the 30" mark.

Bartle Lake, a short ½ mile portage at the north end of McDonald River, offers some fast lake trout action with lakers in the 6 - 10 pound range being fairly common. Bartle Lake is also home to some excellent northern pike. There is a 14-foot boat with an 8-hp motor cached on Bartle Lake near the portage.


Northern Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout - Simpson Lake, running from south to north is long and narrow. The lake is 13 miles long by 1 mile wide. The outpost cabin is located in a sheltered bay with a sand beach on the east side of a small peninsula at the south end of Simpson Lake. Pike in the 40"+ range have been caught within a short boat-ride from camp. Walleye in the 18" - 24" range are common on Simpson Lake. From Simpson, anglers have boat access to Scut Lake to the south and Jackson Lake to the north. Scut Lake has produced pike in the 45"+ range, while Jackson Lake offers anglers the opportunity to catch-and-release quality lake trout.


Northern Pike & Walleye - Spence Lake, which runs SW to NE is 7 miles long by 1 ¼ miles wide. The camp is located approximately half way up the lake's west shore

This tea-coloured lake has produced excellent trophy northern pike up to 48". Spence Lake also offers anglers some great walleye fishing. Spence Lake has produced walleyes up to 32" and always offers fast action.

The cabin on Spence Lake was renovated in 1999. The cabin has separate kitchen and bedroom areas, a gravity-feed water system, a propane hot water tank and electricity provided by a gas powered generator. A few final touches will be made to Spence Lake this spring.

During the 2000 season we upgraded the boats at Spence Lake. Guests will enjoy the comfort and stability of the 3 new 15' Alumarine boats with swivel seats and large casting decks that are now at Spence Lake.

Visit: Wollaston Lake, Spence Lake, Simpson Lake, Saskatchewan

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